Novus Imperium Romanum

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Novus Sacrum Imperium Romanum de Caelum Novum et Terram Novam
Heavenly Keys, Papal Tiara & Holy Cross of the Great Monarch Peter II
Faction Colour Peter's Papal Gold
Type After the War Major Faction
Dev. Status Conceptual

Day of wrath and doom impending.
David's word with Sibyl's blending,
Heaven and earth in ashes ending.
Oh, what fear man's bosom rendeth,
When from heaven the Judge descendeth,
On whose sentence all dependeth.

- Dies Irae, a Catholic requiem hymn.


Terra Nova

The collapse of the Empire of Arcadia in the wake of the Great War marked the birth of a new age in Europe. The French hegemony which had ruled for more than a century was broken and the peoples of Europe were faced with an uncertain future. The continent’s patchwork nations, long were all suddenly free to pursue their own destinies in the world, but also their own destruction. And destruction, from the beginning at least, seemed like the more likely outcome.The early years of the post-war era were terrifying. Cities that weren’t bombed to ashes shut themselves off from the outside world while the countryside descended into barbarism. Rogue soldiers became highwaymen who ravaged the continent’s ancient roads and scattered hamlets clung to life, sometimes resorting to cannibalism just to survive when their irradiated crops withered and died. Other survivors were forced to become nomads who scoured the wastes trying to survive on the ruins of an irreplaceable past.


Cardinal Galeazzo Neapolitano, Envoy of the Papal Conclave

Sister Margherita Once hailed as the deadliest woman in Europe, Sister Arsène Margherita spent her youth wandering as an assassin-for-hire in Italy & southern France before repenting & joining a convent. Despite her advanced age, Margherita is well known for her swiftness of foot and and skill with the blade and can even put a throwing knife through a foe's neck at over eighty-five meters. Her vast tactical knowledge & cat-like reflexes lets her eliminate high-priority targets like medics with her dual fencing sabers while outrunning enemy fire and gliding over obstacles with ease. Considered one of the most interesting women in the world, all units near Margherita receive a speed boost as they try to keep up with her so they can hear her many life stories
Clerical Patrician

Doge Enrico Manin, Praefectus of the Mare Nostrum

Principe Rosso
Dandolo Skiff

Dux Ferdinand de Vivar, Grandmaster of the Ordinis Sancti Solis

Sir Longinini
Molay Rider

Legions of the Eternal City




Lupa Bambino


Praetorians of the Tiber



Socii of the Imperium

Carolingian-Merovingian Kingdom of the Franks

Sionist Elder
Cor Jesu ...

Monastic State of Athos

Fools, fools we all! We raised up the tsars just as the Jews raised up the ephod of Gideon. There is but one clear answer to what has happened, we were wrong. The Rome that was built by man has crumbled and her onion-domed Churches lay in ruin while the Rome that was built by God emerges in triumph from the ashes of this world. What more proof do we need that this new empire is the Kingdom come? Come brothers, let us rejoin our true family and our true Father.

- Patriarch Kirill, former Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church upon his arrival at Mt. Athos.
Byzantine Eagle

United Hellenic Oligarchies

Duchy of Palestine

Apostolic Union of the Danube

Nouvelle Carthage

Behind the Scenes