Rhodesian Defense Force

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The Rhodesian Defense Force
Seal of the RDF
Playstyle Fireforce
Faction Colour Olive
Type Red Alert Paradox Faction
Dev. Status Conceptual

Rise, O voices of Rhodesia,
God may we Thy bounty share.
Give us strength to face all danger,
And where challenge is, to dare.

- "Rise, O Voices of Rhodesia", National Anthem of the Republic of Rhodesia

The Rhodesian Defense Force is a minor fan faction created by Cervantes99. Composed of the military forces of the pariah state of Rhodesia, the RDF's main focus is on air assault and vertical envelope tactics with small groups of highly mobile units. After declaring independence from Great Britian, Rhodesia has been left isolated by most of its former allies in the Allied Nations. Faced with the threat of the APO and the Iron Fangs, the ambivalence of Allied South Africa and the meager support of its few remaining allies, the hearty people of Rhodesia are determined to do everything it takes to defend their way of life from outsiders who would destroy it without a second thought.

At A Glance

Faction Color Olive
Playstyle Fireforce
Theatre of Operations Bushveld
Strengths Highly Mobile Air Units
Weaknesses Heavily Vulnerable to Anti-Aircraft Weapons, Weak Heavy Vehicles
Motives Protectionism, Security
Basic Look Rugged bush appearance,


What's Mean and Black & Red All Over

When the Saints Come Marching In

Republic of Rhodesia Defense Forces

Today is not such a tremendous day for us Rhodesians. We made our decision to become a Republic quite a long while ago, and this is simply the process of formalizing it. Our Independence Day is the great day. Rhodesia did not want to seize independence from Britain. It was forced upon us.

- Ian Smith speaking to the press after the signing of the Unilateral Declaration of Independence.


Air Station Part of the benefits of Fireforce tactics is that all you really need is an airstrip to operate from. The RDF's Air Stations have this plus other perks like prefab barracks and garages and sentry gunners for picking off would-be attackers.
Nyangani Emplacement Rudimentary defenses erected around the perimeter of RDF air stations, the Nyangani Emplacement houses twin-40mm autocannons designed to take out foes coming from land, air or even sea.
Bivvy Small tents put up by the RDF in the field, the Bivvy provides RDF personnel a place to garrison as well as heal themselves.


Light Infantry Rhodesia's first line of defense in the face of foreign threats, the Light Infantry trots into battle with his trusty Rhodesian-made L1A1 battle rifle.
Selous Scout
Black Boot
Crocodile TCV
Provost LAS
Chimoio Cargo Plane

Deathmatch Reinforcements

No. Five Recon Commando

Stryker Team
Hippo Minesweeper
Vampire Fighter-Bomber

Behind the Scenes