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The Oligarchy of Totainia is a fan faction created by TLhikan then adopted by the PEQA group and rennovated.

Any suggestions or comments are appreciated. Especially with names

Oligarchy of Totainia

Totlogo.png The King's crest; The Sword and Repulsor carbine over the Wall of Totainia Playstyle Repulsing Warfare Faction Colour Dark Blue Type Fan Faction Dev. Status Conceptualizing

At a Glance

  • Faction Color Dark Blue
  • Playstyle Repulsing Warfare
  • Theatre of Operations Being Charged
  • Strengths Heavy armor, tons of knockback weapons, tough infantry, lots of anti-structure weapons, weapons that do universal damage.
  • Weaknesses Low range, low damage against units, slow units, low firerates
  • Motives Isolationism, survivalism, paranoia, conversion

History of God's Kingdom

History has lost his name, and how he came all the way around the world from Europe to Northeastern China. But the Missionary and his crew is without a doubt the key figure in the small nation known somewhat pretentiously known as the Holy Totainian Empire. All that is known of him is that in the early 1000s or late 900s a Christian man from Europe and a band of Knights and Pilgrims somehow found themselves (possibly by shipwreck) several miles north of the Korean peninsula. He began to share the Gospel with the heathens he found there, and quickly gathered a large community of followers, eventually founding the city of Deglorin (the original pronunciation and spelling came from the Missionary's forgotten language), and encompassing the area under the Kingdom of Totainia.

Though the Missionary died, Totainia lived on. While the Missionary had taught that the way of Christ is peace, the threat of the Jin dynasty to the south forced the Totainians to take up arms to defend themselves. While Totainia was victorious and gained control over a large portion of land extending down to just above the Korean Peninsula and eventually extending into what would be southern Siberia, it left Totainian people with a deep distrust of the Chinese and non-Christians in general. Totainia would for centuries look at China, Mongolia, Japan, Korea, and eventually Russia as pagans (and in the latter case, atheists after WW1. The Orthodox Church that preceded it was viewed as heretical). In response, the Totainians became more and more isolationistic, retreating behind their fortified cities and only trading in a select few border towns.

Over time, Dikes and artificial lands were created through hard labor to expand Totania where the Mongolians, Chinese, and Koreans would seek to bar more natural means of expansion. After more than a thousand years of work, one of the unsung feats of engineering had given Totania an area the size of the state of Oregon for a population about a score and a half million strong to live in. As contact was established with Europe again, Totania allowed a number of converts to their specific church to enter; resulting in an ethnically and culturally distinct population due to centuries of mixing between European immigrants and Asian natives.


Contrary to popular belief however, Totainia is not a theocracy. The King holds most of the civil power, but is kept in check by the leaders of the Societies, animal-themed clans with their own method of electing leaders and enforcing laws in their cities. The King and the Societies cannot tell the Church what to do, and the Church has no power to exert control over the civil leadership. However, the civil leadership has traditionally looked to the Church for moral guidance. The rule of the King and the clan leaders eventually led to the nation taking on the title of the Oligarchy of Totainia.

World War 2

The Totainians managed to keep themselves in a state of isolation until the Second World War, where the Oligarchy found itself nearly surrounded by Soviet Russia, and communist North Korea in the south and maoist china to the east. While the Totainian military had done it's best to stay modernized, their inferior numbers and refusal to accept help from the Allied Nations led to the Empire being no match for the communist forces pressing in on all sides, and the country was quickly overrun by Stalin and Mao's armies. Though Totania had fortified their land for millenia; the total war mobilization of the communist bloc meant that they were facing an enemy two million strong with seemingly endless reserves behind them.

All seemed hopeless until the Empire of the Rising Sun entered the war. The mecha divisions pushing through northern Totainia drew the attention of the occupiers enough so that the Oligarchy could consildate it's forces and drive the Russians, the Chinese, and the Koreans out of the country, using captured Soviet and Japanese weapons.

They had won. And the King vowed that they would never be defeated again and they would no longer idly let heresy, heterodoxy, paganism, and atheism flourish.

Suiting up

With the war over, the Totainians began to study the technology they had acquired. Tesla coils, Soviet exo-suits, and a few rudimentary mecha were all disassembled and reverse-engineered.

