Mosasaurus Arsenal Ship

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Country of Origin  USSRthumb.gif Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
Produced at  Citizen's Shipyard Leningrad
Key Features  » Korolev Multiple Launch Cruise Missiles
 » Secondary 152mm guns, SAMs, and CIWS
 » Extensive film library (very inspiring)
 » Crew bunks (comfortable)
 » Mosasaurus fossil (replica)
Mosasaurus Arsenal Ship
Mosasaurus supporting the Comintern liberation of Bulgaria
Faction CominternLogoThumb.png Communist International
Unit Type Capital Ship
Designation Bombardment Ship
Production Building Naval Yard
Secondary Ability Drop Anchor! (Immobilizes self to greatly increase rate of fire)
Cost 2800
Production Time 30 seconds
Heroic Upgrade Drone Guided Missiles (able to track small targets far more easily)
Dev. Status

Tactical Analysis

  • Rocket's Red Glare: Firing a large number of powerful seven ton Korolev missiles, the Mosasaurus can crush entire coastlines, concentrations of enemy ships, or sea bases at a time or devastate ground based armies with a rain of fire from the heavens. However, the gryoscopic systems on the Mosasaurus and the guidance systems on its Korolev Cruise missiles allow it to fire while moving at full speed with no loss of accuracy or precision, allowing it to maintain its status as a valuable contributor to the fleet even while at full steam. The Korolev missiles are impossible to intercept due to their angle and their speed.
  • Let it rain!: The Mosasaurus is fitted with a stockpile of extremely deadly burst missiles that will sail over the head of a target and then detonate in a spectacular rain of submunitions each of which has a considerable area of effect, and if they do not find any suitable targets to detonate over, they will dig into the ground and turn into an instant mine field that can shred enemy units.
  • Not so close: However, forces that get close enough now only have to deal with the warship's secondary weapons. And while the 130mm guns, CIWS turrets and multi-purpose launchers are present; they are much less destructive than the Korolev Missiles, and determined aircraft can overwhelm the air defences of the Mosasaurus quite easily; though slow moving Helicopters are advised not to try their luck without superior numbers. What Mosasauruses truly fear though, are Battlecruisers at close range and Submarines.
  • A special package just for you: A new retrofit kit is being trialled for the Mosasaurus fleet, repalcing their secondary cannons with collider cannons that can match the range of their missiles and pack a far heftier punch against most targets.


The naval battles of the second world war were primarily fought with guns, unguided torpedoes, and dumb munition armed aircraft until later in the war. However the very first ships to mount guided missiles were considered game changers. Though crude and by later standards, slow and short ranged; these early guided missiles were cheaper to create mounts for than gun batteries and had substantially better accuracy one could launch a large projectile without a massive turret. This changed everything about ship design and the conventional gun armed ships of yesteryear would be relegated to secondary duties and second or third stringer fleets. The big gun battleships of the Communist fleets would be pushed to the way side while the Comintern raced to outfit its fleets with more missile launchers.

The Mosasaurus is a descendant of that mad dash to arm the fleet for the next stage of warfare. Though it seems to have guns, these guns would be considered very undersized for a ship of the Mosasaurus' weight class at just 152mms, made to engage targets not worth spending a missile on or providing rapid fire anti-air coverage to supplement the CIWS and SAM systems. Descended from ships that were designed post war to be from the ground up, a powerful missile combatant that could both destroy enemy ships at long range and level coastal fortifications and concentrations of men and materiel, the Mosasaurus was made to rather exacting specifications from the STAVKA.

Fortunately the Citizen's shipyard of Leningrad was more than up for the task of creating these new monster ships. Outfitted with a deep reserve of "Korolev" three tonne anti-surface cruise missiles designed by the legendary rocket man himself, the Mosasaurus would have the endurance ot keep firing hours into a battle without needing the attentions of a supply ship to restock the warship. These cruise missiles were capable of approaching the target from either on high at great speeds or at a surface skimming altitude at still supersonic velocities to try and evade detection before impact. Useful against both naval and land based targets, the Korolev missiles promised to transform the capital ship.

The first ship, the Mosasaurus, was commissioned in 1977 to significant fanfare as the weapon system smashed through its trials. The target base, meant to resemble an allied facility; was destroyed in minutes, while the target ships slated to be turned into artificial reefs were sunk with extreme prejudice. Finally, dummy ground unit targets were finished off with the remaining missiles; devastating tanks and infantry targets alike. The secondary weapon tests showed satisfactory preformance against most targets short of the very heaviest. With this success, the Mosasaurus would lead the class throughout the remainder of the second cold war and the build up to the third world war.

WW3 operational service =

The warships would be among the first responders to the Allied invasions of Comintern territory and are widely cited as one of the main reasons that Leningrad and Sevastapol held in the face of the enemy assault as well as why the Allies proved unable to properly seize the American coast or the great lakes region.

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The Mosasaurus is essentially a Red Alertified supersized Kirov class battlecruiser with more missiles that are less specialised for ship to ship combat but quite a lot more of them, and packing a lot more secondary heat.

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