Pan-African Union (TUE)

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Pan-African Union
The Winged Diamond of a United Africa
Playstyle Siege Warfare
Faction Colour Pale Brown
Type Redsverse Faction
Dev. Status Conceptual

At A Glance

Faction Color Pale Brown
Playstyle Siege Warfare
Theatre of Operations At a distance
Strengths Powerful area damage weapons, durable units and buildings, strong economy, most buildings have an attack.
Weaknesses Buildings construct slowly, units and defenses are inaccurate and prone to cause collateral damage, poor movement speed.
Motives Prosperity, Liberty, Pan-Africanism.


The Dark Continent

Up you mighty race!

Spear Points Gleaming

Kings Once Again



Gedeyon The greatest of the Ifrits is Gedeyon, whose body has been extensively upgraded to suit his needs. Using a mini-missile launcher, he is effective against most targets; and his mechanical expertise has only increased since his augmentation, though he can only tend to the needs of a single vehicle or structure at a time; he can get them fixed in no time. He may also demonstrate one of his inventions to those who make trouble for him or to make cover; throwing a diamondizer bomb that can improve cover and entrap enemy units caught in the blast.


Kokumo With a name that means "this one will not die", Kokumo is able to take some of the heaviest of batterings with her carbon powered armor; still experimental in the League and keep on pushing, bringing her special automatic grenade launcher to bear against enemies that rapidly fires off the entire drum of twelve rounds before she slams in another drum. Tough to a degree few can compare to; she can bring up a diamond shield when she desires even more protection, reducing her rate of fire substantially but making her even harder to deal with as she slowly advances and bombards enemies at mid to short range by PAU standards.


Zefanias Perhaps the most accomplished of Africa's Witch Doctors, Zefanias may at first seem unarmed with his lack of weapons, but he has developed his abilities to the point that he has no need for them. Skilled in biokinetics and medicine that he uses to heal, he can channel his energies into short range streams of silver energy that annihilate units in front of him or uses his biokinetics and telekinetics in unison to make blows with his staff hurt just as much as his silver fire, and can assail the minds of his foes with a great directed terror that shreds the minds of his enemies and makes them flee for the hills lest they experience more of Zefanias' abilities. He simply floats if asked to go over water and defends himself with telekinetic barriers.

Pan-African Home Armies







Epic Unit and Commando

Asma Armed with a portable refractor weapon, Asma is bad news to any vehicles, ground or air, who get in her path while ramjet machine pistols deal with infantry. However, the weapon is still sluggish, and she is more vulnerable to harm than the others. If overwhelmed with no chance of victory, Asma's secondary ability can come into play, where she'll overload her weapon's power way too much and run for it, leaving her without her refractor but devastating everything around the weapon. She will need some time to acquire a new device though, they hardly come cheap.
Nyame Ultra-Derrick The largest and most dreadfully powerful derrick at the disposal of the Pan-African Union, the Nyame combines large amounts of indirect artillery with a formidable forward battery of eight scatterbeam blasters that can combine their fire with a ninth centrally mounted scatterbeam to fire a "superbeam" that can annihilate large sections of the battlefield at once. Walking forward like some insane decapodal beast that has never before moved on this earth, the Nyame's tread also spreads diamondizer, which can be collected by the PAU for extra money or used as cover as it advances to bring the battle to an African victory.