The Imperial engineers where unable to fully reverse-engineer tesla technology (never discovering a way to direct the lightning bolt), and large-scale mecha were thought to leave the operators too vulnerable, and more engineered to offensive warfare besides. However, the advanced bipedal mechanical walking technology, combined with the Shock Trooper's exoskeletons, led to the development of advanced powered armor. These suits allowed soldiers to run faster, absorb more damage, and what would soon become the most important factor, use larger weapons with heavier recoil.

For the next innovation would be the most important of all.

Force of God

While studying captured Tesla coils, one Totainian scientist made an important discovery. While attempting to charge a capacitor with electrical energy utilizing Japaneses alloys, he instead managed to store kinetic energy in the capacitor, converting the electricity directly into thrust, and circumventing the need for fuel. It also made the capacitor explode, giving the scientist superficial scars, but no burns.

The importance of the discovery could not be understated. This new "repuleor" technology allowed the Empire's vehicles and aircraft to generate lift and drive without the need to burn fuel. Utilized as a weapon, they could send groups of men and even vehicles flying back, or propel and infuse a shell with pure kinetic energy, flying faster and farther and detonating without without fire or shrapnel if desired. They could even be used to operate long-range rocket weapons similar to the Soviet ballistic weapons (if they could ever aim them...).

With this power, the Oligarchy of Totainian could stand against any foe. And while they had managed to sit out WWIII due to Cherdenko's lack of interest in trying to breach Totania's defenses (believing that Stalin's principal mistake was dividing the Soviet war machine's efforts all across the old world), with the Soviets to the North and East, Korea to the south, Red Chinese bandits, strange men in green coming out of china, men in saucers coming down from who knows where, the Pagan empire of Atlantis rising anew, and waves of purple automatons marching through Mongolia, they'll need all the help they can get.

But luckily, a plan was developed to end all offense to god following Totanian spies investigating the abnormal loyalty of the citizens of many allied aligned parts of the United States. It was found that through their post-hypnotic suggestions; Totania could finally spread God's true word to one and all and let everyone find joy in the coming of Christ. But Totania needed firstly; to acquire such devices, and it needed to continually expand its military. Operatives in China have found that Red and Green China might have the answer in the form of cloning, to provide the Oligarchy with soldiers as it dreamed of establishing a thousand year Christian reign on Earth.

Gameplay Mechanics

Build Mechanic

The Totainian Citadel constructs structures in the Allied method (although significantly faster), but only has a build zone for one structure. Each building must be packed up and towed by a Lion Mover. You start out with two, but more can be built from a Hall of the Lion.

All other structures produce a build radius for turrets that varies with each building (the Hall of the Turtle, for example, has the largest build radius). Each Hall builds at least one turret or defensive structure. Power Mechanic

Totainian Battery Plants are tougher and much cheaper than most, and suppress infantry in a radius around them. However, they run down over time, and must be recharged by garrisoning them with new batteries, each plant holding six and being built with two. Batteries are built at the Battery Factory or by protocol. Each battery holds about 1/2 the power of a regular power plant, meaning that a fully stocked Battery Plant has the output of three regular power plants. Dead batteries can be loaded into remote Force Bombs to increase the bomb'spower.

The Halls

Instead of create different structures to house and construct different types of units, like the barracks or war factories of other factions, The Totainians create Halls for each of their warrior societies (each of which is draws it's name and inspiration from an animal) in the field. While each is specialized in one unit type, all train a mixture of vehicles, defenses, and infantry.

Repulsor Thrusters

All Totainian vehicles hover off the ground with repulsor jets, constant streams of electric energy converted directly into kinetic. This would allow the Oligarchy to create fast and highly amphibious attack forces, if not for the giant weapon system and layer of steel armor layered on each one. Totainian vehicles are therefore very slow, but can crush infantry easily. Most are amphibious, but suffer an accuracy debuff on water. Totainian hovering aircraft suppress infantry directly beneath them, and larger airships slow vehicles as well. Repulsor weapons

Repulsor also allows the Empire to charge special capacitors with kinetic energy, and release it in different size blasts. This can take the form as radial or conical shockwaves, or focused beams. These weapons are excellent at throwing enemies off their feat, as well as taking on a variety of targets, as they do Blast damage. However, the damage they do is rather less powerful than traditional weapons.

