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Faction Colour Ultramarine
Type Clash of Dimensions Faction
Dev. Status Conceptual


Notable Olympians

The Fourteen Heroes of Pantheon

Considered legends even among the Olympians in Antica Dimension, the Fourteen Heroes of Pantheon was a group of adventurers and campaigners that two thousand years ago have set into the Meridian Dimension, the Ancient Greek on Earth to pursue and destroy the retreating Titans, Olympians larger cousins as well as all beasts threatening the humanity. Hathering the strongest warriors and adventurers of hat time the company set out and through many battles across the Mediterranean Sea they build themselves a status of the legends, and deities for the humans. WIP

  • ... ... ... / Zeus / Dia / Jupiter: ...
  • ... ... ... / Poseidon / Neptune: ...
  • ... ... ... / Hades / Pluto : ...
  • ... ... ... / Hera / Juno: ...
  • ... ... ... / Demether / Ceres: ...
  • Aresimos Marsus Armageros / Ares / Mars: ...
  • ... ... Armagerosi / Athena / Minerva: ...
  • ... ... Armagerosi / Aphrodite / Venus: ...
  • ... ... ... / Artemis / Diana : ...
  • ... ... ... / Apollo: ...
  • ... ... ... / Hephaestus / Vulcan: ...
  • ... ... ... / Hermes / Mercury: ...
  • ... ... ... / Hestia / Vesta: ...
  • ... ... ... / Diyonisus / Bacchus: ...

At A Glance

Glory Force: Unique Olympian physiology allows them to store high amounts of electrical charge in their body linked to their mental development of experiences. The Glory Force, as they call it, enables the Olympians tp release this energy in the moments of importance to increase their or their weapons' attributes in many varying ways, depending on their class, rank, weaponry and "status of glory", depending on their experiences of fighting beasts or other warriors.

Electromagnetic Technologies: Similar to their own abilities, Olympians concentrated on the development of weapons and technologies linked to electricity and thunders. Partially powered by their own electric charge, Olympians are employing cannons that can fire electro balls, gloves to form "lightnign javelins" to throw them agaisnt enemies, but also magnetic fields that can polarize or magnetize targets to attract or repulse objects, depending on the user's wish.

Land of the Men: Unlike other dimensional factions, Olympians are having in their arsenal only a handful of vehicles, ground or airborne. Instead they have very wide variety of infantry units, most of them on foot, that are still capable to engage all targets, including armored vehicles, on even terms.

City-States: Different than other factions, Olympians of Antica are divided over their world into many small city-states, regions of land protected by multiple layers of walls, with the outermost being the places for farms and quarries and internal the actual cities build of marble. Each city-state is lead by a monarch, either a king, prince, tyrannos or imperator, and each city-state is specialized on a different units and tactics.

Antica Dimension: A beautiful land of pastel colors, Antica is composed of lush forests, wide grasslands and tall mountains, with ocassional armored settlements nd cities made from pure white marble with antique architecture. However, it is a dangerous place, for despite the beautiful world it is there ar many vile beasts of all shapes and kinds, coming out from other dimensions by unknown means which will cause harm to anyone nearby their nests, no matter the allegiance.




