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The Nubarian Guard is a minor fan faction made by ProudAmerikan (with help from DeadlySilence). Formed out of the remants of a secret Combine garrison on a secret island near South America, the Nubarian Guard face nightmares daily after a foreign invasion forced them to unleash their secret experiments on the island. Now, among deadly foliage, giant mutated animals, and worse, the Guard struggles to keep order and simply survive for as long as they can until reinforcements are matter who sends them.


The Remnant


"To anyone who happens to stumble upon this message, this is Doctor Guilherme F., Research Team Alvarez 35-F, of Project Lost World. By the time you lay your eyes on this paper I hid inside this container, I will either be dead, or too busy defending us from them to write more. Either outcome does not matter. What matters is that we have been facing them in this pigsty of an island, and we are currently lacking in supplies and firearms. Communication from outside is completely impossible. I fear that they shall inevitably be wise enough to adapt to our own traps laid for them, and that the last of us shall either go mad or kill each other. I have only this to say: MICTLAN HATH SPEW FORTH"

- From a waterlogged letter found inside a small metal box, found in a coastal village in [INSUFFICIENT CLEARANCE]


  • Trustee: The Custodian guards of Isla Nubar have adjusted to keeping order in the death-trap jungle of the island, and have disdained their weapon's longer ranged mode in favor of close range firepower. They carry standard bolt-action rifles permanently set to fire fast and short-ranged, and can switch to creeping among the trees and underbrush, losing their ability to fire but becoming stealthed.
  • Machinist: Though the Field Technicians of the Combine almost never hold weapons themselves, for the sake of survival these doctors and scientists have armed themselves with cheap and modified 'Stingers' designed to splatter the inside and outside of armored vehicles and...other things with highly caustic and toxic material. Armed with an impressive array of additional toxins, they can also set up a poisonous trap that stuns and sickens any infantry foolish enough to cross it.
  • Keeper: Once the security heads who made sure the island's experiments wouldn't go rampant, Keepers are expert marksmen, being able to blend out of the jungle and snipe down opponents before blending back into the scenery. Their expertise in trapping game and animals means they can set up large pits, which collapse as soon as any vehicle tries to cross it. Larger vehicles are kept trapped for longer periods of time.
  • Siege Engineer: Though the island itself has fallen, the Siege Engineers that once made up the builders of the Nubar Defense Network still survive. They come armed with sticky mines that they can fling on anything - units, buildings, garrisons, tech structures, the ground - to deal universal damage. Their main strength, however, is deploying into encampments useful for supporting the main forces.
  • Malice Hisser: The Malice Hisser is a reconfigured Malice Tankette that serves as the Guard's toughest vehicle on the battlefield. The turret has been replaced with three light machine guns and two rocket launchers, of which only one set may be mounted at a time.
  • Muerte Fabricator: A ramshackle machine developed out of the womb of necessity, the Muerte has been compared as similar to the Combine's Scarabae Producer in role. Holding a few of the fungal zombies that infest Isla Nubar, they use a weapon similar to a man-cannon to jettison the corpses carrying the deadly Unes fungal spores on them. Infantry hit by these bodies will be placed in negative cover and suffer damage over time - any infantry killed while under the effects of the spore will become a Fungal Zombie after death. The Muerte can also set a Fungal Zombie Pen trap up when needed.
  • Sub-Unit: Fungal Zombie - Fungal Zombies are the results of the Unes fungus, a unique fungal species with a rudimentary hive mind and a desire only to propogate and spread. Dead bodies infested with and animated by the Unes fungus, they mindlessly attack any enemies that they can find, though can only damage infantry. Their attack deals damage over time, and anyone killed by their attack will rise shortly back up as another Fungal Zombie. Their secondary ability causes the fungus to transition to a dormant state - the body will collapse, and heal itself over time while becoming stealthed.
  • Bola Tank: True to its name, the Bola Tank uses a specially modified gun that fires enormous bolas, capable of smashing into and knocking back infantry or entangling vehicle treads or wheels with ease. In addition, the Bola can also unload and set up a Whirler trap.
  • Pyro Jungle Clearer: The result of a need to clear out hostile wilderness, the Pyro is little more than a series of flamethrowers put together inside a tank hull. While it has no particular effectiveness, the multiple flamethrowers it fires ignore and burn away cover in the area. It can set up a patch of Wisp Lights.


  • Research Center: The remnants of the Isla Nubar garrison and science cadres still hide out in their old Research Centers and defend them as best they can.
  • Defense Encampment: The Defense Encampment is a special building set up by a Siege Engineer. It can repair vehicles and provides strong cover for infantry in the area, as well as building advanced traps. If need be, it can be quickly packed back up into the Siege Engineer unit, who gains a temporary speed boost to run away quickly.


