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Place of Origin Wherever there's work
Trained/Produced at The School of Hard Knocks
Key Features » 'Law' and 'Order' Dual Pistols
» Ways of making anyone talk
» Superb investigation skills
» Knowledge of infiltration
» Coffee

Tactical Analysis

  • Name's Tracer Bullitt: The Network's equivalent to an infiltrator, the Private Eye is a private detective able to use his dual pistols to keep enemy infantry and animals at bay as they close on the enemy's base, and more importantly the files held inside.
  • Tell me and you keep your fingers: Thanks to their time on the streets, the private eyes have learned ways to "persuade" their enemies to give up information on all their faction's operations. This essentially reveals the line of sight of all enemy units in a certain area.
  • You don't know Big Eddy do you: Unfortunately for the private eyes, the fact is that their street-proven methods are worthless against professional soldiers. Their pistols do nothing against tanks, and they're better off running away from aircraft.
  • Move over, I'm driving: With enough effort, the private eyes eventually figure out how to hijack enemy vehicles and take them around the field, escaping before the vehicles are eliminated. Though this does leave them vulnerable once the vehicle is destroyed.


"The greatest tricks the shadow cabals ever pulled was convincing the world they do not exist, that they have no hand in all of humanity's sufferings, and everything is just fine.."

- The Third Eye, "Don't Stop Believin'"

Police work is now a respectable profession where once it was the dumping ground for the men who wanted political patronage rewards, but didn't have the intelligence to utilize them. Before 1969, many people put more trust in private investigative services than the municipal police. These men usually had small offices in the middle of the worst parts of town, taking small cases ranging anywhere from bodyguard work to tracking lost or kidnapped relatives. Often they were considered more useful than the police, since they acted with a speed that the officers didn't have thanks to red tape. Even to the middle of WWII, these private eyes were considered a mainstay of the American cityscape.

Times have changed thanks to the FBI and police reform. Now police are required to act professionally, with independent review boards being set up to observe their actions. National law enforcement is able to track across state lines, something that only private eyes had the ability to do before. Many of these private detectives have sought better climes. Hundreds have flocked to the Syndicate's sprawls, knowing that the only law there is the law of the gun and the lira. Others have found that the Technocracy is more than willing to hire out to willing investigators to do the jobs they feel can't be done by members of the Technocracy. Some detectives do have a hitch on their backs though. Some have seen difficult cases with no motive behind them that resulted in dozens of deaths. Some have tracked serial killers through the world, following them from assassination to assassination without any money changing hands. A few have run afoul of the world's intelligence groups, discovering dirty laundry that some very powerful people would rather be covered up with a 9mm slug.

Many of these private eyes eventually drifted towards the Network due to the apparent understanding it offered. The Third Eye welcomed in these lost detectives, reassuring them they weren't crazy for trying to find the truth. The Network supplied these men and women with everything from names to half-decent pictures of the people they were tracking. In return, many of America's private eyes fell in with their own skills.

Despite how boring the job can actually be, private eyes do have a good knowledge of picking locks and slipping in unseen. Many train with firearms regularly to defend themselves from angry lovers or criminal toughs, and all of them know their way around the local criminal bars enough that they know the perfect methods to gather information from a man. Though rarely on the actual battlefield, the private eyes specialize in finding what the enemy knows. While the battle rages in the field, the private eyes prefer to slip behind the lines to the enemy base. Gunning down anyone who gets in their way and stealing what they can, they return with the information that the Third Eye can distribute. Already this information has caused an uproar. The Allies tacit support of the Unionist arms programs. Information about a group codenamed SPIDER. Strange deaths stretching from Palestine, into Italy and France, all the way to Ireland.

For the private eyes that have joined the Network, these are their last desperate gasps of breath. If they lose the fight to preserve their livelihoods and the truths it can uncover, they will have lost not only their jobs, but a part of who they consider themselves to be. A yearning to independently seek justice without overbearing bureaucracy, and the need to always find the truth, no matter the cost.

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