Force Shells

Force shell weapons are similar to traditional shells, but utilize repulsor capacitors rather than explosives as both payloads and propulsion. They mostly do cannon damage, along with significant knockback. The Totainians could hypothetically create a repulsor rocket, but lack the ability to scale a Battery down to the point of allowing it to create constant thrust on a projectile-sized object.

Shrapnel Explosives

Shrapnel Explosives are repulsor capacitors covered in a thin and segmented metal shell, which sends out a small cloud of deadly fragments as they detonate. These weapons do Gun splash damage, as well as knock back infantry.

Units and Structures


IconTot.png Citadel The Citadel establishes the presence of the Oligarchy in a region, built from the ground up weeks before a battle even begins. It can construct Halls and other structures (including other Citadels in an emergency), but only has room to place one at a time. The Citadel contains eight hardpoints that allow turrets to be built on it.

IconTot.png Battery Generator Battery plants come garrisoned with two Batteries, each of which provides the power of half of another faction's power plants. Batteries run down over time, and must be replaced. Each Plant can hold a total of six.

IconTot.png Battery Factory This structure collects ore for the Totainian war machine, and converts some of it into Batteries to be shipped back inland to be charged. Charged Batteries are also stored here.

IconTot.png Hall of the Lion Warriors of the Lion society study foreign tactics with fervor, seeking to adapt non-Totainian weapons and strategies to the Holy Empire's war effort. Their soldiers and vehicles are somewhat conventional compared to those of other societies.

IconTot.png Hall of the Dragon Warriors of the Dragon society are experts in striking the enemy from far outside his range. Their soldier and vehicles have the longest range of all the societies.

IconTot.png Hall of the Bear Encased in giant exo-suits or steal plated repulsor tanks, Bear warriors are even more thickly armored than other societies. They utilize repulsor blasts that send huge groups of enemies flying, at the cost of doing less actual damage to them.

IconTot.png Hall of the Turtle When the warriors and artisans of the Turtle warrior society occupy an area, they refuse to leave. The Hall of the Turtle constructs the strongest Totainian defenses and deployable units

IconTot.png Hall of the Eagle While the warriors of the Eagle society have been breaking the bonds of gravity since the late 1890s, it was only with the development of repulsor thrusters that Totainia became able to deploy a heavy air presence. Eagle warriors also operate most of the Holy Empire's ground anti-air weapons. The Hall itself can dock three aircraft.

IconTot.png Hall of the Whale The Hall of the Whale acts as a port for Totainia's small but powerful navy and seaborne structures.

IconTot.png General's Quarters Top leaders of each of the Warrior societies of the Oligarchy station themselves here, acting as both a center for the Totainian protocols and a storage site for files that contain information required to build high-technology units.

IconTot.png Roar of the Acients The Totainian defensive superweapon is little more than an enormous loudspeaker that lets out a roar of such magnitude that it damages and stuns nearby hostile infantry (Totainian exosuits have ear protection designed to withstand the volume), and knocking down every enemy soldier on the map. The sound of the mighty roar also inspires Totainian infantry to fight harder, gaining a speed and armour boost.

IconTot.png Shockforce Shell This special silo launches a remote aircraft flies straight down into the target area. Technically a missile, the Shockforce Shell hovers a few yards above the target area to fully charge, then release an enormous repulsor wave that shatters structures and sends units flying. It does less damage to units in water but creates huge waves that nearly double it's area of effect.

Citadel Defenses

IconTot.png Shrapnel Grenade Launcher Basic Anti-Infantry defense

IconTot.png Repulsor Grenade Launcher Basic Anti-Vehicle defense

IconTot.png Repulsor Missile Launcher Long-Range Anti-air defense

IconTot.png Repulsor Blaster Blasts back and damages units

IconTot.png Repulsor Mortar A slow-firing medium repulsor artillery piece.

IconTot.png Broadcaster Buffs Nearby units

IconTot.png Stronghold Allows 12 infantry to garrison. Has a limited firing arc.

Lion Units and Structures

While there are no actual lions native to Totainia, the Holy Empire has imported and domesticated them from foreign lands. In the same way, warriors of the Lion Society seek to import and adapt the tactics and weapons of the heathen lands and use them for the Totainian war machine.

IconTot.png Lion Imported from across the world and trained from birth, these giant felines serve as the Totainian scout and are encased in special Exosuits that make them easier to control, as well as harder to kill. They also come equipped with a radial repulsor emitter that can send infantry in a radius around them flying.

