People's Army of Africa (TUE)

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People's Army of Africa
The Hammer, Hoe & Star of the People's Army of Africa
Playstyle Subversive
Faction Colour Juniper
Type Patriotverse Minor Faction
Dev. Status Conceptual

At A Glance


PAA Comrade-Askari Regiments


Compound A large building complete with a personnel barracks, vehicle garage, dirt runway & machine gun emplacements. Capturing this building gives access to the full PAA arsenal. This multi-purpose facility is used for purchasing units & upgrades and serves as a drop site for the PAA's ore collectors.


Simba Defectors from various African colonial forces, Simbas form the core of the PAA's military forces on the continent. They wield copies of the "..." made locally in PAA compounds. The new weapons, dubbed "Assegai Rifles", benefit from extended magazine clips and increased range but can jam easily when fired too long. Unjamming the Assegai takes six seconds and the simba is defenseless while doing this. Simbas instantly start fixing their weapons when they jam but they can be set to automatically pull out their sidearm, a "...".
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Mau Mau These militiamen from villages in liberated territory carry old sporting rifles used for hunting big game like elephants & water buffalo. Mau Mau have the special ability to entrench themselves in trees creating a small gun emplacement known as a tree stand. While in tree stand mode, the Mau Mau's gain a larger range as well as the ability to target aircraft with their high caliber hunting rifles.
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Naval Forces