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VK 2701/27-105MT Pazifik-Panzer
Faction IPDILogoThumb.png Indo-Pacific Defense Initiative
Designation Anti-Ground
Cost Unknown
Construction Time Unknown
Unit Type Light Tank
Produced at Manufacturing Plant
Ability Turbo
Heroic Upgrade Unknown
Dev. Status Conceptual
Country of Origin ImperialGermanythumb.gif Germany
Produced at Rheinmetall Panzerwerk Asien, Vientiane
Key Features » 10.5cm DM1 short-barreled smoothbore gun
» MX MB 640 gasoline engine
» Turbochargers
» Scanner Array
» Large Crew (x4)

- Pazifik-Panzer

Tactical Analysis

  • Lockdown: Pazifik-Panzers are a rather unique and off-class unit in the IPDI arsenal. Highly mobile and very fast, the Pazifik-Panzers excel at denying enemy flankers and chasing them down. Equipped with powerful 10.5cm guns that easily obliterate vehicles and light tanks, they strike fear in the hearts of enemy armoured vehicle drivers everywhere. To make them even more deadly, Pazifik-Panzers can activate their turbocharges and catch up with retreating foes.
  • Breakthrough: Pazifik-Panzers also have a role changing upgrade, called the Stadt-Angriff variant. This greatly increases the armour of the Pazifik Panzer to near main battle tank levels, and gives the IPDI limited assault capabilities. It also replaces the turbocharge ability with a smokescreen, greatly increasing the evade of units within it. However, this upgrade severely reduces the speed of the Pazifik-Panzer.
  • Counterlash: The Pazifik-Panzer however, is ultimately not suited for frontline combat. Its main gun lacks AP to deal with enemy main battle tanks (apart from flanking), and its horribly thin armour is vulnerable to even autocannon fire. It is best used in a supportive role to the IPDI defensive line through anti-flanking duties and catching retreating forces.


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