Oceanic Contingent

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Oceanic Contingent
Oceanic Contingent Logo
Playstyle Moving Glacier w/ Aerial and Naval Support
Faction Colour Navy Blue
Type Blue Alert Echoes
Dev. Status Conceptual

"Just suffer in silence, speak no bitter words.
The world offers no sympathy.
Though trouble surrounds you, an' you long to be heard,
Just suffer in silence, like me."

- "Suffer in Silence" by Willie Nelson

The Oceanic Contingent is the Blue Alert counterpart of the Oceanic Contingent featured in Echoes created by CRJ4000 and then adopted by Flyboy and Gears.

Faction Rundown

Playstyle: 'Hold the Line' warfare. The Oceanic Contingent is almost an 'anti China'; both have short range and attack oriented vehicles, but similarities stop here. The Oceanic Contingent instead uses its ground force to storm through the opponent like a moving steel tsunami, while mopping them up with air support and naval units. Facing enemies they can be an unstoppable blockade; from behind, useless sitting ducks.

Advantages: Powerful attack strength, airforce among the best in the world, above average infantry, all infantry can swim, powerful frontal armour, very good navy.

Disadvantages: Short range, slow moving vehicles, VERY susceptible to flanking (slow turning/few tank turrets can turn), very weak rear armour, depends on airforce and navy to even battles, limited expansion abilities.

At a Glance

Faction Color Navy Blue.
Playstyle Moving Glacier w/ Aerial and Naval Support
Theatre of Operations Rough terrain
Strengths Powerful attack strength, all infantry can swim, very good air and sea support, good infantry
Weaknesses Weak rear armour, no ability to attack rear, all vehicles and aircraft have directional armour, bad expansion ability
Motives Survival, self protection
Themes 'Space Western' Asthetic: combination of futuristic, American old west, and Australian settlement for buildings. Blocky, angular shape for vehicles, rust common for vehicles.


Build System

Buildings are manufactured high above the battlefield, in the upper atmosphere. They are constructed there until half done, and then taken down via magnetic funnel. Once they hit the ground, they start unpacking.

Defences are also dropped to the battlefield, but constructed entirely on the field.

Tech System

The technology system for the Contingent is unusual.

First level is unlocked by the launch pad, which constructs air and upper atmosphere units

Second level is where it gets tricky. A support unit can be built from the launch pad, and as its ability construct a magnetic Conduit. This costs money to do, but allows flexibility.

Third level is unlocked by another support air unit, unlocked from second level. It can construct the last tech structure, the battlefield control.

Notable Technologies

Some notable advances made by the Contingent are:


Gravitic Control

Metalstorm Ammunition

UAO (Upper Atmospheric Orbit) and LEO (Low Earth Orbit) technology

Standard Weapons

Depleted Uranium: The standard anti-armour weapon of the Contingent, this substance's high density lets it punch through armour easily. This substance is created by separating the useless 'enriched' Uranium from the ore, which has been proven to have no useful properties, or sourced from periodic shipments from an unknown overseas source. The enriched Uranium is normally buried in the desert or sold to American research colleges, whom show particular interest in the substance.

Metalstorm Rounds: A powerful anti-infantry or anti-aircraft armnament, metalstorm rounds are generally passable against most targets in a pinch. These rounds, upon hitting their target, split, releasing shards of depleted Uranium in a manner similar to a shotgun. This smashes airplane turbines and thin plating, and its effect on infantry is best left to the imagination. The bullets are, however, heavier and larger, so can not be shot as far.

Magnetic Weapons: The remnants of the Alliance's research into magnetic weaponry that have yet to be stolen by Epsilon combined with what has been found from the salvage gained in Epsilon's invasions of Australia and New Zealand, these weapons are frequently devastating to armoured vehicles in particular (though with the strength they're used at, infantry and structures aren't safe either) and have good range.