Hall of Heroes


Hoplite Basic troops who are given basic training and gear to protect the city-state as its attack force, armed with a spear and shield. They offer other Hoplites a protection of their shields against ranged attacks but their primary focus is to push the enemy away with numbers, so a group of Hoplites can deal more damage than a single warrior. Glory Force: The tip of the spear is covered by long blue energy field that increases the affected range of their attack.
Gladiator Experienced warriors and performers in the Colosseums, Gladiators are good in hand-to-hand combat just as they are with their swords. They are good at dealing damage but also throw enemy infantry around. Glory Force: The Gladiator's swords are enveloped with blue energy, he slashes them both to create a shockwave that throws the enemies away.
Discobole The aim of these athletes cannot be underestimated as they are able to hit distant targets, including aerial ones. They use either javelins or disks, where javelins after set time teleports back to the owner, disks functions like a boomerang, where it can still damage some enemies on the way back. Glory Force: The javelin or disk is enhanced by blue energy to give them even greater damage output and speed to penetrate their targets.
Thunderholder Entrusted with the thunder-shaping gloves, Thunderholder is capable of literally hold a lightning bolt in his hand and throw it against any enemy, especially those flying in the skies, these are particularly vulnerable as upon impact they release high electrical currents to stun or disrupt. The bolts can also be used when opponent gets to arm's length. Glory Force: Thunderbolts thrown in a limited time are releasing greater currents that can hit more than one target.
Legionary A greater dedication to protect fellow Olympians the Legions and its troops are protecting the city-states directly. In combat they use their large rectangular shields to protect themselves, fello Legionaries and other friendly troops from ranged attacks while fighting with gladius swords the enemies head-on. Glory Force: A bright blue aura surrounds the Legionary, increasing his durability to the point its reflecting some of the enemy fire back to them. This electric shield lasts for only a short while but can prove critical.
Messenger Those Olympians who like to run fast and chase the enemies are wearing "flying boots" that keeps them just a few centimeters above the ground. With thrusters in them makes them move very fast and attack, punching with shock gauntlets that releases strong concussive force (with electrical sparks) that throws enemies away. Messengers can also fly with their boots, then they fire concussive pulses from the gauntlets against ground and air targets alike. Glory Force: Messenger envelops himself in thick blue nergy, and makes a dashing attack that fast it creates a blue line behind him, hitting anything with great force, even air untis when airborne.
Venator Prefering to use their sharp eyes and strong arms, Venators are master archers, using crossbows to hit distant targets farer than anyone else from the Olympians. Beside regular bolts they can use a fusion bomb charge bolts thats specially designed against armored targets like vehicles and buildings. Glory Force: Venator will fire a super-charged bolt turning the crossbow into small ballista which has a knocking power to pierce several enemies at once and cause a mild concussive wave upon impact.
Thorion Not specifically typical warriors or adventurers, Thorions are craftsmen that are willing to go to war or face a giant beast, armed with their large hammer to deliver crushing blows or a concussive shockwave send in a coned direction. Their role is usually to make sure the Olympian war machines stays operational, sending lightnings from the hammer, which is in fact a small teleporter that materializes a steel and other materials in to the damaged places, using hammer's inner computer to coordinate the materialization accordingly. Glory Force: Transferring his inner electric power to overload the hammer, Thorion can instantly repair multiple friendly mechanized units with a big deal of health, but afterwards is unable to repair normally for a period of time.
Beasthide These folks are known to be tougher than most, also far braver as they specifically train to be professional beast hunters, adorning themselves wih the furs of the most resilient and toughest. To accomplish their quest, Beasthide is armed with nothing but two large double-edged axes that deals great damage with each strike, against beasts with considerable bonus. Glory Force: Enveloping the axes and arms in blue ligntning aura, Beasthide stars spinning on the spot, the axes orbiting around him attached by a rope and empowered, cuts all enemies in immediate area around the beast hunter.
Praetorian Praetorians are the best soldiers who became the protectors of the royal families of the city-states and its people. They carry heavy armours with capes to keep advancing and assault the enemy positions, either by swinging with their lightning spear-halberds, or firing electric beams from it, intense enough to melt armors and concrete. Their shield offers them increased resistance from forward-coming attacks, and as elite troops they are inspiring other Olympians as their heroes! Glory Force: Praetorian surrounds himself with an electric energy to create a protective coat that not only increases his defense, but also makes him faster and, shock anyone who attacks him with a melee attack.
Herculean The greatest and mightiest of the Olympians, the champions of the Pantheon. Herculeans had to fight the hardest to attain this position, and especially to gain the power and control over the Glory Force. The use of Glory Force on the same level as others have to get to is an easy thing, and Hercuelans use it in many ways. They are using it to amplify their double-handed broadswords with high-frequency vibrations that has great reach by itself, but also cut through armor. Than, their strenght is enough for them to lift all but the heaviest and largest vehicles and throw them against their friends or deliver mighty blows. Glory Force: Entering a state that turns Herculean into a demi-god, the hero gains boost to all of his attributes and heightens his abilities. Sending an energy wave by a slash of the sword, delivering pulverizing punches, throws objects with even greater force, but on top of that, rip off a big chunk of a ground and throw that out. This state isnt permanent, however, and Herculean will be extremely tired once the power is gone, in turn make him weaker than his usual standard.

