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Country of Origin  South Korea
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Tactical Analysis

You Have Three Ways to Go: The "leadership" of the Penal Divisions, Penal Officers come into battle with the Allied-supplied M1911 pistol and a stern belief that the Penal Division can be made into something worthwhile.

Him or You, Your Choice: Penal officers, like the Soviet commissars, can designate targets as priority on the field. Alternatively, they can rough up one of their criminal charges to reinforce the idea that they should be fighting harder.

Damn Generals: Despite the stopping power of the M1911 and their own natural grit, the Penal Officer only has a limited capacity for combat in their own right now that they're an officer. Their purpose is to "motivate" after all.

Tough Sonuvagun: With enough time fighting alongside their charges, a Penal Officer can often become as hard to kill as the toughest commando.


Sometimes there are soldiers who are just too good at what they do. Officers that, while never quite strictly adhering to the chain of command, are so good at their jobs that they can't be thrown in a stockade or demoted to a lower rank. This is to say nothing of the trouble they give to the rear-echelon officers that have to pick up the pieces after such men accomplish their tasks. These combat officers often consider themselves the best because they typically are, and in such trying times such officers are put into place to give them a second chance as well. Unlike their penal charges, they aren't being placed in such positions because they were arrested. For such men, the threat of a forced retirement or exile from Korea is enough to get them moving into the DMZ or south to Vietnam.

Such men are frankly disgusted by the vast majority of soldiers in the Penal Division. Despite being seen as rogues, these officers are still professional military men who have littler tolerance for violent or insane prisoners that blatantly broke the regulations governing war and military life. Even after figuring out who the real criminals are compared to the men who just found themselves in a bad situation they needed to work their way out of, the fact that these men are leading convicts does little to endear them to being in such a situation.

While often left behind the lines in the stockades where these men are trained, or the staging areas these forces resupply at, these officers do find themselves in the field often enough to make them a relatively common foe for their enemies. Typically the best use of these officers on the battlefield is to act as the "motivator" for penal platoons engaged in combat. Tough madmen incapable of focusing on anything else but the mission, these officers become the immovable object to the unstoppable force of their prisoners.

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