Units & Structures


ACU Hub The center of any Oceanic Contingent Base, this building requests Atmospheric Command to prepare buildings for construction.
Solar Plant Who needs fuel? This structure generates the least power of any faction, and has the least armour, but is the cheapest built.
Refinery You know what this does.
Saloon Your troop Barracks. Pretty much normal.
Stables Produces your Cavalry units.
Livery Constructs Ground Vehicles for your battle.
Harbour Constructs ships, brings victory!
Launch Pad Builds air units. Also acts as a tech structure.
magnetic Conduit Second Tech structure. Constructed by a unit.
Battlefield Control Third tech structure. Constructed by a unit. Also calls forth the ultimate contingent units, Tanami; their greatest commando and the Matilda, their most deadly tank.
Antimagnetic Array Defensive superweapon. Disrupts magnetic around enemy vehicles, leaving them temporarily unable to attack, move, or use abilities, and floating in the air as an air unit. Combine with a fighter for great fun. ]]
LEO Landing Beacon What better way to annihilate your foes other than dropping a small (by Contingent standards) suborbital ship over them? The Landing Beacon can call on said ship to park it right over the battlefield, where it will fry most anything under the vented heat and counterthrust of its enormous engines. The Beacon has a smaller radius than other superweapons, but can be manually lifted and dropped down on other parts of the battlefield while active.


Jetty A flat piece of 'land' that can be constructed on water. Position tanks on it!
Frontier Wall The Contingent's standard wall. Nothing particularly special about it.
Town Gate The gate used by the Contingent. Works as normal.
magnetic Wall Hub The Contingent support wall, the magnetic Hub creates a 'wall' of distorted magnetic between hubs, slowing units passing through to a crawl. Note that they are more expensive than most support wall hubs. This can be toggled on or off.
Bunker This bunker can hold up to 4 infantry, who can fire out. Great for holding a location!
L1A1 Metalstorm Turret Anti-infantry base defence. Secondary switches it to a slow-firing but decent damaging anti-air platform.
F1 Grenadier Turret Anti-Tank base defence. Secondary launches a magnesium grenade, blinding enemy tanks.
magnetic Control Tower T2 base defense. Causes a fluctuation in the magnetosphere in an area around it, either forcing nearby units up in the air or slowly crushing them under the sheer weight of magnetism. Take heed that this tower does not discriminate between friend or foe. Secondary allows the Tower to switch between modes.
magnetic Cannon Site Advanced base defense of the Contingent. Very slow tracking, but does absolutely massive damage to anything it hits, and decent damage to other nearby units. Cannot fire at air.


Croc The Contingent's animal scout. The slowest scout on land, it moves quite quickly in water, and has quite high armour. Its secondary ability reduces speed and lets it stealth while in water, by pretending to be a log.
Browncoat Your basic infantry, armed with a revolver filled with metalstorm bullets, this unit has low range and a slow rate of fire, but has impressive damage. Secondary lets it deploy, giving it workable range and making it uncrushable, but preventing movement and lowering firing speed. Cannot use secondary on water.
Kelly's lads Based on the legendary soldiers of Ned Kelly, Kelly's lads use some electromagnetism tricks that does allow them to easily move with their heavy armour and get into shotgun range where their metal storm pellets can crush enemies in cover, while hammers can be used to pound people in melee, using remnants of Epsilon's magnetic technology to bring about a fatal attraction with their hammers. Kelly's lads can also throw "lift grenades" which can float enemies out of their cover to be shot by other contingent forces.
Bomber girls Not every woman is fit for frontline duty, but the manpower needs of the contingent have required many to be pressed into combat anyway in case of extreme situations. This has lead to many being trained in the art of the mortar, which they use to rain down explosives from above, using magnetic levitators to make the devices easy to transport; freeing up carry weight to load metal storm rounds to use if an enemy gets too close to them
Frontierman Your anti-armour trooper. Armed with a grenade launcher, this does splash damage, but less attack and less range. Secondary shoots a magnesium grenade, which blinds pilots and slows their movement speed. Cannot attack air units or use its ability in water.
Hunter Armed with a metalstorm sniper rifle, this unit can snipe enemies from far off, but has the slowest rate of fire of any sniper. Secondary deploys her, a process taking one second, but switches her to anti-air attacking instead of ground attacks. Cannot deploy on water.
Zambuck Healthkit and a handgun. This unit has two modes; first slowly heals infantry in a radius around it, keeping the human blockade running. Second mode is a low damage handgun to support attacks. Secondary switches modes.
Adaluma The Contingent appear to have taken a lesson from the Japanese Shinobi for their infiltrator. These women are the fastest infiltrators, and can either attack barefisted to stun enemies of with knives to kill enemies. However, Adalumas are slowed significantly while utilising knives. Secondary switches between knives and fistfighting.
Techie Engineering division. This is the only contingent infantry to not damage enemies directly. This engineer can swim faster than she can walk. Secondary is 'Fix It!', allowing her to slowly heal tanks near her for free, but prevents her moving.
Independent Advanced infantry. These troops can operate alone, quickly taking out infantry. Secondary places a det pack on a building, doing decent damage to it after a short delay.


