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Tactical Analysis

  • The doc- ahem, paramedic is in: Civilian doctors, EMT specialists and others with medical backgrounds, the Paramedics aid your soldiers by treating their wounds and making they sure they live another day.
  • First aid for dummies: Paramedics can also set up first aid kits (with manuals) which all nearby soldiers can use to patch themselves up.
  • Back off man, I'm a doctor: Paramedics are absolutely incapable of inflicting harm on anyone. Fortunately, their non-combatant statuses means that no enemy unit will fire at them automatically, but collateral damage is another story.


In 1966, a report named the "Accidental Death and Disability: The Neglected Disease of Modern Society", or the "White Paper" as it was commonly known, was published by the National Academy of Sciences in America. The report discussed the problems that plague ambulance services throughout the country, presenting data on how "even gravely wounded soldiers in WWIII have better survival rates than individuals seriously injured in vehicular accidents in the freeways of California". The White Paper was considered to be a landmark in the development of the emergency medical system, as hospitals throughout the world have started training 'paramedics' - first response attendants who try to ensure the stability of victims in non-military environments.

The IAA are not ones to be late for the party, though. Quickly catching up to the new medical trend, they set up their own EMT services that typically hire experienced medical specialists from already-existing hospitals. Slowly, the public has begun to take notice of the decreasing rates of deaths resulting from vehicular accidents, but a particular incident that made them truly shine was the American riots of '68. News footage of paramedics treating the wounded protesters and Peacekeepers alike has inspired many hospitals throughout the world to form their own paramedic teams, which the IAA can make use of.

The IAA-aligned paramedics are typically present at disasters whether man-made or natural, providing aid for the injured. Those who had minor injuries such as having their limbs broken or receiving wounds were quickly treated on the spot. Those whose lives were on the line quickly warranted medical stabilization and transportation to the nearest healthcare facility. As of recent, commanders of any other factions approach IAA centers in order to convince personnel stationed there to lessen the casualties in battles. Whether they do this for altruistic or personal causes, the IAA does not back down on the offer provided that there are other humans, (and in other cases, robotic horrors, aliens, mole men and interdimensional travelers) that need aid.

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