Movement for International Revolution

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Movement for International Revolution
Symbol of the Revolution in South America
Faction Colour Copper Red
Type Blue Alert Echoes Minor Faction
Dev. Status Conceptual

At A Glance

Faction Color Copper Red
Theatre of Operations Tall mountains, rocky passages
Motives Socialism, World Revolution


MIR Militia


Safehouse An unassuming house in the middle of the Road, the Safehouse is the center from which all the MIR actions are coordinated.
Pulperia A local General Store, Pulperias are known to often provide backroom help to Guerrilla groups, here you can purchase upgrades.


Machetero Armed with nothing more than their trusty Machete and pistols, these foolhardy warriors have trained to charge straight into the enemy lines and cause havok by cutting down enemies left and right in a berserk rage.
Escopetero Survivors, refugees and people who simply weren't willing to give up the fight just yet, Escopeteros are veterans from revolutions pasts that still hold the legacy of the thirties and a burning hatred for Brazil's influence on the continent very near to their hearts. As Officers, they are better armed with actual rifles, but their real value is in their capacity to lead their comrades in arms, increasing the rate at which they gain experience.
Soldadera Companions and lovers of other soldiers who've joined the revolution, the Soldaderas are however no push-overs, armed with anti-tank rockets, they are equally capable of doing quick fixing to your own vehicles, when really needed.
Francotirador Handed out Mosin-nagant sniper rifles, the Francotiradors provide for accurate and deadly sniper fire and some of the only long ranged fire support that MIR fields. They can also fire dart rounds to knock out an enemy to capture them for interrogation for the XP bonus.
Sugarcanes Armed with flamethrowers from sugar cane plantations, Sugarcanes are more than a little bit crazy and are highly effective against structures and garrisoned troops whom they excel at forcing out of their positions. Sugarcanes can also throw their fuel packs to explode amongst the enemy, though this means that they need to wait a while before they can do any damage to anything that can't be hurt with a pistol again.
Bushwhacker Only the burliest and strongest men are taken and given further instruction to become Bushwhackers, carrying heavy machine guns ripped straight from Vehicles, they are surprisingly adept when firing at slow moving air targets, or just ridding their enemies with a bullet hell.
Fuego antiaéreo Running around with flak cannons from the second world war may not seem like many people's idea of comfort, but these man portable cannons help provide a defense against aircraft with their proximity fused warheads and their ability to throw magnetic mines is also invaluable against many vehicles.
Medic As contradictory as it may seem at first glance, many Medics have joined the revolution, and they are completly willing to give their knowledge to help their comrades in arms to live just a little while longer.
Gastador When it's accepted that there's an obstacle just too unsurmuntable to be fought by the Infantry alone, the Gastadores are called. An archaic word for Sappers, they are just as capable in their role as any first world counterpart, blowing up buildings and digging trenches as the best of them.
M.O.A.I Salvaged from the ruins of the Soviet base in Easter Island following the battle with the Empire there. This part transport part anti-air system is the Pinnacle of technology at the MIR's disposition, armed with a powerful Tesla Coil, the envy of enemies the world over, the M.O.A.I is equally capable of transporting your troops to allow them to be wherever they are as well as providing them support so aerial bombardments aren't a problem anymore. They are also a fine piece of Polynesian Sculpture.
Gauchos Riding on horseback are these modern bandits who strike with cavalry carbines and with machetes used as sabres to cut down enemies in their way, letting them harass enemies at great speed while improvised breastplates let them absorb some additional hits. Gauchos can also throw packs of dynamite to level the enemy as they ride around, devastating structures and capable of doing significant damage to tanks.
Mortar Quads Driving these ATVs fitted with improvised mortars are some of the luckier/more foolhardy members of MIR who bombard an area with mortar rounds and race around at high speed, pinning down their enemies and pummeling vehicles. With a command, they can instead fire smoke rounds that greatly reduce the effectiveness of their enemies.

Deathmatch Reinforcements

Latin Confederation Special Forces

The Latin Confederation is the official sub-alliance within the communist international between the Union of Latin Socialist Republics in North America and the Cyberbolivaran Federation of Socialist Republics in South America. Unified in their opposition to Capitalist aggression and the promotion of Socialism, the two have decided to send support to the MIR to help it in its mission of overthrowing the last remnants of reaction on in the Americas beyond the usual Revolutionary Vanguard. This aid comes in the form of a special forces task force that aids the revolutionaries in their task of tearing down the enemies of the revolution and at last bringing unity to the New World in the face of reactionaries from the world over.

Freedom Fighter Armed with LUMOS rifles and anti-structure proton grenades, Freedom Fighters come from South America and are quite often filled with anger at devastation that the Technocrats and Unionists have unleashed on their continent. Capable of stealthing and firing wide angle bursts from their rifles to knock down many enemies at once, Freedom Fighters can help the revolution infiltrate and devastate the enemies of the people.
Zapatismas Flying around with special battlesuits are the Zapatismas, whose armour lets them use GAP fields to remain stealthed and take take out enemy targets with deadly LUMOS and tesla weapon fire or let loose a gravity alteration field that greatly slows down nearby airplanes, making them more vulnerable to being shot down.
Buzzsaw Tank A potent main battle tank from the ULSR, the Buzzsaw not only packs a potent 125mm gun and a pintle mounted tesla weapon to deal with infantry or aircraft and a GAP field to let it move about unseen, but also frontally mounted buzzsaws that give it its name; which can be ordered to spin up and allow the vehicle to tear through everything in its way and get a speed boost while it has the saws out, though it will need to turn them off sooner or later.
Anvil MRLS Also from the ULSR is the Anvil MRLS, which can rain down guided missiles upon the heads of enemies from a great distance and with great accuracy even if it lacks the initial punch of other artillery systems like the Katyusha's satellite cannon and the Athena's V4 missiles. Alternatively, the Anvil MRLS can fire a spread of EMP missiles to shut down the grid of an enemy and let revolutionaries through unimpeded.
Thunderhawk Gunship A ULSR design, the Thunderhawk is equipped with powerful chain-lightning Tesla weapons to tear apart enemy tanks and infantry, while proton missiles blast open structures. Its secondary allows it to temporarily engage a GAP field to hide itself from enemy fire while the Jet powered VTOL moves around to get into position to take out its enemies.
Super Tambo A new mark of Tambo, this Tambo is a supersonic aircraft itself carrying a number of supersonic teleplane fighter bombers who can target air units and ground targets alike, harrying them with LUMOS blasts and Tesla warheads to tear apart units and structures while its secondary creates a number of LUMOS illusionary aircraft that while not capable of firing, can ram targets for additional damage.

Deathmatch Protocols