Redback Platform This magnetic platform is defended by a single frontal metalstorm turret, designed for anti-infantry work. It can also transport a single passenger. Although it is faster than the Wanderer, it is still far slower than other cavalry.
Groundrunner Gravcycle A magcycle with a single depleted uranium turret, the Groundrunner acts as the anti-tank cavalry of the Contingent. As it has exchanged speed for armour, it is not as fast as cavalry for other factions. Secondary gives a slight speed boost, at the cost of reduced turning speed.
Skyfall Platform The Skyfall is armed with a weapon identical to that of the Hunter, designed to hunt aircraft. Its secondary has it activate a magnetic platform to hover over water, but at the cost of speed.
Predator Gravcycle A hovering 'bike', the Predator is armed with dual grenade launchers. These grenades deal splash damage, and are effective against both tank and infantry, but do less damage to both than the more specialised cavalry. Secondary drops a single magnetic mine: stealthed, but capable of absorbing a single shot from an enemy weapon.
Yowie Track An anti-cavalry cavalry unit, the Yowie's weapons debuff the speed of enemy cavalry, allowing them to be chased down. Secondary allows an enemy cavalry to be forcibly boarded, although both the Yowie and the new acquisition will be damaged by this.
Flinders Platform The Flinders is the bombardment option for Contingent cavalry. Capable of launching powerful but highly inaccurate Depleted Uranium cannonballs via magnetic slingshot to decent ranges, it is an ideal support element. Its secondary allows it to make a jump over terrain, although at a surprisingly slow speed.
Repair Wallaby Despite flying in the face of practicality, this cavalry unit has a repairman on a small, kangaroo-esque mecha. The robot can punch any enemy infantry that come into melee range for considerable damage. The secondary lets the repairman on the robot's back begin slowly repairing a tank or building for free.
Barramundi Gravboat The Barramundi is the subhunter for your aquatic cavalry. The Barramundi is unarmed on land, but on water it can launch metalstorm torpedoes to take out enemy submarines. Its secondary uses a magnetic burst to force submarines in a small radius to surface.


