People's Republic of Indochina

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People's Republic of Indochina
Playstyle Air Assault
Faction Colour Ruby
Type Blue Alert Paradox Minor Faction
Dev. Status Conceptual

For too long have we swallowed our hatred.
Vow to sacrifice for a brighter life.
For the People's cause let us fight ceaselessly,
Let us hasten to the battlefield!
Onward! All together advancing!

- Song of the Advancing Soldiers, National Anthem of Indochina

At A Glance

Faction Color Ruby
Playstyle Air Assault
Theatre of Operations Jungles, deep foliage



General Attacker Coming in larger squads than the normal General Defender, the General Attacker trades the grenades for a 7.62mm GPMG used by one of the members of the squad who can set his gun to its full 1100 round per minute fire, pinning everyone in front of them as they advance; but only for a brief while before the barrel needs replacing
Flak Defender Using high impulse flak cannons, Flak Defenders are well armoured and trained troops whose weapons are effective against both air and vehicular targets and who can throw walking capable spider mines to devastate vehicles and structures
Armoured Assaulteers Wearing heavier armour and using "hot shot" tesla weapons that can burn through most forms of enemy armour with ease, Assaulteers can also combine their squad's blasts into a tesla orb to knock aside the enemy's forces as they storm their positions, which also kills everyone garrisoning a building from the overpressure.
Jungle Astronaut Astronauts who serve in the Jungles of Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia, Jungle Astronauts carry a Napalm bomb that can flush stubborn enemies out of cover while firing particle and Tesla blasts to support the troops on the ground.
Ore Truck An Ore Truck that eschews the Chrono-device of the rest of the Comintern in favour of an immensely tough reactive armour shell, the PRIA Ore Truck cn be a tough nutto crack
Press Armoured Halftrack A halftrack with quadruple 23mm autocannons for air targets and a 14.5mm machine gun for ones on the ground and room for two Squads, the Press can get men to the frontline in a hurry
Welder Tank Preferred by the PRIA for greater mobility and handling in the jungles of Indochina, the Welder Tank uses its 125mm gun to great effect and can deploy reactive armour to deflect incoming attacks as needed.
Cloud Twinblade An Indochinese take on the Twinblade, the Cloud Twinblade "rains" incendiery rockets and autocannon shells on the battlefield, tearing through infantry and structures with ease while delivering a single squad or vehicle wherever it needs to go.
Harrier Gunship A joint-project between the PRIA and the Soviet Union, this new Helicopter is very maneuverable and strikes with both a deadly 45mm autocannon and devastating anti-tank missiles that can rip through even the heaviest of tanks; or it can activate a reverse gravimetric field that slows down incoming projectiles to enhance its dodge ability.
Spookums Fighter An American high speed, high performance fighter, the Spookums can dominate the skies of Indochina with deadly missiles and a powerful 20mm rotary nose gun and is more than fast and well armoured enough to punish Alliance bombers as well as fighters.
Shturmovik Foregoing the twin 100mm cannons of the more commonly used shturmoviks in favour of a very heavy loadout of missiles (though it retains a twin barreled 30mm autocannon); with a large number of missiles and rockets, that will erase whole sections of enemy troops at a time.
Thunderking Bomber A Mexican-American design, the Thunderking is extremely fast to the point that most air defenses cannot reliably acquire it before it destroys them with a single, massive ground penetration bunker buster bomb

Deathmatch Reinforcements

PRI Special Forces

Dac Cong Commando Elite soldiers wielding particle rifles, tesla grenades and bayonets and man portable GAP devices, these Commandos can terrorize all manner of ground units, acting with almost complete stealth as they cut through the enemy without ever being seen and can give enemy vehicles a nasty surprise with an EMP grenade to lock down the entire formation.
TC2 Agent Spies for the PRIA, these infiltrators can use chronobelts to slip past enemy defenses while their disguises help them infiltrate enemy bases and cause havoc, and they of course; kill with proton rifles adjusted so that their light is not at a visible spectrum and special high frequency knives to stab through most forms of armor.
Marsh Chrono-Corpsman Capable of stealthing as long as they are in shallow water or remain still, these Chrono-Corpsmen officers can still teleport to bring the fight to the enemy.
Huina Transport Fitted with a GAP field, these transports are capable of making stealthy inserts behind enemy lines and unleashing their cargo without being seen.
Liberation ECM Walker Bamboozling attempts at acquiring PRIASF troops, this Liberation Walker also comes with a gap field to hide itself from the enemy.
Tong Tank Destroyer With a GAP field and a new Tesla Canister gun, this new variation of the Tong can also fire a devastating proton missile to destroy an enemy tank without ever being seen.