IconTot.png Lion Soldier Soldiers equipped with repulsor carbines that damage and knock back infantry. They can also throw shrapnel grenades to damage groups of infantry.

IconTot.png Black Manes Encased in steathed exosuits, the Black Manes are the Holy Empire's infiltrators. They excel at dashing in and killing stunned infantry or vehicles with their daggers and shaped charges. Their exosuits contain repulsor thrusters that allow them to jet straight forward in an emergency.

IconTot.png Leona Utilizing the most advanced exosuit the Totainians have developed, the High Lady of the Lion Society can switch between a rapid fire repulsor cannon or an enormous repulsor-charged sword.

IconTot.png Roar Tank These medium weight repulsorcraft tanks are armed with anti-armour repulsor shell cannons. They shut down the main cannon to increase their frontal armour and speed, damaging structure and crushing infantry with a powerful ram attack.

IconTot.png Claw Combat Vehicle Light repulsorcraft armed with several shrapnel grenade launchers to deal with infantry or anti-air repulsor blasters. Unfortunately, the Claw only carries one gunner, and so can only use one weapon at a time.

IconTot.png Lion Mover Large enough to tow an entire building around the battlefield, Lion Movers are somewhat slow but thickly armored.

IconTot.png Ore Transport

IconTot.png Pride Turret The automatic grenade launchers are deadly against groups of infantry, but are ineffective against vehicles.

IconTot.png Coalition Turret This slower-firing grenade turret is effective against light vehicles.

Bear Units and Structures

Armed with the heaviest Totainian land forces, the society of the Bear focuses on building up a force that can rampage through the enemy's base and force once they have been knocked down.

IconTot.png Totainian Champion The Bears traditionally have trained and organized these legions of elite soldiers from all over the Oligarchy. The age-old heavy armor, and wrists swords of the Champion have been augmented with repulsor blasters and powerful exosuits.

IconTot.png Bear Rampager These huge exosuited men armed with focused repulsor beam cannons that can tear through structures and defenses, but are not extremely effective against anything else

IconTot.png Bark Tank Heavier than the Roar, the Bark is armed with both a repulsor shell cannon to use against tanks and a conical repulsor cannon that throws back units and damages structures.

IconTot.png Paw Combat vehicle Multiple Shrapnel grenade turrets and light repulsor blasters make these slow repulsor as deadly to infantry as a Scythe.

IconTot.png Fur Transport These slow but heavily armored transports hold five infantry. They release a wave of repulsor energy right before they release their passengers to clear the area.

IconTot.png Snout Assault Gun Snouts are direct-fire anti-structure assault guns that have little defense against vehicles or infantry. In an emergency, they can activate a repulsor field that makes them almost impervious to damage or being approached, but keeps the Snout from moving or firing.

IconTot.png Growl Heavy Tank These giant vehicles are armed with massive short-range repulsor mortars that send squads of infantry and vehicles flying and heavily damages structures.

IconTot.png Hibernation bunker These unarmed and lightly armour structures can hold a single vehicle or three infantry. It can buy veterency levels for the units within, for a steep price and long build time.

IconTot.png Omnivore bunker Generates a small amount of money, but requires a charged battery to to do so. Does not drain the battery at the same rate as a power plant.

IconTot.png Remote Repulsor Bomb A hovering repulsor bomb controlled by a remote. They are effective against structures, and send units flying in all directions.

Dragon Units and Structures

Named after the mythical creature of old, the warriors of the Dragon society are trained to strike the enemy from afar. Their weapons tend to do more direct damage.

IconTot.png Dragon Hunter These soldiers are equipped with shoulder-mounted repulsor shell cannons. A few quick field modifications can convert the cannon into a mortar, immobilizing the Dragon Soldier in the process.

IconTot.png Poison Fangs Despite their names, The Oligarchy's snipers are not armed with anything poisonous, but with repulsor-driven rifles giving them excellent fire power at a decent range. A single-shot repulsor grenade launcher can stun and pin infantry in place, giving them a better target.

IconTot.png Barb Light Artillery These artillery guns fire long-range shrapnel mortars that can devastate groups of infantry, as well as deactivate their gun for a speed boost.

IconTot.png Spike Medium Artillery Spikes fire repulsor shells to take out vehicles and weaker structures. By overcharging their repulsor thrusters, they can push back infantry and vehicles.