Bendigo Mine Truck A modified truck, this vehicle is the slowest ore truck, but is the most heavily armoured and carries more per load (although this only evens out to normal ore production level...) Secondary creates a magnetic bubble, which levitates the truck for several seconds above the ground. This unit can now only be targeted as an air unit, but cannot mine. Secondary cannot be cancelled, either, so think carefully.
Emu Light Tank Slow for a light tank, the Emu is a tough and reliable vehicle that can fire disruptive flashbangs that blind and disorient enemies to help it make a get away without exposing its vulnerable rear to too much fire while hitting enemies hard with a depleted uranium cannon to punish the enemy for their impudence.
Bushmaster Tank Your basic battle tank. Slower but far better armoured than other tanks, this tank fires depleted uranium shells, and so does above average damage with great armour penetration. This tank was not designed for swift mobile battle, though; secondary deploys the tank, increasing armour and using a gravitic singularity to direct all fire to this tank!
Rata Tank Named after a hero from Maori mythology, the Rata fires metalstorm bullets at enemy infantry. secondary deploys the Rata for five seconds, whereupon it fires experimental metalstorm shells at enemies; highly innaccurate, but cause splash damage! It's also able to fire against air units to provide some early game air defence.
Roo Mortar tank Firing depleted Uranium Mortar rounds, the Roo punishes infantry and vehicles at a decent distance; serving as a light artillery vehicle for the contingent's military; and its secondary releases a flak round that sprays metal storm fragments across a wide area to quickly decimate infantry formations.
Jakaranda Track Australia's best! The Jakaranda uses a magnetic beam to destroy the delicate machinery inside enemy aircraft. The secondary function allows the Jakaranda to target ground units as well, allowing other Contingent units nearby to do more damage. Though similar to other units secondaries, the Jakaranda can't move during while operating in this manner.
Tiddalik Artillery This is the shortest ranged of all artillery; base defences have range to hit it! However, this tank uses a powerful magnetic pull, ripping materials out of buildings, rapidly reducing them to rubble. Secondary switches mode to a magnetic 'tractor beam'; the Tiddalik loses the ability to damage buildings, but gains large range and enemies can be pulled in range of your units!
Kangaroo Tank Destroyer Using a special magnetic lance salvaged from Epsilon's technology, the Kangaroo can reach out over a decent distance and rapidly pull apart enemy tanks with a push-pull beam that quickly rips the entire vehicle apart; or it can use a magnetic beam to latch onto other vehicles to pull them in for safety; repairing them once they're close enough.
Wanderer Transport This transport uses a magnetic manipulation device to great effect; it can hover over any terrain, and all attacks are automatically drawn to the armoured front, making it immune to flanking. However, it is fairly slow, and experiences a massive drop in armour when picking up or dropping off infantry.
Deviation Mobile Guardian The Deviation Mobile Guardian is designed to help keep the unit blockade running. In normal mode, it creates random magnetic bubbles, deviating projectile's acceleration, slowing them, and thus reducing their damage. Secondary creates a powerful magnetic 'force field', similar to the aegis. However, the Guardian can not move while doing so, and cannot reduce damage while doing so or for several seconds after.
Wasteland Superheavy Tank This tank is the pinnacle of the Contingent's ground force barring the Matilda. Painfully slow, and armoured only slightly more than a guardian tank from the back, it is nethertheless dangerous; near invunerable from the front, and armed with twin metalstorm turrets for anti-infantry work, and a massive anti-structure giant mortar which can fire continuously. This tank can smash buildings and mop up an entire army of infantry. Secondary deploys it, creating a magnetic bubble that reduces damage to half, but drags tanks in towards it, and crushes the bones of infantry that get too close!


