Polynesia Ltd.

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Limited Liability Corporation of Polynesia
Corporate Logo of Polynesia Ltd.
Playstyle Naval Bombardment & Island Hopping
Faction Colour Fiji Blue
Type Annihilation Major Faction
Dev. Status Conceptual

Society has quite forsaken all her wicked courses.
Which empties our police courts, and abolishes divorces.
No tolerance we show to undeserving rank and splendour;
For the higher his position is, the greater the offender.

- Society Has Quite Forsaken, from the operetta Utopia, Ltd.

Polynesia Ltd., often shortened to Polynesia, is a major faction in Red Alert 3: Annihilation. The Limited Liability Corporation of Polynesia political and corporate union of island nations across the Pacific Ocean dedicated to promoting trade, security & economic development for the region.

At A Glance


Polynesian National Security Forces Ltd.


Typhoon Cobra: (super weapon)


Flying Fox A near extinct species of Polynesian bat which has made a comeback in recent years, the Flying Fox has been selected by the PNSF to act as aerial scouts. While suffering from sub-par line-of-sight due to being, well, bats, they can use their natural echolocation abilities to reveal far away portions of the map to allow landing forces to find the most opportune place to land.They can also drop small pieces of fruit on enemy soldiers which distracts them for a short period of time.
Fita-Fita Composed not just of natives but also Allied, Soviet & Contingent personnel who have settled in in Polynesia, the PNSF's fita-fita form the backbone of Polynesian landing parties & expeditionary forces. The fita-fita come armed with the new, futuristic Polysteyr bullpup assault rifle whose small size and lightweight makes it ideal for use in the water and clearing beaches of enemies.
Night Marcher Soldiers whose families fled Hawaii upon its annexation by Japan, the marchers carry on the legacy of their ancestors as the marksmen of the Polynesia. Their specially made Kalakaua sniper rifles allows them to lock on to a specific enemy infantryman and kill them with one shot. The guards also carry light mortars as their secondary weapon and can dive underwater, allowing them to take out swimming enemies with minimal issues.
Paramount The leaders of the Polynesian forces in the field, Paramounts carry on a tradition dating back hundreds of thousands of years of Polynesian warfare. WIP
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Mauga LVT:

Trans-Oceanic Warfare Unit

First Meridian The First Meridians make up Fiji's premier special forces group, the Counter Revolutionary Warfare Unit, one of the few units of its kind in the region. WIP
Zanryū Rising Sun soldiers stranded in Polynesia when the war ended, WIP
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Genda Bomber:

Naval Vessels

Queeg Destroyer:

Kahuna Battleship:

Behind the Scenes

Polynesia Ltd. is inspired by the idea of ultra-privatization i.e. Thatcherism on steroids. Aesthetically, they take inspiration from traditional Polynesian warfare as well as both sides of the Pacific War in WW2.

Buildings: Typhoon Cobra

Infantry: Flying Fox: Fita-Fita: Night Marcher: First Meridian: Holdout: Paramount

Vehicles: Mauga LVT

Aircraft: Genda Bomber

Naval Vessels: Queeg Destroyer: Kahuna Battleship