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Tactical information

  • BANG: The Murderer is built for a single job, to destroy hardened targets. And this is a job at which it excels, perhaps not quite to the level of the famed Perun, but it is something to fear.
  • Is that all you got?: Defying the trend of Tank destroyers to be unable to take punishment as well as dish it out, the Murderer armors itself to hell and back, allowing itself to destroy other vehicles with little fear of retaliation. The Murderer can even further increase it's deadliness by partially burrowing itself to provide a more stable platform and a lower profile, letting it shoot faster, farther, and be safer.
  • Watch my flanks: In addition to being inefficient at best against light vehicles and infantry due to it's low rate of fire, the Murderer is defenseless against enemies that approach it outside of it's arc of fire, and it's rear armor is not quite as impenetrable as it's front. When it is burrowed, it needs some time to unbury itself and respond to threats. Furthermore, it's speed leaves much to be desired. As a final issue, the Murderer most certainly isn't easy on the bank.
  • Go away: The most skilled and accomplished of Murderers attach swiftly firing hard-light projectors onto them to help give them some protection against infantry and aircraft, though they can do little but annoy something faster than a helicopter.

Unit History

Ambush at Manchuria The following are intercepts from a Chinese patrol attempting to break the Red-Chinese/North Korean presence in the region.
Noble Commander: "We are now entering Communist artillery range, be advised, maintain dispersion."

  • Noise of hoop wheel on ground*

Noble Commander: "Do the advance elements see any communist scouting forces?"

  • Static*

Noble Commander: "Officers, the clones at the advance elements aren't responding."
Noble Officer: "My apologies sir, we are getting no feeds from them."
Noble Commander: *Audible sigh*
Noble Commander: "Send out a general order to regroup with the main force."

  • The Lead Nian tank in the group is struck with a shell that pierces into it before erupting into a spherical blue glow referred to as "Viceroy Radiation" as its electrons outrace its photons, free-floating electrons and nuclei are detected before the sphere fades*

Noble Officer: "Ambush! Turn around!"

  • The last Nian tank in the convoy also erupts into a similar blast*

Noble Officer: "What is this communist trickery?"
Noble Commander: *Looks at read-outs*
Noble Commander: "No, not communist."

  • A concentrated volley is made to disable anti-air vehicles while fire-works mistresses are picked off by hard-light rays that throw them back even as they sear through them*
  • Fire is returned, War-Walker pack starts to pivot and brings rays to bear, Minor alien casualties recorded as rays burn intensely, follow-up barrages deal crippling damage to the first walker and forces other two to withdraw in dire need of repairs*
  • Massive air assault detected*

Noble Officer: "Keep firing, not one step back!"

  • Vehicles identified as Murderer tank destroyers focus on war-walkers, first is now completely destroyed, second is crippled, third is about to lose a leg*
  • Drop ships deploy additional murderers, fire intensifies, war-walkers destroyed, however, two murderers are lost to concentrated walker fire and Juwubas*

Noble Commander: "Get those turrets deployed!"

  • Serpent fires into Murderer, effect negligable, Murderer fires into Serpent, Serpent no longer recognizable*
  • Armor elements diminishing*
  • Abductions commence*

Noble Commander: "Get me out of here, there is nothing for us here!" *Feed interrupted by direct hit to command center from tank destroyer, dealing irreparable damage*
Noble Officer: "Your escape is ready sir!"
Noble Commander: "Thank you."

  • Chinese armored elements eradicated, alien mop up begins.*

The Murderer

Whereas humanity's tank destroyer doctrine has lead to rather lightly armored vehicles that rely on ambush, sheer range, or speed to survive other tanks and get their kills, the Imilki's tank destroyer doctrine instead called for using the fact that weight could be saved by removing turret systems by adding more armor to supplement the bigger gun. While this has lead to slow, and frequently less than mechanically reliable platforms, it has lead to very powerful systems. The Murderer exemplifies this doctrine.

While not quite packing the assurance that it will never be hit by return fire if properly used like the Perun, the invisibility of the Bulldog, the speed of the Havoc, the turrets of the Jishin, the strafing power of the Thresher, the affordability of the Rama, or the rate of fire of the Peacock, the Murderer combines hitting power with armor. The armor comes from thick, angled layers of nano-engineered composites designed to ensure any impactor would have to strike a great deal of armor, supplemented by low-grade EM shielding to reduce the hitting power of both projectiles and energy weapons somewhat. The hitting power comes from one of the most feared technologies of the Ecumene, Electron-disassociation.

Essentially working by tweaking electromagnetism in a certain area, the Disassociator turns the electrons of an impacted area into positrons, a form of anti-matter. The important part of this however, is that now the positrons are the same charge as the protons they orbit, causing them to repel violently from their own atoms. The nuclei, being pushed away by the repulsion force of their former electrons breaking free, start up a game of atomic pin-ball, bouncing away from each other and essentially tearing apart the entirety of the affected structure. Needless to say, this is an obscenely lethal principle when weaponized, and the Murderer fires a kinetically accelerated shell with a disassociation warhead inside.

While much more primitive than the model used by the military, the observational forces on Earth are not wanting for tank killing firepower thanks to the murderer. While attempts at using them against Peruns to study them ended with the Peruns striking them first at range and keeping them locked down by tesla canisters before being destroyed without destroying a single soviet vehicle, other powers are perhaps not so fortunate should they be unable to exploit the Murderer's blindspots. Those targeted by the murderer are left as highly reactive pieces of scrap somewhat lighter than before for want of electrons, barely recognizable following such savage devastation.

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