Kea Fighter This New Zealand plane is one of the finest fighters in the world. Its scramjet engine allows it speed unseen in other basic fighters, and its metalstorm bullets can destroy turbines easily, but it is far less maneuverable (you try turning at mach 3!) Secondary allows it to return to the Launch pad at supersonic speed, at the cost of an armour reduction.
Meteor Bomber Bombers don't come much simpler. In theory. This plane flies in at supersonic speeds and drops dense pieces of metal, smashing armour and crushing soldiers. In fact, the 'bombs' has a modified magnetic field, making it accelerate much faster then expected. Secondary returns to base at supersonic speed, with a reduction in armour.
Wedgetail Fighter Keas not doing the job? The Wedgetail uses high-speed metalstorm shards to cut apart enemy aircraft, and is even faster and more maneuverable than the Kea. It is, however, less armoured, and can only fire in short bursts. Secondary causes the Wedgetail to jump higher into the atmosphere, and return back to base unharmed.
Comet Tactical Bomber Meant to punish defenses and garrisons, the Comet races to deploy special metal storm bunker buster bombs that slam through even thick concrete and explode in a storm of shards that devastates the delicate internal mechanisms of most defenses and clears out buildings, using sheer speed to try and gun past defenses. The secondary lets the comet jump higher into the atmosphere to evade interception.
Settler This plane is a support plane. Unarmed and slower than other contingent aircraft, its secondary constructs a magnetic conduit, allowing you acess to Tier Two technology.
Galah Transport Copter This helicopter is slower than other copters, but is armed with a magnetic manipulation device that allows it to slow enemies, or carry vehicles on its underside. It cannot slow enemies while carrying a vehicle, however. Secondary disembarks the carried vehicle.
Perentie Gunship A safer alternative to the Galah, the Perentie is much slower than the Galah, and holds less units, but has more armour. Units inside can also fire out. Secondary disembarks passengers.
Shatterer Gunship This is the premier gunship of the Contingent. It is capable of shooting magnetic bombs at ground targets in short bursts, destroying them quickly. As well as this, due to a magnetic bubble, it does not need to land. It can only fire is short bursts, however, and is surprisingly slow. Secondary overloads the magnetic suite, lifting up nearby units momentarily, but damaging the Shatterer slowly.
Hunter-crusher The Hunter Crusher looks for enemy tanks to crush with its magnetic implosion weapons, squeezing down on enemy tanks until they implode from their metal collapsing in on themselves while metal storm guns deal with infantry in the way.
Endeavour Your second support aircraft. It is armed with a magnetic negation ray, allowing it to levitate an enemy vehicle to be destroyed by fighters. Secondary constructs a Battlefield Control, which allows you acess to Tier Three.
Peregrine Superiority Interceptor The fastest interceptor known to the world, exceeding even the Alliance's Ajax; capable of appearing anywhere near instantly. However, it can barely turn due to its sheer speed. This makes it a powerful anti-aircraft unit, but weak to nimble fighters. Secondary is an ultrasonic return to base; so fast that it stuns planes that were near the Peregrine!
Ngalyod Bombardment Platform When you absolutely need to destroy everything in the area, consider a Ngalyod! This unit uses a magnetic 'slingshot', similar to that used to accelerate sattelites to far planets, to accelerate depleted uranium cannonballs at an area. Secondary launches all cannons at once at a single target, but the Ngalyod must reload afterwards.


Octopus This surprisingly intelligent sea creature has been painstakingly trained by the Contingent to act as a scout. So small it does not appear on radar or get automatically targetted by base defences, this unit is the ONLY reliable scout the Contingent has. Secondary allows the octopus to pull an enemy infantry underwater, drowning them if the octopus is not killed quickly enough.
Waterspout Gunboat This gunboat is the Contingent's main naval anti-air. Firing metalstorm bullets upwards, this craft downs aircraft that stray too near. Secondary releases two unguided torpedoes in front of the Waterspout, to deter attackers.
Bunyip Raider The Contingent's primary naval unit, the bunyip is capable switching between two modes. The first mode is a metalstorm torpedo, which has more damage, and is better against buildings. Secondary mode is two cannons that launch high-accelerating bombs, which do less damage, but have more range and can fire rapidly at two different targets.
Speartooth Battleship This Destroyer is armed with a magnetic gun, which makes enemy ships too heavy to float, and structures collapse into the ocean. This unit's attack immobilises the unit and sinks it, a process which takes longer for larger targets. Secondary turns its magnetic gun on itself 'sinking' for a few seconds to avoid damage.
Sawfish Shock Boat The world thought they had seen everything... then the Contingent made a shotgun into a ship. The sawfish crashes into enemy ships, where its prow bursts in a metalstorm, destroying the enemy instantly. The pieces are then attracted back by a magnetic field. Secondary is Ram!, which speeds the ship for this attack. The ship cannot turn while ramming, and cannot attack otherwise, but is a one-shot kill.
Sweeper Subhunter This ship can traverse land as well as it does sea, due to a magnetic drive, although it has reduced armour on land. The sweeper shoots depleted uranium shots to sink enemy submarines, or fend off land tanks. Secondary deploys the Sweeper, which gives it a large sight range, and the ability to detect stealth.
Maui Submarine The primary combat submarine of the Contingent, the Maui primarily attacks with lift torpedoes that can capsize enemy ships and turn over enemy submarines with ease, and it can activate a magnetic bubble to help protect itself from return fire by increasing its armor values at the cost of reducing its speed as its engines need to provide power for the device.
Irwin Cruiser The Irwin Cruiser is the primary warship seen in the Contingent's navy. Ten rapid firing six inch guns can pummel nearly any other ship in range into scrap metal, and anything that survives will have to deal with a magnetically generated tidal wave that can swamp enemy ships to disable their subsystems.
Disruptor Gravsub This submarine is unarmed... mostly. Secondary causes the sub to surface and create a magnetic bubble, stunning nearby ships by trapping them in place. While surfaced, the Disruptor cannot move, and is highly vulnerable to counterattack.
Seadragon Battleship The Seadragon is the bombardment vessel of the Contingent navy and capable of launching a depleted Uranium cannonball into the atmosphere by magnetic funnel. In precision mode, the cannonball will strike its target with massive force two seconds later, with high accuracy but slow rate of fire and range. In Bombardment mode, the Seadragon acts as a normal bombardment vessel, being highly inaccurate but slightly longer ranged and faster firing. Secondary switches modes.
Whaleshark Battlecruiser The Whaleshark is massive, heavily armoured, and slower than you can imagine. Easily the slowest Contingent unit, and armoured even less then the Wasteland from behind, the Whaleshark is nevertheless the most fourth most powerful unit the contingent has. Armed with high-caliber cannons, magnetic manipulation devices, and metalstorm bullets, the Whaleshark also sports the ability to nullify magnetic in an area, creating a waterspout that damages and slows nearby ships.
Great Barrier Carrier The Great Barrier Carrier is the most powerful ship in the contingent fleet and one of the most powerful carriers in the entire world. Unable to afford to be able to flood the seas with carriers unlike the Alliance proper, the Great Barrier Carrier instead can carry upwards of six land based planes and also launch numerous Kiwi Attack Craft and Bunjil fighters which are of superb individual fighting capability to dominate the skies over the waters of the southern pacific, and can launch spreads of lift torpedoes that can upend boats that have been struck by them to defend itself further from enemy attack.

