Olympian Glory

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Faction Colour Ultramarine
Type Clash of Dimensions Faction
Dev. Status Conceptual


At A Glance

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Electric Technologies: ...

Land of the Men: ...

City-States: ...

Antica Dimension: ...




Hall of Heroes


Hoplite Basic troops who are given basic training and gear to protect the city-state as its attack force, armed with a spear and shield. They offer other Hoplites a protection of their shields against ranged attacks but their primary focus is to push the enemy away with numbers, so a group of Hoplites can deal more damage than a single warrior. Glory Force: The tip of the spear is covered by long blue energy field that increases the affected range of their attack.
Gladiator Experienced warriors and performers in the Colosseums, Gladiators are good in hand-to-hand combat just as they are with their swords. They are good at dealing damage but also throw enemy infantry around. Glory Force: The Gladiator's swords are enveloped with blue energy, he slashes them both to create a shockwave that throws the enemies away.
Discobole The aim of these athletes cannot be underestimated as they are able to hit distant targets, including aerial ones. They use either javelins or disks, where javelins after set time teleports back to the owner, disks functions like a boomerang, where it can still damage some enemies on the way back. Glory Force: The javelin or disk is enhanced by blue energy to give them even greater damage output and speed to penetrate their targets.
Thunderholder Entrusted with the thunder-shaping gloves, Thunderholder is capable of literally hold a lightning bolt in his hand and throw it against any enemy, especially those flying in the skies, these are particularly vulnerable as upon impact they release high electrical currents to stun or disrupt. The bolts can also be used when opponent gets to arm's length. Glory Force: Thunderbolts thrown in a limited time are releasing greater currents that can hit more than one target.
Legionary A greater dedication to protect fellow Olympians the Legions and its troops are protecting the city-states directly. In combat they use their large rectangular shields to protect themselves, fello Legionaries and other friendly troops from ranged attacks while fighting with gladius swords the enemies head-on. Glory Force: A bright blue aura surrounds the Legionary, increasing his durability to the point its reflecting some of the enemy fire back to them. This electric shield lasts for only a short while but can prove critical.
Messenger Those Olympians who like to run fast and chase the enemies are wearing "flying boots" that keeps them just a few centimeters above the ground. With thrusters in them makes them move very fast and attack, punching with shock gauntlets that releases strong concussive force (with electrical sparks) that throws enemies away. Messengers can also fly with their boots, then they fire concussive pulses from the gauntlets against ground and air targets alike. Glory Force: Messenger envelops himself in thick blue nergy, and makes a dashing attack that fast it creates a blue line behind him, hitting anything with great force, even air untis when airborne.
Venator Prefering to use their sharp eyes and strong arms, Venators are master archers, using crossbows to hit distant targets farer than anyone else from the Olympians. Beside regular bolts they can use a fusion bomb charge bolts thats specially designed against armored targets like vehicles and buildings. Glory Force: Venator will fire a super-charged bolt turning the crossbow into small ballista which has a knocking power to pierce several enemies at once and cause a mild concussive wave upon impact.
Thorion Not specifically typical warriors or adventurers, Thorions are craftsmen that are willing to go to war or face a giant beast, armed with their large hammer to deliver crushing blows or a concussive shockwave send in a coned direction. Their role is usually to make sure the Olympian war machines stays operational, sending lightnings from the hammer, which is in fact a small teleporter that materializes a steel and other materials in to the damaged places, using hammer's inner computer to coordinate the materialization accordingly. Glory Force: Transferring his inner electric power to overload the hammer, Thorion can instantly repair multiple friendly mechanized units with a big deal of health, but afterwards is unable to repair normally for a period of time.
Beasthide These folks are known to be tougher than most, also far braver as they specifically train to be professional beast hunters, adorning themselves wih the furs of the most resilient and toughest. To accomplish their quest, Beasthide is armed with nothing but two large double-edged axes that deals great damage with each strike, agaisnt beasts with considerable bonus. Glory Force:
Praetorian (heavy armored infantry, electron beam spear/Gungnir, heavy shield)

Cavalry and War Machines


(Asgard flying skiff fighter)
Hecate Airboat (weapons platform, magnet ball attack)
Thunderlord Trireme (lightning bolt attacks)

Behind the Scenes