Mosasaurus Dreadnought

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Country of Origin  USSRthumb.gif Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
Produced at  Citizen's Shipyard Leningrad
Key Features  » Korolev Short Ranged Ballistic Missiles
 » Secondary 130mm guns, SAMs, and CIWS
 » Extensive film library (very inspiring)
 » Crew bunks (comfortable)
 » Mosasaurus fossil (replica)
Mosasaurus Dreadnought
Mosasaurus supporting the Comintern liberation of Bulgaria
Faction SovietLogoThumb.png Communist International
Unit Type Capital Ship
Designation Bombardment Ship
Production Building Naval Yard
Secondary Ability Drop Anchor! (Immobilizes self to greatly increase rate of fire)
Cost 2800
Production Time 30 seconds
Heroic Upgrade Guided Missiles
Dev. Status

Tactical Analysis

  • Rocket's Red Glare: Firing a large number of powerful Korolev missiles, the Mosasaurus can crush entire coastlines or sea bases at a time or devastate ground based armies with a rain of fire from the heavens. However, the gryoscopic systems on the Mosasaurus allow it to fire while moving at full speed with no loss of accuracy or precision, allowing it to maintain its status as a valuable contributor to the fleet even while at full steam. The Korolev missiles are impossible to intercept due to their angle and their speed.
  • Makhachkala Missile Massacre: The Mosasaurus can park itself and drop anchor to brace the ship for a great increase in its rate of fire to bury the enemy in ordnance. Though it takes a moment to raise anchors and resume normal speed and some time to stop, and for safety reasons; it may not fire while it is shifting gears. This allows a Mosasaurus to really shred apart enemy formations and bases and has proven valuable time and time again throughout the Mosasaurus' service to the Workers and Farmers' Revolutionary Navy.
  • Not so close: However, forces that get close enough can only really be acquired by their much less destructive secondary armament. And while the 130mm guns, CIWS turrets and SAM launchers are present; they are much less destructive than the Korolev Missiles, and determined aircraft can overwhelm the air defences of the Mosasaurus quite easily; though slow moving Helicopters are advised not to try their luck without superior numbers.
  • A special package just for you: New guided missiles are being rolled out to deal with concerns regarding the difficulty of hitting fast moving targets at extreme range. These new missiles can track targets as small as infantry before slamming into them; making them far more lethal at anti-unit engagements; and making small, fast ships far less able to harm them. However these systems are still new and only the best ships and crews are getting them until they become standard issue.


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