Assassination Target

"Serenity" Class UAC In particularly important battles, the heavily armed, heavily armoured atmospheric command units can be called to the battlefield. The most feared of these is the Serenity class. Armed with a giant tracking cannon that destroys anything in front of the ship, metalstorm turrets on the wings, and a powerful scramjet engine to make it surprisingly fast, anything in front of this ship is doomed. And don't think sneaking behind it will work; its secondary makes nearby planes fall from the sky and stuns tanks underneath it with a massive magnetic burst.

Commando and Epic Unit

Tanami Nicknamed after her birthplace. Raised in the Australian outback, she has a powerful rapid-fire metalstorm rifle, which is effective against all targets. Secondary is an experimental jump pack, allowing her to avoid defences and walls in a quick jump.
Brayden An old outback man well into his grey years, Brayden has been a marskman since he was a boy hunting in the wilds with his father. Despite his advanced age made obvious by his large, bushy grey beard, he can still fight with the best of them; making expert use of his depleted Uranium sniper rifle capable of killing multiple targets in one shot from the fragmentation of its rounds. He also packs some special solid slugs capable of punching through heavier armour to deal with vehicles and structures at the expense of multi-target damage.
Skye Wearing the Contingent's latest flight capable suit, Skye uses a combination of massively powerful thrusters and potent magnetic repulsors to keep herself and her heavy armour in the air. She makes use of a metal storm shard launcher on her right arm, effective against infantry, and a magnetic flenser on her left arm that can devastate vehicles and aircraft. If surrounded, she can create a magnetic flux field around herself that damages enemy aircraft in her vicinity.
Tupai The Contingent's premier support hero, Tupai rides around on a magnetic hover bike filled with all sorts of repair tools that can keep a vehicular advance going and has a magnetic junk cannon that can fire random bits of scrap at an enemy for rather inconsistent damage but damage that is not affected by the armour of the target. He can also help protect allies by creating magnetic repulsion walls to deflect incoming weapons fire while accelerating shots from the friendly side of the walls, creating instant and deadly cover for his allies.
Riley A venerable ace who's been serving since the Spanish civil war, Riley is hardly a young woman anymore, but she's still got "the right stuff". Her customised Haast class strike fighter is nearly unbeatable in straight line speed, and its scramjet missiles are difficult for just about any foe to avoid, devastating nearly anything they hit through sheer speed. With the flick of a switch, she can adjust some flaps to affect her sonic boom profile, damaging nearly everything her craft passes by.
Mack The Contingent's most decorated tank ace can be immediately recognized with his custom tank's twin barreled turrets, a mortar subturret on top, and a pair of metalstorm cannon sponsons. Mack's tank is faster than most Contingent vehicles and packs a lethal short ranged punch, with the Mortar's airburst rounds being lethal to enemies in cover. But his best trick is to load the mortar with "mag-bombs" that instantly (and temporarily) super-magnetize vehicles struck by them, causing enemy vehicles to clump up together in big, easy to hit formations.
Matilda Battlestation The ultimate expression of Contingent firepower is the Matilda. With armor literally three meters thick at the thickest. A rolling tide of death, the Matilda carries six triple battleship grade 20 inch cannons that let it overwhelm even battleships with raw firepower while metal storm guns and smaller cannons offer protection to the flanks and against air attack. While tremendously slow, the Matilda is nearly invulnerable from the front, and can boost its speed by feeding uranium into its radiologically powered gravitonic engines to make it lighter and thus significantly faster for short bursts; great for simply rolling over most targets. What's more is that the vehicle is amphibious, allowing it to come over and devastate ships as well.