IconTot.png Spine Heavy Artillery These giant self-propelled artillery guns fire repulsor generator shells that send a conical blast of repulsor energy straight down when then are over their targets, stunning vehicles, suppressing infantry and crushing structures

IconTot.png Fang Tank Destroyer Who needs a turret? These anti-tank guns make up for a lack of speed, mobility, or armour with devastating range and firepower.

IconTot.png Talon Combat Vehicle The Dragon's anti-air vehicle is equipped with repulsor missile launcher that is inaccurate at close range.

IconTot.png Egg launcher These long range mortar emplacements deal decent damage to both vehicles and infantry.

IconTot.png Dragon Peak These garrisonable towers are not that heavily armoured, but give whoever is stationed within them a significant range boost.

Turtle Units and Structures

The warriors of the Turtle societies are dedicated to protecting the cities and fortresses of the Oligarchy from siege, and fortifying new land that the other Societies take

IconTot.png Turtle Defender These men are armed with week repulsor pistols, but carry automatic shrapnel grenade launchers that they can use when deployed or garrisoned. When deployed they have a limited arc of fire.

IconTot.png Turtle Repulsor Similar to Turtle Defenders, these men are armed with week anti-armour repulsor grenades or deployable repulsor shell cannons.

IconTot.png Turtle Watcher Unarmed when undeployed, watchers use anti-air repulsor autocannons in garrisons. They can only fires straight up in Turtle bunkers

IconTot.png Shell Builders The Oligarchy's engineers can build repulsor beacons that slightly slow and divert projectiles fired near it.

IconTot.png Leatherskin Deploying gun These heavily armored repulsor shell anti-tank guns can fire in a 135 degree arc in front of them when deployed.

IconTot.png Shell Mover A slow unarmed repulsorcraft that deploys into a Command Shell, which can garrison three infantry and provides a build radius for defenses.

IconTot.png Iron Shell These bunkers hold six men

IconTot.png Steel Shell Larger bunkers that hold ten men

IconTot.png Blast Shell Heavy repulsor cannons blast back infantry and vehicles

IconTot.png Repulsor walls The Oligarchy's walls slow infantry and vehicles as they move toward them (and technically speed units that move away from them, but why would you do that?)

IconTot.png Repulsor Gates Sames as the walls, but you can open and close them.

Eagle Units and Structures

Ever since balloning and later powered flight reached the Oligarchy, the Society of the Eagle has tried to keep up with the airforces of the pagan nations. It was only with the invention of repulsor thrusters that the Eagle's warriors gained the respect and prestige of the other warrior societies.

IconTot.png Eagle Slasher Lightning-fast repulsor exosuits combined with razor sharp knives make these flying infantry terror to any infantry on the ground or in the sky they can see, and a deadly annoyance to the thin aluminum skin of contemporary aircraft. The also carry a few anti-air rockets for taking on larger airships, which they are instructed to use sparingly.

IconTot.png Eagle Striker As the Strikers where heavier flying exosuits than that the Slashers, they are not as fast or maneuverable. They make up for it with aerial repulsor grenade launchers to bombard tanks and structures. By draining all their batter power, they gain a level of maneuverability that allows them to dodge most incoming anti-air power, but forces them to land after a few seconds, and cannot take off again for a minute or so. Hope they aren't over water when that happens.

IconTot.png Prey Hunter The Eagle's only land repulsorcraft is armed with heavy repulsor blasters that send aircraft flying out of control, and a repulsor shell cannon that can blast holes in slow-moving airships, but can't really track anything else.

IconTot.png Feather Repulsor Fighter Fast as most jets, the Feather is armed with repulsor blasters that send aircraft flying out of control, but do less damage than bullets or missiles do. They can be ordered to return to the Eyrie.

IconTot.png Wing Repuslor Gunship Slow hovering repulsor gunships armed with anti-infantry shrapnel grenades or anti-tank repulsor grenades. The loadout is decided at the Eyrie.

IconTot.png Tail Siege Gunship While slow moving, the ???'s repulsor blasters crush structures and defenses, but can do little more than suppress infantry and slow vehicles. They do not require docking at the Eyrie.

IconTot.png Eagle's Throne The Totainian heavy airship is armed with several repulsor shell cannons and shrapnel grenade turrets to deal with almost anything on the ground, and point-defense repulsor guns to deal with harassing aircraft. While their thrusters always suppress infantry and slow vehicles as they fly over, by draining the batteries they can put out enough power to squish infantry and damage vehicles.