Cavalry and War Machines

Hippikon Riding on the animals similar to horses and lions, Hippikon cavalry likes to watch the the area from an heightened place and move fast, they are excellent scouts. Their spear and round shields are adequate for the task of skirmishers, running over the enemy fast, bash them around (but with low damage output) and quickly get lost before the enemy can recuperate. Glory Force: The sword and steed's hooves are engulfed in blue energy to enable greater damage to the enemies nearby, or to discharge it in a blast radius by stomping into the ground to release a shcokwave in a medium radius.
Cataphract More armored than Hippikons, Cataphracts are versed in the charging against the enemy and crash them under their hooves, and than start firing lightning balls from zap cannons which slightily paralyzes enemies, slowing them down for other units to take them out. Glory Force: Charges the arc cannon for a single, powerul lightning bolt. It circuits over all nearby enemies and aside of the high damage it paralyzes them for longer time.
Bellerophean Like Herculeans, Belleropheans are the greatest Olympian heroes who rides in the saddles of 8-legged horse-lion animals that are faster than other steeds but also vehicles of other races. Their standard weapons are swords which they can give longer energy blades using Glory Force, a glaive for attacks at longer ranges when they hit the ground to release an electric discharge wave in one direction, or use the steed itself. Bellerophean is capable of channeling his Glory Force into his animal partner to increase his speed and resistance, which they can use to ram into a vehicle to push it away or damage a building or create a protective sphere around itself to act as damage sponge. The most impressiv feat is that Bellerophean can manifest large wings for the steed, combined with the strength of his back legs makes him able to perform a long jumps reminiscent of a flight to drop on elevated inaccessible locations or crush enemies under its hooves and releasing a concussive force to hit more targets in short range area of the impact.
Charging Chariot Two men riding in an armored car towed by two steeds, the role of Charging Chariots is to fire from a crossbow while on the move, harrassing enemy infantry with bolts and absorb the fire. Unlike other vehicles or cavalry Chariot can protect itself with a thunder-shield which zaps some of the incoming fire to also serve as a damage sponge so others can do their part in decisive and memorial victory. Glory Force: Blue energy envelops around the chariot, than it charges forward through the enemies with greater speed and force to throw them away like ragdolls.
Ballista Track A track powered and propelled my electro-motors and supercapacitors, Ballista Track is the closest Olympian analogue to common tanks. Large crossbow fires at high velocities steel bolts through magnetism. Steel bolts explodes upon impact, affecting both armored and unarmored targets. The crew can be called to go for a "fire support mode", which slows the Ballista down but enables the rew to precisely fire at far greater distances, turning into an artillery piece for the Olympians.
Helepolis Tall armored vehicle, Helepolis can sustain a lot of damage and still keep going to finish its mission, besieing enemy bases and fortresses, crushing the walls and ruining the buildings. This is achieved by powerful energy pummels in the lower part of the chassis that destroys the concrete, metal or whatever is in the way. On the top resides large crystal that can fires lightnign bolts agaisnt ground and air units which have an added bonus of slowing enemies momentarily.


Airboat (Asgard flying skiff fighter)
... Trireme (weapons platform, magnet ball attack)
Thunderlord Octoreme (lightning bolt attacks, lightstorm summon)

Behind the Scenes