Top Secret Protocols

Contingent Top-Secret Protocols

May be worked on.

Drunken Brawling Available from the Saloon. Targets a group of infantry, whom experience a rate of fire reduction, but also take less damage for a short time. Upgradeable.

Blaze of Glory Available from the Saloon. Make your final stand count! Infantry affected by this protocol will buff other affected infantry upon death. This buff stacks; the more infantry die, the more powerful your remaining stuff becomes. Can not be upgraded.

Blockade Available from the Tank Bunker. Select a group of tanks. These vehicles have reduced speed, but have an armour and damage boost. Upgradeable.

Bar Brawl Available from the Tank Bunker. Select a production structure. A group of infantry will exit that building and join the fight. However, they start off drunk, with a slower rate of fire and speed. It will take them a while to sober up. Upgradeable.

Typhoon Available from the Harbour. Creates a magnetic well in an area, which causes water to fly up in a massive waterspout! Damages and slows all nearby units. Only targetable on water. Upgradeable.

magnetic Well Available from the Launch Pad. Creates a magnetic well that slows enemies and drags them to its epicenter if they stop moving. Creates a whirlpool on water! Upgradeable.

Expansion Drop Available from the Launch Pad. Drops a Solar Outpost anywhere on the map. The Solar Outpost is the only expansion structure for the Contingent, but is quite tough and generates a small amount of power. Costs money to use.

Scramjet Shock Available from the Launch Pad. Contingent scramjets zoom through an area at supersonic velocities, creating turbulence that stuns aircraft near them and inflicts minor damage. Upgradeable.

magnetic Mines Available from the magnetic Conduit. These mines create detonate when run over, but also create a magnetic burst that makes any vehicle which travels over it much heavier, slowing them significantly. They do stop working after a while. Costs money to use. Upgradeable.

Metalstorm Missile Available from the magnetic Conduit. Drops an experimental metalstorm missile on an area. Infantry are killed instantly, and vehicles take heavy damage. Costs money to use. Upgradeable.

Roof Over Your Head Available from the magnetic Conduit. Constructs a Bunker at the target location. This bunker is tougher than your standard bunker, and is capable of holding 6 infantry. It is, however, expensive, slow to build, and has a long cooldown. Costs money to use.

magnetic Shot Available from the Battlefield Control. Select a single enemy vehicle. This vehicle is pulled into the air, then dropped back to where it was. This vehicle takes damage, and all vehicles around it are stunned!

Shutdown Available from the Battlefield Control. Target an enemy structure. The magnetic in this building is changed to the roof, stopping it from working while the technicians inside are stuck to the ceiling.

Orbital Observation Available from the Antimagnetic Array. Atmospheric command scans the battlefield, revealing the ENTIRE battlefield for a few seconds! Wasn't waiting for a scouting protocol worth it!