Traps of the Guard are divided into two kinds: Passive and Active. Passive traps trip automatically once the right unit goes over it, and have no additional input other than the secondary, which can trip unneeded traps to get rid of them. Active traps do not trigger automatically, but in return are more powerful and can be more versatile in nature. All traps are stealthed by default.

  • Gravemist Grove: Passive. The Gravemist Grove is set up by a Machinist, and is made up of a stealthy grove of poisonous and toxic flowers, along with a variety of other chemicals. Infantry passing over it will activate it, stunning them temporarily, and lowering their speed and armor for some time afterwards. Secondary trips it.
  • Treacherous Ground: Passive. Set up by a Warden, Treacherous Ground is a section of earth dug out to form a large and deep pit, and covered by a layer of camoflauging cover. Infantry can walk over it safely without triggering it, but vehicles who roll over it fall into it's depths, and are stuck in place until the crews can get them out. Light vehicles are quicker to get out, and superheavies take the longest. Secondary trips it.
  • Fungal Zombie Pen: Passive. The Fungal Zombie Pen is a covered trap holding a pen full of Fungal Zombies. When triggered, the pen will burst open, releasing five Fungal Zombies ready to start propogating. The Secondary trips the Pen and releases the Zombies early.
  • Whirler: Passive. A Whirler trap consists of a carefully hidden series of bolas, knives, and other objects connected via tripwires. Infantry running into the trap are wounded and flung far away from the trap, while vehicles are merely damaged and their armor weakened from the dents. Secondary trips it.
  • Wisp Lanters: Passive. Balls of gas made from an artificial swamp, Wisp Lanterns are highly explosive and will detonate if anybody fires near one. Additionally, those standing too near one are lit up by the lights, and are easier to hit. Secondary trips it.
  • Shearwire Pit:' Active. At first glance nothing more than a pit dug into the ground and surrounded by rocks, Shearwire Pits provide cover for anyone who takes cover in it, as well as concealment. However, with the flip of a secret tripwire tangles nests of barbed wire shoot up from the ground, slicing apart any infantry caught in it or going through it.
  • Stranglethorn Habitat: Active. This seemingly innocuous clump of foliage is in reality a camouflaged nest that houses a Stranglethorn tree, which gains nutrients from metal and steel. Vehicles passing by are whipped by the Stranglethorn and dragged to the three, where the vines will constrict and erode until either the Stranglethorn or the vehicle are destroyed. It can, if ordered, instead target infantry, though due to the relative lack of metal on them it just immobilizes them where they stand until death of one of the parties.
  • Acidus Tower: Active. Though short-ranged, these emergency weapon towers are one of the best defenses the Guard has in its fight for survival. They can target air and ground attackers with globes full of highly corrosive acid, Or directly dump the material on the ground to create a spreading pool that will damage all units that go near it.

Deathmatch Reinforcements

"Early Extinction"

Though the Nubarians at times may think themselves alone in a hostile world, the Combine hasn't forgotten their lost people. When the Guard is in its most desperate hour, the fabled Task Force Gamma-2 are said to show up, black helicopters and supplies filling the sky. With a series of expert pinpoint shots and blasts, the Extinction shall dispatch the Guard's enemies before welcoming their brethren home with open arms.

  • Bonepicker:
  • Potis Tracker: A jungle-oriented variant of the now-unused Potis Hull, this artillery vehicle comes equipped with both a flamethrower for fighting the dense jungle and a tank gun that shoots sharp spikes of metal at far off foes. It can combine these weapons and shoot a spike of metal that is also on fire, in order to spread fire to far off areas.
  • Osmundo Transport: Stylish, armored, and with room for five, the Osmundo is the ultimate transport for the Extinction's employees. Fast and able to navigate terrain with minimal difficulty, the Osmundo is very speedy, almost rivaling the Auto Go in speed, as well as use the assisting firepower of any infantry inside.
  • Quetzal Skycarrier: The infamous four-pronged "black helicopters" of Gamma-2, Quetzal Skycarriers come armed with a deadly multilauncher with attached searchlight - not only does it reveal stealth in it's LOS, but it fires 'bouncing bombs' that do more damage to infantry in cover - light, heavy, or negative. In addition, it comes with four machine guns for AA fire. The Jackdaw can transport any non superheavy vehicle, at the cost of losing ground fire and stealth detection.


Behind the Scenes

The Nubarian Guard is based upon many survival horror movies, like Jurassic Park and Resident Evil. Isla Nubar comes from the Jurassic Park series in particular.