IconTot.png ??? Transport These flying transports can hold six infantry, and are capable of taking in or discharging flying infantry with out landing.

IconTot.png Eyrie Holds two aircraft.

IconTot.png Beak Turret Fires flak-like shrapnel shells that tear through aluminum armour (or flightsuits)

IconTot.png Eye Turret Fires repulsor shells that can't track fast moving aircraft but deal heavy damage to what it does hit

Whale Units and Structure

Totainia possesses a rather small coast line (though it is quite large relative to its size), but has always looked with apprehension to Japan, as well as the fleets of the Atlanteans, the Green Chinese, and the pacific fleets of the Allies and Soviets and their clients in the area. While relations between the Empire and Totania have improved because of the second world war, the Society of the Whale still keeps the Totainian fleet vigilant. Just in case.

IconTot.png Orca One of the deadliest predators of the sea, with the added power of a repulsor-driven ram attack. Their exosuits are also equipped with a anti-land force grenade mortar, with a rather slow reload time.

IconTot.png Whale Diver Encased in diver exosuits, these soldiers can plant (weak) explosives on large ships and buildings, or, if they have the numbers, board ships and kill their crew.

IconTot.png Narwhal Patrol Boat This fast repulsor-driven boat is equipped with light repulsor cannons and a single-use heavy repulsor blaster.

IconTot.png Humpback Cruiser Several repulsor torpedo tubes allow the Humpback to take on submarines and ships. It can deactivate its torpedoes and activate repulsor emitters that send waves in all directions that keep ships from approaching it . IconTot.png Blue Whale Transport This unit can hold up to six infantry.

IconTot.png Porpoise Infiltrater Ship Swift repulso-driven speedboats armed with rapid-fire repulsor cannons. The sharpened blades mounted on the sides allow them to dash in and slash into the hulls to enemy boats. This is somewhat risky to say the least.

IconTot.png Leviathan Dreadnaught Armed with three banks of groundblast repulsor shell cannons, the Leviathan smashes structure and drives infantry into the ground. It can switch to firing blasts of pure repulsor energy to damage and push back units near it.

IconTot.png Harpoon Turret Armed with a repulsor torpedo launcher, the Harpoon has a submarine detector radius that is about half of it's actual firing radius.

IconTot.png Baleen Naval Shields Floating slabs of steel with repulsor fields, the Balleen acts as sea-borne walls.

Behind the Scenes

TLhikan used mostly templates from Psychotic Loner's Greater Indian Commonwealth to make the Oligarchy.

Oligarchy Of Totania

Structures: Citadel : Battery GeneratorBattery FactoryHall of the LionHall of the DragonHall of the BearHall of the TurtleHall of the EagleHall of the WhaleGeneral's QuartersRoar of the AncientsShockforce Shell

Citadel Defenses: Shrapnel GrenadeRepulsor GrenadeRepulsor Missile LauncherRepulsor BlasterRepulsor MortarBroadcasterStronghold

Lion Units and Structures: LionLion SoldierBlack ManesLeonaRoar TankClaw Combat VehicleLion Mover: Ore TransportPride TurretCoalition Turret

Bear Units and Structures: Totainian ChampionBear RampagerBark TankPaw Combat vehicleFur TransportSnout Assault GunGrowl Heavy TankHibernation bunkerOmnivore bunkerRemote Repulsor Bomb

Dragon Units and Structures: Dragon HunterPoison FangsBarb Light ArtillerySpike Medium ArtillerySpine Heavy ArtilleryFang Tank DestroyerTalon Combat VehicleEgg launcherDragon Peak

Turtle Units and Structures: Turtle DefenderTurtle RepulsorTurtle WatcherShell BuildersLeatherskinShell MoverIron ShellSteel ShellBlast ShellRepulsor wallsRepulsor Gates

Eagle Units and Structures: Eagle SlasherEagle StrikerPrey HunterFeather RepulsorWing Repuslor GunshipTail Siege GunshipEagle's Throne??? TransportEyrieBeak TurretEye Turret

Whale Units and Structure: OrcaWhale DiverNarwhal Patrol BoatHumpback CruiserPorpoise Infiltrater ShipLeviathan DreadnaughtHarpoon TurretBaleen Naval Shields Template:Annihilation Factions