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Faction CominternLogoThumb.png Communist International
Unit Type Snipers
Designation Anti-Infantry
Prerequisites Barracks
Production Building Barracks
Secondary Ability Holo-decoy
Cost 800
Production Time 10 seconds
Heroic Upgrade Gravitic Railgun (Piercing shots, can harm vehicles)
Dev. Status BA3 Original Unit
Country of Origin  Union of Soviet Socialist Republics File:USSRThumb.png
Trained at  Smolensk Sniper Academy
Key Features  » Scoped M1960 Mosin-Nagant III Sniper Rifle
 » Precision Optical Scope
 » Holo-Decoy Generator
 » Stealthy bodysuit (Space age and fashionable)
 » Pilotka (excessively comfortable)

"A lightless dawn for him."

-- Partisan acquiring a target

Tactical Analysis

  • One shot one kill: Armed with the new and effective Mosin-Nagant three rifle, Comintern Partisans are among the some of the deadliest snipers in the world. They are able to efficiently dispatch infantry from long range, and thanks to their GAP suits worn beneath their uniforms; can hide themselves from enemies in plain sight.
  • Not a tankie I'm afraid: Their sniper rifles are; like most such weapons, only capable of harassing vehicles and the heavier battlesuits by striking some external modules, but if spotted by such vehicles will be quickly and easily killed.
  • Help me, you're my only hope: As part of the Comintern's commitment to a highly advanced war machine, Partisans have access to holographic decoy generators that create seemingly life like duplicates of themselves that the enemy is almost certainly going to shoot first.
  • Let's add some gravity to the situation: Partisans who have proved themselves on the field are permitted to field test the newest toy being handed out to Comintern snipers, the XM31S Gravitic Railgun; an extremely potent sniper weapon that loses none of the accuracy or the rate of fire but can blow through multiple enemies at a time and punch through vehicle armor to disable them. Still in the prototyping stage, the XM31S can't be handed out to everyone however.

Unit Background

Countries like America and Russia are well known for their hunting skills. With vast and untamed wildernesses, there have always been those who roughed it out in the countryside and used their rifles to make a living. Indeed, one could say that some of the best marksmen in human history have come from the two countries. Already used to making difficult shots and making every bullet count, it was small wonder that they were frequent recruits for the sniper programs of the Comintern's military. Passing on their skills to other soldiers who reported interest in the sniper programs as well as to the members of communist parties in neutral eastern Europe in the period between the American revolution and the beginning of the second world war in more clandestine operations, these skills would become the basis of the famous Partisans who would harry the invaders of the Comintern at every turn. The Comintern is many things, and squandering of talent is not one of those things. Within time, there would be a large cadre of sharp shooters waiting for the moment to either strike or defend their homelands from the Blue hordes. Bullets would find themselves lodged in the enemy at every turn, and no one would be the wiser as to where they came from.

From the moment the second world war started, the Alliance was being beset by Communist trained snipers and Partisans. Officers would slump over dead in the middle of their own lines, tank commanders would paint their cupolas with their brains the moment they popped out to have a look, special weapons teams would have critical members shot dead from the blue and any area visited by high ranking officials had to be extensively cleared out lest they suffer the same fate as many others who had decided to test the lethality of sniper fire. The common Alliance soldier did not find himself exempt either; as the men and women behind the scopes of the Alliance's sniper rifles made short work of them as well when they felt that they could get away with it. So enraged was Alliance command at the effectiveness of Communist snipers in fact, that they started to enact continually harsher and more brutal retaliation efforts against areas suspected of housing snipers and partisans before eventually settling into general wanton cruelty to try and terrify occupied areas into submission, which only made more Partisans appear.

After the second world war it was decided to expand the sniper programs into being a cornerstone of the Comintern and its military machine.

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