Murungi's Warriors for Ryk (TUE)

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Murungi's Warriors for Ryk
Tribal symbol for independance and emancipation
Faction Colour Brown
Type TUE Concordiatverse Minor Faction
Dev. Status Conceptual

Fawodhodie ene obre na enam.
Independence comes with its responsibilities.

The Murungi's Warriors for Ryk is a minor faction of the Concordiatverse within "The Universal Emergency" multiverse. For centuries Africa was under firm control of the Euroepan dynasties that later formed into the Directorate. The black continent was for the European powers only a large source of resources they needed for their own needs and manpower for their never-ending wars with the rest of the world. They didnt cared for the people living there. That is untill one man stepped out and said "No" to the superpower, Franklin Murungi. Having the luck and support of his mother, Murungi received education on the high school level, which gave him the headstart for studying further unofficially. This gave him the idea that Directorate had to be stopped and how that can be achieved. His words gathered many likely-minded and capable men who started fighting the Directorate forces in Central Africa, and after the bloody and devastating Aliens War the Remnants that are still loyal to the former Directorate leadership but also the new Consortium that is thinking only over its own interests. For that end Murungi started looking for help not just from the other world powers, but also the unformal animal allies of Africa.


Freedom Fighting Army for Ryk, the Free Empire of All-Africa



Infantry & Small Animals


Vehicles & Large Animals

(ore collector)
(civilian car sedan w/ MG)
(Fylkirate light tank)
(hippo/rhino mount rocket artillery)
(massive Russian Mark IV-style tank)

The Ancient Allies

Venturing deep into the jungles of Congo, Murungi found there an entrance into a pocket dimension where resides an ancient tribes of men in tune with the natura and animals, which also includes evolved dinosaurs. Outside this, he also managed to befried a couple of "Gargantuans", the largest mammals that ever walked on the face of the Earth.

Saber Lion Warrion
(Tyrannosaurus + Spinosaurus' fin)
"Gargantuan" (MoW Warlord Overlord)
(flying dinosaur rider)


(fighter, X-Wing)
(bomber, Y-Wing)
(transport gunship, U-Wing)
(large transport plane w/ MG turrets)


(armed river boat transport)

Behind the Scenes

  • Murungi's Warriors for Ryk are based on hypothetical united African empire, several fanmade Paradox mod factions (such as African Emirates), but unit-wise they are meant to be Star Wars' Alliance to Restore the Republic, the Rebel Alliance to Directorate's Galactic Empire and the Consortium's Warlord Zsinj. There are also elements of African Warlords from now-inactive March of War, especially in terms of utilizing fictional animals.