Pan-African League

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African League
The Diamond and wings of the African League
Playstyle Siege Warfare
Faction Colour Pale Brown
Type Echoes Faction
Dev. Status Conceptual

The Pan-African League, also known as the League or simply the Africans, is a faction based on the ideas conceived by BouncyTEM and later expanded on and directed by Chumbeque and have been adapted for Blue Alert.

At a Glance

Faction Color Pale Brown
Playstyle Siege Warfare
Theatre of Operations At a distance
Strengths Powerful area damage weapons, durable units and buildings, strong economy, most buildings have an attack.
Weaknesses Buildings construct slowly, units and defenses are inaccurate and prone to cause collateral damage, poor movement speed.
Motives Prosperity, Liberty, Pan-Africanism.


Gameplay Style and Development

"Victory is a well placed shot from miles away."

- League Military Doctrine

The Pan-Africans are unique in that most of their buildings come with defenses, while their normal buildings are shot out of their Bastion, from where Artisans have then to complete the job. They are also unique in that most all of their units need to fight from afar to have any sort of effectiveness, as most of them do splash damage and getting too close makes them prone to collateral damage. Build System: The League employ an unusual build system. The premise behind it is that the cannon on their Bastion will shoot out the basic frame of the building out towards the desired location, where, from there, artisans can go and finish it up with all of the indoor construction. Theoretically, this system would allow very swift expansion, but in practice, thanks to the slow workers, its construction is slow, but efficient.

Tier System: The League have various tier upgrades available at the Bastion, each unlocks a different building that produces a different type of unit, thus allowing you to select which kind of units you want to produce first.


Bastion The League Construction Yard has unusual durability. It has a cannon attached to it for building and emergency makeshift defense.
Diamond Core Station The League Diamond Core Power Station uses a diamond-amplified beam to supply its power. Dangerous when destroyed, as the beam will go rampant for a few seconds before shutting down.
Cantonments Trains basic infantry
Refinery Similar to the other Refineries, except in that it has a single turret for defense.
Armor Sweatshop Constructs standard ground vehicles. Has a single turret on its roof for defense.
War Wharf Builds naval units. Has a single turret on its roof for defense.
Naval Charter Builds advanced naval units. Has a single turret on its roof for defense.
Pyramid Training Center Constructs advanced infantry. Has a single Turret at the peak.
Diamond Synthesis Centre Secondary economy building. Acts similarly to an Oil Derrick, but only brings in half the money. Extremely vulnerable. LIMIT 5
Aerodome Creates and supports up to three aircraft. Multiple Turrets guard it.
Derrick Assembly Plant Constructs the League's War Derricks. Guarded by multiple turrets.
Refractor Uplink Centre Tech Building. Acts as a powerful turret against ground or air targets. Produces the League's hero units and its dreaded epic unit.
Scion Project Centre Builds the most advanced Tanks and War Derricks. Guarded by a refractor-beam cannon.
Akachi Runway A special runway, necessary for the large Akachi Bombers, as the Aerodomes cannot support them. Has two Ramjet Turrets beside the runway for its protection.
Mass Diamondizer This defensive Superweapon converts a League building to diamond plating, permanently increasing its protection and endurance. While it'll work on all buildings, it'll only work on a few large vehicles. Smaller ones, infantry, and aircraft will be unaffected. Guarded by multiple Ramjet turrets.
Scatterbeam Devastator This offensive Superweapon emits a monstrous beam to a satellite in orbit, which then splits the beam to many tinier beams and bombards it back down to a very wide area over the course of ten seconds. Guarded by multiple Ramjet turrets.

Basic Infantry

Gorilla Unlike other animal scouts, the Gorilla carries a ranged mortar that can take out infantry in the open or in cover. However, it is also the slowest and most expensive of the scouts.
Mpiga Mishale The League long sought to create guns that could shoot as far as the gyrojets of the Syndicate before deciding to abandon the assault rifle and instead create long ranged grenade launchers, resulting in the Mpiga. Utilizing frag warheads, the Mpiga Mishale can pummel enemies at a distance; and comes in larger squads for less cost than the Gorilla. With a flick of the switch on their launchers, they can fire diamond dust grenades that make the areas fired at dangerous to cross for infantry.
Qadir With a range comparable to a sniper, the Qadir is excellent at bombarding ground targets, their rocket launchers being good at taking out vehicles as well as bombarding buildings. Their secondary lets them fire off a three shot burst to deal some extra alpha damage, though they'll need to reload their weapon entirely after firing.
Shotel Some assault infantry use shotguns, some use flamethrowers, others prefer melee weapons, but the Shotels of the Pan-African League have a more novel weapon. A grenade organ gun that spits out three grenades with each pull of the trigger, slow to reload for sure; but the damage they can output is incredible, and they can fit in high impact grenades that may do less damage; but they will cause some extreme knockback to disperse the enemies of the League.
Shula Meant to destroy aircraft, Shulas have inaccurate but powerful six-barrelled SAM missiles. They must deploy to fire.
Mbeto The League's approach to an infantry mortar is about what you'd expect, with a triple 121mm mortar that must be hefted into position by a large crew; though once it gets firing it will rain down shells without mercy upon any enemy.
Ngao Mbeba If anything is worth doing, it is always worth overdoing. Whereas most suppression units would settle for machine guns or autocannons, the Ngao is a deployable rocket turret operated by a six man team that pummels an area with fragmentation rockets, and unlike other suppression units, it is actually quite effective against heavier units as it simply loads up HEAT and HE rockets to threaten anything less well armoured than a main battle tank; and even those had best be cautious of getting near a Ngao Mbeba if it has its sights on its flank.

Advanced Infantry

Ulama African League engineers are unique in that they can sacrifice themselves to create an Ifrit.
Emissary Infiltrators armed with custom pistols, Emissaries can take on infantry, if little else. They can also radio in a small helicopter to carry them across the battlefield.
Deadeye The Pan-African League's approach to a sniper is surprisingly simple. If "one shot, one kill" is the objective, why bother with a sniper when a high explosive warhead will kill them dead just the same? Using a wirelessly guided missile, Deadeyes aim their warheads right on top of enemy high value targets. Even if they're off by a few feet or so, the target's dead anyway. With enormous range, the ability to threaten even vehicles, and great AoE, the Deadeye's great weakness is its poor rate of fire. As they can be expected to stay out in the field for long periods of time, Deadeye teams pack what they need to set up a comfortable stealthed dug out that they can rest in and wait for a target.
Witch Doctor Witch Doctors can heal the wounds of friendly infantry, keeping them fighting longer. They can also make enemy troops temporarily blank out and do nothing through the power of the league's research into Psionics, allowing League forces to pull back to a safe range.
Mehal Sefari Elite officers of the Pan-African league, Mehals are experienced veterans of all the ins and outs of command. With a six shot rocket launcher, they are can be rather inaccurate due to the dumbfire nature of the rockets and the somewhat mediocre velocity of the rockets to reduce the backblast (though the ramjets that kick in allow them formidable range), but they can threaten most ground units in their sights. Already inspiring to the forces of the African League, Mehal Sefaris can speak of the dream of a unified continent to their enemies, which can convince the targeted low morale units to join your side for a time and hurts their morale otherwise.
Eyes of Nyame The Special Forces of the Pan-African League are some of the fiercest warriors one can ever encounter. Using Mini-missile launchers, they simply pulverize most of the targets they encounter with the sheer weight of explosives and structures fair little better against their "door knocker" rounds; fired from special launchers every Eye carries that will turn most structures inside out. They can also down (or more correctly douse themselves with) special potions that utilize classified technology to make themselves temporarily invisible, letting them feel their way around a base to find their desired entrance.

Ground Vehicles

Tiurakh Ore Collector These ore collectors are extremely strong and capable of carrying a larger cargo, but the vehicle is slow and expensive, making the loss of one an even worse prospect than normally.
Savannah Combat Car Influenced by the Comintern's wildly popular Trowel cars, the Savannah is the league's very own military utility car, but carries a 121mm mortar on the top turret instead of anything wussy like a machine gun. With a somewhat low rate of fire, the Mortar fires in lower arcs than is usual for mortars to serve as a direct fire weapon; and the HE and Frag loadouts of its shells are good at raiding structures and punishing infantry. Its secondary blinds enemies who look at it by applying lights to special diamond coatings to create a dazzling and obnoxiously bright display.
Safari Transport The Safari Transport is well armored and one of the fastest units in the African arsenal. Additionally, Neshmet Transport can camouflage itself when stationary, and carry several infantry.
Takhar Battle Tank The League's MBT is a reliable vehicle. The Takhar is armored in durable diamondweave plating and armed with a large-caliber howitzer that can devastate most vehicles through sheer explosive damage and an additional, smaller caliber Ramjet gun to supplement the slow firing howitzer. Its secondary ability is to switch between another round type that allows even further range, at the cost of damage.
Moran Assault Vehicle] The Moran Assault Vehicle is a light, fast tank lightly armored but armed with multiple volley-ramjet turrets specifically designed for ripping apart aircraft. While the Moran can attack ground units, it is only marginally effective against groups of infantry. Secondary ability is to greatly increase fire rate, at the cost of the Moran's health.
Aro Artillery Platform The Artillery Platform is the League’s dedicated artillery unit. Armed with a titanic 300mm cannon more fitting on naval artillery and heavily armoured, the Aro is one of the most powerful base destroyer vehicles on the battlefield. It is however less effective against ground vehicles and infantry. Its secondary ability is to use a special power container for a single, much more powerful shot, but each container costs $150 to use and the Aro must cool off.
Sofa Cannon The Sofa Cannon is the first anti-air vehicle for the League. Armed with 9 small 40mm cannons linked together, the Sofa is great at forcing enemy aircraft to heel in the face of massed firepower that can shred through large numbers of aircraft. The secondary has it fire diamond dust filled shells which deal greater damage than the flak shells, but over time.

War Derricks

War Derricks accomplish really specific functions, but have the added advantage of being really good at them and much more accurate than the other League units.

Ogbunabali War Derrick The Ogbunabali War Derrick is a support design. Mediocre in armor and speed, the Ogbunabali in and of itself isn't anything special. Armed with two large diamond-dust sandblasters, the Ogbunabali is the only War Derrick that masters destroying infantry. However, its true benefit is for supporting other units against targets; the diamond-dust, while doing negligible damage to non-infantry targets, does make them more vulnerable to other attackers. Seth War Derricks are also distinguished from being the cheapest Derricks to produce.
Babalu Aye Derrick The Babalu Aye Derrick is a large War Derrick equipped with a "trebuchet cannon" that it uses to lob containers of pure, contagious and highly toxic mutagen at groups of enemy units. Upon detonating, the containers release a corrosive gas that slowly damages enemy armour around it, as well as leaving a toxic sludge on the ground. Its secondary allows it to launch a spray of mutagen that will deal slightly less damage, but has a wider explosion radius and the ability to force infantry into negative cover. Despite its size, it is actually something of the light artillery unit of the league
Koox War Derrick T2: The Koox War Derrick is a walker with an extremely heavy ramjet cannon, meant to serve as the Tank Destroyer of the League, being able to punish even superheavy units with their extreme firepower, however it needs to deploy, essentially becoming a turret.</font>
Nana AA Derrick A large, four legged Derrick, the Nana Anti-Aircraft Derrick is armed with a massive missile launching platform, full of specialized diamond-tipped, ramjet-powered missiles. These missiles are fired rapidly towards any nearby aircraft to constantly harass them, with the diamond tips helping ensure they'll pierce through the aircraft before exploding. The Nana, unlike the Koox, tends to work better for smaller and more mobile aircraft. However, these same missiles require air targets to work, period; they cannot work effectively against ground targets.
Agwu Support Derrick Named after the Igbo goddess of magical power and healing, the Agbu is a large War Derrick that is equipped with medical bays and drone bays to help heal friendly infantry and repair friendly vehicles. The Agbu releases a whopping 5 repair drones when deployed, and will heal infantry around it as well. It's pretty big, but not very well-off in the armor department and is slow as well.

Scion Project Vehicles

Vast apartment block-sized vehicles, they leave a trail of of destruction wherever they go.

Emirates MCV The African League own take on the MCV is a slower, but more durable vehicle, much like the Bastion itself is more durable.
Bondye Besieger Derrick The Bondye Besieger Derrick is a terrifying design that serves as the League's strategic artillery, equipped with six "trebuchet" launchers that launch forth cannon balls filled with highly active mutagen that eats through most metals and twists and warps the flesh; devastating large numbers of units even if it is largely ineffectual against structures. It must deploy to fire and is vulnerable while moving
Waaq Sea Derrick The Waaq is a special amphibious War Derrick that can only deploy on water - it, however, is armed with four batteries of quad-cannons that fire high-explosive shells at enemy ships, blasting open holes in their hulls and leaving flooding to finish them off. The ballistae lack tracking ability, and are unable to effectively attack faster targets and aircraft. However, they are capable of attacking submarines at slightly shorter ranges.
Ngai Defender Derrick The Ngai is a very large War Derrick that is unarmed, but has the ability to deploy into a long wall in the field that is armed with two dual ramjet turrets on either hub, three anti-air missile launchers, four mortars, and a scatterbeam blaster at the center. It may need space to deploy, and it takes a very long time to deploy and undeploy, but its durability is second to none in fortress mode (although it is very vulnerable when mobile). It provides cover for ALL friendly ground units around it as well, boosting their armour.
Roog Scatterbeam Derrick The Roog Scatterbeam Derrick is one of the League's most deadly weapons. Armed with a smaller Scatterbeam weapon than the one used by the League's superweapon the Roog is capable of shredding apart the most heavy of armor through countless repeated shots. Two secondary missile launchers and a pair of frag shell launching mortars help defend the walker from lighter units, particularly those who try to attack the flanks of the rather slow vehicle, though they are no substitute for the Superheavy vehicle getting its main gun to bear. Secondary ability is to increase its speed at the cost of being unable to shoot.


League basic Aircraft are Ramjet boosted Ornithopters that while perhaps not up to par with true jets most of the time, they let them stay on the battlefield without needing to return to base, though they fly significantly slower on propeller mode.

Impundulu Fighter The Impundulu fighter is the League's main fighter aircraft. It attacks by firing missiles at enemies, and also has the capability to stealth itself at the cost of reduced speed..
Pondo Attack Plane To punish tanks and infantry, the Pondo was created; simply bombarding the attacked area with a large arsenal of rockets that devastates machine and human alike as whole rows of enemies are devoured by the flames of the Pongo's HEAT munitions, with a command will rise up and activate its Ramjets to briefly leave the usual combat altitudes so that it can re-arm in peace..
Ubuntu Helicopter The Ubuntu Helicopter was made under one idea; rockets, rockets, rockets, and more rockets. Meant for spamming an absolutely insane amount of rockets towards ground targets, the Ubuntu is the ultimate in League infantry suppression and vehicular harassment. However, while it can spam rockets like no other, its stockpile is not limitless and it does have considerable reload times, leaving it vulnerable in the meantime.
Kongamato Gunship The Kongamato is a multipurpose aircraft used by the League. Armed with a volley-ramjet turret, it is good against lighter vehicle. It also carries anti-ground bombs effective against heavier targets, although it cannot power both the turret and the bomb bay at the same time.
Ababil Courier The AbabilCourier is a new plane design in the League. Meant to transport letters and cargo in the vast distances of the League, it can just as easily transport some squads, vehicles, or a tank over the battlefield. Its great speed is its asset, but it can't take as many hits as a helicopter.

Heavy Aircaft

Mino Bomber This aircraft is a dreaded and unusual weapon of the African League. Armed with four large cannons, these cannons are specialized in that they shoot drop pods, rather than your regular bomb or round munitions. When these drop pods impact with the ground, they open up to reveal two rabid, mutated super-chickens each, which will then start attacking the closest targets until they are killed or until they over-exert themselves (which they always will in a few minutes of attacking things in a fit of rabid rage), causing these killer chickens to explode violently.
Gonzo Bombardment Craft The Gonzo Bombardment Craft is meant for trap-making; armed in its bombing bay are multiple large explosives, shaped like Ankhs, meant to create a large bang ten seconds after piercing the ground, which are especially good against fortifications, defenses, and garrisons. Alternatively, the Gonzo can carry much smaller Ankh bombs, meant to act as a minefield for vehicles. They're much too large and noticeable for infantry to detonate, though.
Zulu Interceptor Amazingly fast thanks to its advanced ramjets, the Zulu interceptor was developed to secure the skies of Africa against the more sophisticated aircraft of its enemies. Armed with scatterbeam weapons, it is quite tempting to compare them to the likes of the Ajax, though it would likely fall short in such a contest.
Dervish Aerial Devastator The Dervish Aerial Devastator is the African League’s largest aircraft. An absolutely hulking, slow behemoth, this monstrosity is armed with no less than four weapons systems; Two heavy ramjet cannons for attacking air targets, two volley cannons for dealing with ground vehicles, a Scatterbeam cannon to assist with both air and ground targets, and a vat of mutagenic liquid to instantly kill infantry and garrisons below the Devastator. However, despite its considerable firepower and armor, it is extremely expensive, only two can be fielded at a time, and it is painfully slow. Kirovs can laugh as they fly past the Dervish.

Basic Watercraft

Nima Transport Carrier The Nima is an armoured amphibious infantry transport that also happens to be armed with a volley-ramjet cannon that can chip away at enemies.
Penguin Treated by league mutagenics to be a lot nastier than normal, Penguins serve as the naval scouts of the League's fleet and these swift amphibious birds are trained to not only use their razor sharp beaks to attack but also hydrodynamically designed ramjet guns to poke holes into the enemy. They can do a penguin wave as well, which convinces enemies to not fire at them for a brief while to let them get away.
Bumba Attack Boat Swift moving patrol boats, Bumbas are each equipped with a single large ramjet propelled howitzer that they use to pound enemy targets from a great distance, useful against land and naval enemies, and can even launch out sprays of diamond dust to reduce the damage they take for a short while.
Zuberi Destroyer The Zuberi Destroyer is the League's dedicated ship-hunter. Swift and armed with large diamond-tipped torpedoes, the Zuberi is meant for doing a great deal of damage to an enemy craft, and getting away before they retaliate. Occassionally, the crew may fire an expensive diamond-shard torpedo, meant for doing considerable damage to a group of ships.
Desta Patrol Craft The Desta is a small corvette serving as the basic anti-air boat for the League. How the League managed to fit a pair of volley-ramjet AA cannon on it without it sinking unknown, but its effectiveness against aircraft is undeniable. The Desta can feed additional power into its engines to go and act faster, but as this strains the engine the Desta will be immobilized afterwards.
Eshu Frigate Meant to deal with submarines, the Eshu launches depth charges out of its four howitzers at long range; albeit with relatively little accuracy as it tries to fire on whatever the Helicopter pilot picks up with his Sonar buoys or what the ship itself can detect should the submarines get that close.
Mami Wata Submersible A submarine designed for attacking on the front lines, the Mami Wata is armed with two large ramjet cannons meant for attacking targets at long range. However, the Mami Wata can take a considerable amount of time to surface, leaving it vulnerable to attack in the meantime. The crew can surface the Mami Wata more quickly if necessary, but the rush reduces the Ramjet's accuracy considerably.

Heavy Naval Units

Jengu Repair Sub The Jengu Repair Ship is a new and innovative design within the League. Armed with a miniaturized version of the Mass Diamondizer, the Jengu can create a synthetic diamond beam to repair the damage on other friendly units, encasing the damaged hulls in hardened diamond. The Jengu can also overload the diamond beam to encase an enemy ship in diamond, but the overload cannons from being fully calibrated, making their potential attacking range greatly reduced. puts undue stress on the Jengu itself, damaging it with constant use. </font>
Lemanja Cruiser The Lemanja is the mainline League warship, and carries four refractor beam cannons on its fore and aft decks for use against enemy ships and if close enough to land, enemy vehicles. It can overcharge the cannons for increased damage at the cost of firing speed.
Sheba Battlecruiser Anything that survives the Lemanja must face the mighty Sheba, the queen of the seas. Large racks filled with ultra-high explosive diamond tipped missiles stand ready to obliterate the enemy fleet and everything within three kilometer radius of it. When under duress, the Sheba can fill the skies with diamond dust filled rockets that will create deadly no fly zones for aircraft for some time.
Ikenga Dreadnought The Ikenga Dreadnought is the flagship of the League. Based on designs acquired from the Alliance, then upscaled, altered in armament, and plated in the League proprietary diamondweave and armed with six massive Ramjet mortars and a number of secondary weapons to deal with smaller targets, the Ikenga is a ship capable of dominating the seas through its durability and firepower. The Ikenga, however, is very costly to produce, rather slow, and needs backup that can attack air targets. Its secondary ability is to create a Camera Drone for $250 that can designate targets for far more accuracy than is typical.
Shango Carrier The Shango is the Pan-African's carrier, and majestically leads its fleets as it launches Baba and Mama fighters and bombers; and can serve as an airfield for a fair number of the league's aircraft. Tough and well armored, the Shango has ramjet powered howitzers to deal with ships that try to get close and Diamond dust blasters to act as a CIWS, and fire special refractor beams into clouds of diamond dust launched by the Shango to blind just about all nearby enemies and let the Shango make a get away.

Special Units

Artisan This man helps to create all of the League buildings, and is built from the Bastion.
Ifrit A peculiar development of the Pan-Africans, developed with the combination of what the League knows of Syndicate battlesuit technology, Comintern Consensus A.I, and Imperial Computers and the African's own know how, the Ifrit is guided by the brain of an Ulama in sync with the A.I of the suit. Using a volley ramjet cannon to attack enemy units and ramjet thrusters to keep it airborne, the Ifrit flies around as if it were carried on a tail of fire like the Djinn of Berber legends. However, the "wishes" it grants are mostly related to killing people and keeping the skies of Africa clear. The Ifrit can fire up an afterburn dash that lets it quickly race to another nearby position, perfect for dodging incoming attacks.
Camera Drone The Camera Drone is a unit built specifically by the Anubis Dreadnought. Acting as a small spy plane, the Camera Drone acts as the Anubis's eyes, able to go out afar and spot targets for the Anubis to fire at. It has no weapons of its own and is lightly armored, though. Its secondary ability is to activate a stealth mode, at the cost of being unable to move.
Chikobo Rider Irregular Cavalry mounted on Giant Mutagenic Chickens, they are good at harrassing the enemy. Protocol Unit.
Chicken Brought by Protocol or created by various different units. The League can unleash Mutagenically altered rabid chickens. They aren't very durable, but the damage they cause on death can potentially kill various infantry units.

Commandos and Epic Unit

Asma The League's Commando Unit. Asma is a dangerous foe. Armed with a portable refractor Weapon, Asma is bad news to any vehicles, ground or air, who get in her path while ramjet machine pistols deal with infantry. However, the weapon is still sluggish, and she is more vulnerable to harm than the others. If overwhelmed with no chance of victory, Asma's secondary ability can come into play, where she'll overload her weapon's power way too much and run for it, leaving her without her refractor but devastating everything around the weapon. She will need some time to acquire a new device though, they hardly come cheap.
Gedeyon The greatest of the Ifrits is Gedeyon, whose body has been extensively upgraded to suit his needs. Using a mini-missile launcher, he is effective against most targets; and his mechanical expertise has only increased since his augmentation, though he can only tend to the needs of a single vehicle or structure at a time; he can get them fixed in no time. He may also demonstrate one of his inventions to those who make trouble for him or to make cover; throwing a diamondizer bomb that can improve cover and entrap enemy units caught in the blast.
Kokumo With a name that means "this one will not die", Kokumo is able to take some of the heaviest of batterings with her carbon powered armor; still experimental in the League and keep on pushing, bringing her special automatic grenade launcher to bear against enemies that rapidly fires off the entire drum of twelve rounds before she slams in another drum. Tough to a degree few can compare to; she can bring up a diamond shield when she desires even more protection, reducing her rate of fire substantially but making her even harder to deal with as she slowly advances and bombards enemies at mid to short range (By African standards)
Zefanias Perhaps the most accomplished of the League's Witch Doctors, Zefanias may at first seem unarmed with his lack of weapons, but he has developed his abilities to the point that he has no need for them. Skilled in biokinetics and medicine that he uses to heal, he can channel his energies into short range streams of silver energy that annihilate units in front of him or uses his biokinetics and telekinetics in unison to make blows with his staff hurt just as much as his silver fire, and can assail the minds of his foes with a great directed terror that shreds the minds of his enemies and makes them flee for the hills lest they experience more of Zefanias' abilities. He simply floats if asked to go over water and defends himself with telekinetic barriers.
Maduabuchim Africa's fighting female fighter ace has a peculiar aircraft that isn't particularly swift codenamed the gunstar. However the gun-star flies into battle not only with frontally mounted weapons as normal or even the unusual choice of a rear mounted pair of turrets but turret mounted weapons arranged in a cicle around it to provide for all around firepower, mouned in an unusual circular wing around the aircraft. When surrounded on all sides, Madubuchim spins her plane around wildly using the various VTOL thrusters and fires all of her weaponry in the maneuver known as the "Death Blossom" which can quickly clear the skies of enemy aircraft as she fills it with explosives and scatterbeam blasts. Such a maneuver is absolutely devastating, but her aircraft will need time to restock on munitions (and her head will need time to stop spinning) after such a stunt.
Rambwa Rambwa's war derrick has often been nicknamed the "furious feline" or alternately a "forest jackal" for reasons that are rather opaque and mysterious to outsiders, but it doesn't take very long to learn to respect his Derrick when he unloads his weapons. A massive number of long ranged missiles mounted on the shoulders and a pair of long ranged scatterbeams mounted on the "arm pylons" allow him to devastate enemies at long range, while those who manage to get close find themselves subject to two ramjet cannons and a smaller pulse beam emitter to force an enemy back, and those who get really close have to deal with his diamond dust blasters that will absolutely shred apart infantry. While his derrick is not particularly well suited to melee unlike a number of other Mech piloting vehicle aces, few can match his firepower as essentially a walking artillery piece, and he can quickly leave engagements he wants no part of by using a number of jump jets to send his heavy Omniderrick far back and away from a pursuing enemy, almost certainly crushing anything he lands on top of.
Nyame Ultra-Derrick The largest and most dreadfully powerful derrick at the disposal of the Pan-African League, the Nyame combines large amounts of indirect artillery with a formidable forward battery of eight scatterbeam blasters that can combine their fire with a ninth centrally mounted scatterbeam to fire a "superbeam" that can annihilate large sections of the battlefield at once. Walking forward like some insane decapodal beast that has never before moved on this earth, the Nyame's tread also spreads diamondizer, which can be collected by the African league for extra money or used as cover as it advances to bring the battle to an African victory.

Assassination Target

Anansi War Derrick When an Archiestrategos needs to go to battle, he chooses the Anansi War Derrick, one of the largest weapons in the League Arsenal. Carrying Refractors for nearly all purposes, it can also unleach a swarm of voracious locusts if absolutely needed, which will devastate any infantry around it as well as camouflage it.

Behind the Scenes

The African League overall design is mostly based around Afrofuturism. Template:League Template:PlaceHolder Template:Echoes Factions