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Soldier of the Terran Unification Pact / "Pawn"
Pawn Standard Combat Uniform
Faction ConcordiatLogo.png Unification Concordiat
Designation Anti-Infantry
Construction Time
Unit Type Infantry
Class ClassPawnLogo.pngPawn
Produced at Underground Quarters
Ability Switch Battle Knife/Submachine Gun
Heroic Upgrade SMG with underbarrel grenade launcher (AoE splash damage)
Dev. Status Conceptual
Country of Origin Italythumb.gif Italy
Trained at Training bases, all around the world
Key Features » IP-50 submachine gun (most common)
» 32cm Arex battle knife
» Polyplastic helmet w/ protective visor
» Basic SR radio headset
» Plastic ID card of soldier's origins & level of experience

Tactical Analysis

  • We shall stand: The term "Pawn" is quite fitting for the numbers of faceless fighters wearing checker uniforms. Their combat abilities are most effective while they are up close with the enemy, brining their SMGs to bear and take the area for the Concordiat commander.
  • We shall fight: If the opportunity or situation requires it, Pawns can draw their 32cm-long battle knifes and slice the throats and limbs of their enemies quickly, being an instant death to most infantry forces of the enemy.
  • Our idea wont die: The combat doctrine of Concordiat accepts that the loses are unavoidable, and the Pawns themselves are aware of this. Still the commanders should be advised to dont send their infantry against heavy vehicles and machine gun nests without cover or without very good reason.
  • For the King: Soldiers that prove themselves capable, often being called Sergeants despite not having the rank, are given new attachments to their uniforms for self-protection, and to improve their firepower their IP-50 are exchanged for the Swiss MTE-131 GW submachine gun with underbarrel grenade launcher, great help in the initial phases of attack.


When the first organized oppositions started operating within the Directorate territories, they were referred to by the name of the faction they belonged to. Such as the Democratic Movement of Edinburgh, White Lily Army, New York Gang, Balkan Revolutionaries, League of Polytheism, Anti-Imperialist Coalition, Kap's Heroes, and many many more. In the eyes of the bureaucrats and military officials, these were nothing more than "rebels and partisans", and treated them as such. Immediate execution, or if they were lucky, years of penal servitudes. With the foundation of the Italian Fascists and Mussolini's work at connecting all these rebel groups, training and uniting them, it brought a change.

Fascists were sending their agents and instructors across the Europe (through the help of the Syndicate) , and soon enough across all of Directorate's lands and dominions, teaching them the ways how to properly demoralize enemies, disrupt their chains of supplies, communications and power supplies, and most importantly, unite various groups under one banner to work like a true paramilitary force. This has been the beginning of the events which later escalated into the creation and signing of the Concordat of One Terra.

The formations of many more resistance forces across all of their territories have been causing a lot of internal trouble which required personal attention of the leaders of Directorate, diverting it from their interests on lands of other nations not under their rule. The insurrections were occurring more and more thought still not having significant impact on the stability of the Directorate. The Directorate home defense forces started their anti-rebel campaigns to root them out, and in time they started calling the insurgents "pawns of the big lords", referring to the leaders of the movements like Benito Mussolini, Marcellin Christophe Robespierre, George Devlin and Frederic Rosovsky. The irony of this statement that the Directorate troops were all nothing more than tools controlled by the seven leaders did not come across officers' minds at all. The reaction of the rebels to this mockery was the complete opposite. The rebels have accepted this name for the pride for their leaders and to make fun of their enemy.

The subsequent Aliens War and the demise of the Directorate created a power vacuum which was quickly seized by the new Unification Concordiat, and all of the rebel units and cells have joined together and formed the military of this new faction. The regular soldiers, former rebels and partisans have been continuing in the use of the name "Pawns" out of deep-rooted custom, reminder of what they are fighting for and for who, if they are more delusional by the destruction of the their world by two great alien empires.

Now, being the regular military force, their training and equipment has been unified, using elements of all rebel forces to make a new, strong one. The state at which many of the cities and countrysides in their timeline are Pawns are preferably using rather short-ranged weapons. Their gun of choice is Dutch IP-50 submachine gun with excellent rate of fire and accuracy, the small size even more contributes to the effectiveness in tight spots. From the Kap's Heroes and New York Gang has been adopted a custom to use large battle knifes which every man and woman that joins the military is taught to use, making them extremely dangerous if they get close enough, second only to the Paradoxbranch's Imperial Warriors. The use of plastic was out of necessity and thus much of their uniform equipment, including the helmet and visor, makes them rather difficult to face as they look disturbing, with their faces hidden and hacing the checker-pattern on their uniforms.

Legion Basilisk, Expeditionary Theater Force of the Unification Concordiat
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