Pacific Traders

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Pacific Traders' Organization
Playstyle Naval superiority and Support
Faction Colour Azure
Type Null Faction
Dev. Status Conceptual

""Fifteen men on the dead man's chest--
...Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum!
Drink and the devil had done for the rest--
...Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum!

-"Yo Ho and a bottle of Rum"

The Pacific Traders, also known as the Traders or the PT, is a fan-faction created by Sords. There a sea based company that works in international water that are found in the Pacific Ocean. They are Merchant Marines who use firepower to defend there cargo from other factions. They have no big plans for the future and are neutral to the world's courant political matters and their future. So long as they are free at the sea they don’t care. The Pacific being a powder keg with China, the Soviets, the Empire, the Allies, and meany other faction located there has lead to many conflicts. This has forced the Traders to battle mean times and has also help them out. Most of their tech comes from scraps that the put together from ship that once belonged to other factions but now are at the bottom of the sea. As the world seem to be rapidly coming closer to war, the Traders still go about there business like they do every day.

At A Glance

Faction Color Azure
Playstyle Naval superiority and Support
Theatre of Operations The Sea
Strengths Strong navy, good air support, strong and high mobility
Weaknesses No tanks, weak land forces, and overly dependent on navy.
Motives The Bottom Line, and freedom at the sea.
Basic Look The Merchant Marine at war



The Pacific Traders were first founded by Samwise Serfphis sometime after the First World War. Samwise during the war was a small time merchant in the Pacific Ocean. After seeing the harrows that the first war brought he grew dissatisfied with the governments of the world and found refuels at the sea as many men have down over the ages. Choosing to forever live at the sea he changed the name of his boating company to the Pacific Traders.

In 1922 Samwise made a major discover. He had found the wreckage of few ships from the war wish had been sucked from a storm. Holding up the ship he had his men fix the ship up with part from each other and parts from their own ships. Being in the grip of the global depression and salvage rights as they are it was very simple for Samwise to be able to keep the right to these ships.

Armed with military caliber ships Samwise Traders were able to hold of with ease enemy force at sea. Be they pirates or some nation that did not wish that the Traders finish there delivery.

With this power, the Traders were able to make a profit in these trying times. The waters of the world were still a dangerous place. Meany Company and nation found the idea of being too able to ship some of their more sensitive good without the need of sending a proper military escort buss a good way to save money and allowed them to ship things they did not want people to know too much about. Samwise haven given up on the land did not care what they wanted him to ship so long as his people got paid.

With the first war over, the beings of the brake up of many of the great empires of the world, and the global depression it was not hard for Samwise to find people who were willing to forsake the old lives on land and take up a new one working for him among his Traders. With more and more men coming to his employ was Samwise able to pull up more ships and even build up some of his own. As the depression came to an end the Pacific Traders were so power that they were able to gain control of some of the smaller island scattered threw out the Pacific that no one had taken claim to yet. This island the Traders turned into giant ports were they could stop there ship and do some maintains on their ship. Some people among the Traders like Samwise shows to never leave their ships even while at the Traders own ports. Still the majority of the Traders took their time at this island port to rest up and enjoys some things that one could not get at the sea.

When Stalin made his move and started the Second World War this became the Traders' big moment. As new more strange weapons were lost in sea battle in the Pacific campaign the Trades sat and waited to be able to come in after the battle and pick up the scraps of technology that were left behind. With some jerry rigging and a lot of luck were the Traders able to create there starting blocks of their weapon technology. Threw out the war the fledgling Allied nation were in need of supply and a places to dock there ships. The Traders were happy to provide this and other services to the young Allied Nations--for a price of course.

When the war ended the Traders were in an excellent position. The war had field there coffers, gotten them some new technology, and a lot of new ships that they recovered from the ocean flower. The best part though was the new cold war that was brewing between the Allies and the Soviets. With the tension many nation and companies need to ship thing across the ocean but did not have the money to have their own protective force created or could not offered to call on the major powers for support for such miner task found the Traders to be there best option.

When the Third World War broke out the Traders found themselves in a hard spot. With the Empire of the Rising Sun making their move the Pacific effectively became a massive battleground. Such a large three sided war made it difficult to operate. Still, like the other wars the Traders ended up ahead. Adding bit of the Empire's own tech which they were able to salvage from sunken empirical ships. As the war end the Traders found themselves in a much tenser place. With Three major powers in the Pacific and many smaller power people like the Traders were in higher demand than ever before

Gameplay Style and Development


Build Mechanic

All Traders buildings are built at the Drydock. All Trader buildings are in fact boats wish can be deployed at any sport on the map that they can get to. They can be deployed or undeployed any were. That means that the Dock Bar can be placed in the water though it will have limited use there. If undeloyed the building can not be used. So any power plant that is undeployed won’t give out power. Being Merchant Marines the Traders have all there ship with some sort of weapon. Buildings have weak weapons but can be used to hold of a few troops. This makes the Traders buildings cost more but make up for that with there mobility and weapons.

