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Country of Origin  USAImage.gif USA
Trained at  Muir Base, Crescent City, California
Key Features  » ADK-45 (W/ Underslung Grenade Launcher)
 » Glass Mosquito Capsules
 » Skateboard
 » Rebel in Training T-shirt (Produced by Syndicate factories in Sudan)
 » Schwag Bag (For "Medicinal" Purposes Only)

"We must believe that it is the darkest before the dawn of a beautiful new world. We will see it when we believe it."

- Saul Alinsky

Tactical Rundown

  • Rules for radicals: Disgruntled teens sticking it to The Man™, radicals form the bulk of the PLO, mobbing smogheads and shooting ADK-45 bullets from a considerable range. When needed, they also can whip out skateboards for faster movement on hard terrain.
  • Lord of the flies: To clear garrisons, they can be ordered to throw bug canisters that release swarms of mosquitoes upon impact, chasing out occupants unfortunate to be targets and lowering their accuracy afterwards.
  • Grounded: While murdering juveniles is illegal, enemies can still claim self-defense as they snipe down radicals with anti-infantry fire. Tank crews laugh as mosquitos barely make a single dent on their vehicles.
  • Walking pigpens: Radicals who earn enough street cred have their clothes sprayed with pro-mosquito gases, attracting flies upon flies that bite anyone who tries to engage in close combat with them.


"The youth is the hope of our future."

Famed Filipino author Dr. Jose Rizal was definitely ahead of his time when he penned this quote into parchment, because those under the age of 18 regardless of country or faction are expected to be the flag bearers of their respective nations when they come of age. Entire generations have fought and killed each other in the span of three world wars (and no doubt, lesser conflicts), therefore it is up to their children; toddlers to teenagers to be molded into ideal citizens, proud of the banner they go under and unhestitant to make the ultimate sacrifice if the situation calls for it.

Since most international laws prohibit military use of children, various blocs have committed to influence them to sign up when they are deemed old enough to go into military service. Less questioning than most adults, these kids are sure to cause enlistment rates to expand drastically with just the right techniques. On the other hand, those whose have different views regarding the legal representational age of children take on a more 'direct' approach when it comes these youths. From the Humanitarian Guard's 'wardens of humanity' in Central America to helicopter-riding and camera-toting teens in the United States - and more infamously - those youths confirmed to be under the fold of various African warlords, those are mainly composed of those who want to please, trying to provide for their family and more willing to flock under causes that adults would normally shy away from.

But what truly makes the Pangaeans stand out from them is that they are the hopes and dreams of the world's youth made manifest. While other forces merely impress values on them they may not even approve of now or in the future, the Generation wholly identifies with their own ideals: that of shattering oppressive governmental structures and destructive corporate interests under the black and green flag; not forced on them but accepted wholeheartedly. A Gaia untainted, unravaged, and uninhibited is an attainable, inevitable goal for eyes to fix themselves on, instead of vague, ill-defined objectives tainted with red tape and backroom deals.

Which is why Madelon and her colleagues spend thousands of dollars just to reach out to the youth. They pay to make appearances as guest speakers in colleges to speak to future radicals, even going as far to bribe film/television studios, comic book artists and writers into authoring pro-Pangaea media to attempt to speak their voice. The next generation - those who suffered war, poverty, orphanhood, of course - were more receptive to their words, owing to the fact that, "they understood the plight of the youth far better than the most trained of child psychologists". The already-existing society-wide discontent was tailored, forged to become more than student protests and calls for civil disobedience.

Presently, these youths now act as "radicals", the catchall term by any other faction for anyone who fights for the Pangaean cause. First receiving their infamy after a hostile takeover of a Students for a Democratic Society office that led to all of its occupants chased away by a swarm of buzzing insects, now they continue the war on all governmental structures with the help of former radical left-wing organizations that are now part of the radicals themselves (most notably Weather Underground). Bank robberies, firebombing incidents and kidnapping cases are now more common than ever, commonly targeted against all others not part of them as Generation-aligned demagogues gain more influence with the increasingly-radicalized sectors of American society. While ACIN agents are still lost who exactly are the movers and shakers of this new, dangerous terrorist group, they currently possess a minute bit of information on one of them; a famous fashion model.

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Radical (Blue Alert)

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Radical (TUE)

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