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Gameplay concepts

Day and Night

With the introduction of the Tendriculous Legion comes the addition of day and night on maps. Some maps are locked into day or night, while others filter through a cycle. During night, the vision of most units are reduced and morale is quicker to drop as people are more tired and on edge at night. Tendriculous units however, actually see better at night and as the night does not burn them; they fight with improved morale. Underground sections of a map or Underground maps unless otherwise noted are generally always counted as being at night, and so Kumun units are unaffected by nightfighting penalties, and their penalty to fighting above ground is reduced when fighting at night. Certain units will also provide illumination, which undoes night penalties for anyone fighting in the zone of influence provided by the illumination, and introduces day penalties to Tendriculous and Kumun units. (WIP)

Umbral Maps

Umbral maps are maps set in the home reality of the Tendriculous or are otherwise entirely under the influence of the dark creatures. Here, the Tendriculous are king and the entire map is heavily hostile to invaders; with many of the locals being more than vicious enough to make even the Tendriculous think twice about celebrating that they always get the bonuses they do when fighting in corrupted terrain. Units without the protection of illumination will take damage as if they were crossing into an area of the map under the influence of Tendriculous shade projectors, with units lacking NBC protection taking the most severe damage. Umbral maps are crawling with neutral hostiles who largely respawn indefinitely and will provide challenging obstacles to expansion as any intruder into the domain of the Tendriculous has to contend with lethal wildlife, non-aligned tendriculous, and other sapient species that call their realm home. Base structures in these maps provide illumination to keep them from being damaged by the influence of the corrosive darkness, and there are safe zones scattered in parts of the map by previous explorers who set up these beacons of light. Some will need to be fired upon or captured to activate, some only last temporarily and then need reactivating again, while others are constantly active. Conversely these safe zones are dangerous to the Tendriculous who will likely need to deactivate them in order to move through these areas more freely.

List of units that provide Illumination and Safe zones goes below: