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Tactical Analysis

Upholding the peace: The proverbial fist of humanitarianism, the Pacifier constantly emits EMP pulses that disable any defensive structure near it. This includes your own defenses.

Sorry for the inconvenience: When pressed, the Pacifier can emit a small but powerful EMP signal that completely shuts down a building's functions as long as it continually targets it.

Rest in peace: Outside of enemy defenses, the Pacifier will easily fall especially to anti-armor weapons, as the vehicle has no other way to defend itself.


Believe it or not, the Bellona Pacification Vehicle remains the Syndicate's greatest contribution to the IAA.

As per standard operation, this was not done out of a sense of altruism. Mostly, at least. Originally, the Bellona PAV was the brainchild of one Livio Pettinelli, chief engineer of Palermo-based Carpe Noctum Solutions, who reverse-engineered an EMJ array from a TP-46 "Jammer" Truck in 1963. Placed in a chassis similar to the Legion's AFV's, the Bellona served as a disruption unit, its jammer crippling any gang vehicle or rogue battlesuit it comes across on a daily basis. More technologically-advanced weapons were not safe from the effect, much less cybernetic implants, which was actually a factor in the Pluto Sprawl's lower death-by-Satyr rate compared to other sprawls.

It remained a lynchpin of the Security Forces until Carpe Noctum unveiled a new version of the Bellona just six months later. Now, its superior EMJ can now neutralize any electronics luckless enough to be in range, something that was advantageous to the corporate coup d'état that CEO Vincenzo Ermacora has been planning for years until now. Hiring enough men and procuring enough weapons, Carpe Noctum launched its takeover. The first action they took was the sheer wave of jamming signals from multiple improved Bellonas, which proved capable of shutting down most of the Sprawl's AURA system itself. Bands of legionnaires found their gryojet rifles disabled, battlesuits were quickly rendered useless, and communication was impossible due to the sheer amount of traffic that filled the Interweb, all thanks to what was rendered the Bellona Line. Free of any and all retaliation, the company immediately declared itself ruler of Palermo. Business rivals were threatened with expulsion, and Legion Security found itself in a deadlock regarding how to bypass the Bellonas and retake the city.

Carpe Noctum's reign proved to be short-lived, however. The company's CEO found himself on a row with a rival company, in which its enforcers proceeded to obtain catapults, fill them with neo-Greek Fire, and targeted the vehicles that made up the Bellona Line itself barely a week after the takeoever. Fired from Calabria, the ensuing artillery strikes reduced much of the line into rubble, leaving a detachment of legionnaires to clean up the rest. Much of the Carpe Noctum staff was dealt with by Minerva herself, Ermacora and Pettinelli were never seen again, and Bellona blueprints were looted off of the now-destroyed headquarters. The PAV's that survived the firestorm still patrol several Italian sprawls as a reminder of who's truly in power around those parts.

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