Tier Mechanic

There Tier system is link into there power system. Tier one power is created by the Decal Engine Platform. When the Dock Bar is built can the Hydro Platform be built. After the Hydro Platform is built Tier 2 units and structures are available. After the Salvage Yard is finished can the Solar Line Platform be built. After the Solar Line Platform is built are Tier 3 materials available.

Pacific Traders Emergency Convoys


Drydock The Traders Construction yard.
Decal Power Plant The Tradres main power source. It burns decal fuel to generate power.
Dock Bar Bars have always been places were one could find a sailor. The Traders have set up several bars all over the world to recruit and train people to serve as the foot soldiers.
Mining Facility The Traders Ore Refinery
Armor Port Even the Traders need land force. The Armor Port is where the Traders put together their armored forces.
Sub Marina A place were the Traders put together there fleet of subs.
Pacific Air The Pacific Air is where the Traders air force can be found.
Salvage Yard A secondary economy building which creates money from recycling parts that the Traders have found.
Dinghy Shipyard Where the Traders build their smaller ships.
Grand Port Where the Traders build their larger ships.
Drunken Fog Machine The Traders support super weapon. It creates a thick mist of alcohol getting everything in it drunk. This makes ground units uncontrollably for a little wile as they stumble around drunk. Air units automatically return to base.
Rusty Bucket The Traders offensive superweapon. By using anti-iron energy the Rust Bucket causes the metal of enemy units to fall apart into pieces


Sea Mines Minefields that can be put on the water or on land
Sea Wall A simple wall for land or sea
Sea Gate A simple gate for land or sea.
Fishing Net Using a specially developed net have the traders created a hazard which can stop units from advancing. But, since it is just a net it is not that strong and does not stop enemy fire from coming through it.
Salty Gun An Anti-Infantry base defense
Pressure Cannon A pneumatic gun that launches HEAT rounds at high pressures to deal with enemy armour
Cleaning Wind Turret Using a converted jet turbine, cleaning wind turrets blow planes out of the air
Anti-Iron Tower Launching globules of anti-iron energy, the anti-iron tower tears apart enemy units at long range
Buoy A stealth detecting defense
Light House A defense with a massive line of sight that can designate targets for other units to fire at

Terrain Adjustments

Orion deck A platform that turns deep water into shallow; crossable water, though they can be lowered to allow ships through
Canal Simple channels filled with water allow for water units to traverse on terrain they otherwise could not.


Seagull While harmless, Seagulls can harass enemy units to debuff them; decreasing their accuracy and speed.
Ensign The frequently inebriated mainline infantry of the traders can ignite their belches to add a bit of oompf where their simple assault rifles couldn't otherwise.
Bilge Rat Using old era SAM launchers, the Bilge Rat is the primary anti-air unit of the Traders
Midshipman Using pneumatic cannons, midshipmen launch HEAT rounds to deal with tanks.
Shipwright Shipwrights are the engineers of the Pacific Traders
Marine Sniper Warriors of the sea the Marine Sniper is the Traders sniper unit.
Skipper Armed with a pistol and a saber the Skipper is low rank Traders officers. While not the strongest out there the Skipper helps bolster the Traders ground forces power.
Diver The Traders infiltrator unit. Armed with a harpoon gun the Diver can real do a number on enemy forces.
Trench Suit A big bulking powersuit. Originally meant for deep-sea work the Trench Suit has been used on the battle field on a number of times.
Alice A daring young girl Alice is the Traders commando. Armed with shotgun with a pressure launcher attachment she is a force to be dealt with. The only thing she does better then fighting for the Traders is the money she make for them as there cover girl.




Buildings: Drydock, Decal Power Plant, Dock Bar, Mining Facility, Armor Port, Sub Marina, Pacific Air, Salvage Yard, Dinghy Shipyard, Grand Port, Drunken Fog Machine, Rusty Bucket

Defenses: Sea Mines, Sea Wall, Sea Gate, Fishing Net, Salty Gun, Pressure Cannon, Cleaning Wind Turret, Anti-Iron Tower, Buoy, Light House

Terrain Adjustments: Orion deck, Canal

Infantry: Seagull, Ensign, Bilge Rat, Midshipman, Shipwright, Marine Sniper, Skipper, Diver, Trench Suit, Alice