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Tactical Analysis

  • The battle is to the strong: Mordred is the peerless Blood Knight of the Dominion, a fanatical zealot who leaves nothing behind but mutilated corpses and wrecked vehicles. At close range she can rip through whole armies of infantry, Her telekine blade "Bloodthirster" carving through flesh and bone like air and releasing vast sprays of the blood she drinks while her reflexes are so great that she can even dodge or deflect already fired bullets at point blank and catch rockets out of the air. Though with the durability of her powered armor made to resemble a suit of full plate if changed to suit Epsilon's senses of aesthetics and her genetically enhanced body she can largely ignore simple small arms fire. Armor seems to be no object to Bloodthirster as the sword seems capable of carving through even the armor of Gotterdammerung tanks as if it wasn't there; slicing through the shells as they're launched at her and she can even extend the cutting field of Bloodthirster to hit more distant foes; though the blade isn't as strong if she has to cut at more distant enemies. She also clears garrisons she is ordered to attack; leaping inside the building and slaughtering everyone inside and through telekinesis; she can simply walk atop the surface of water as if it were solid so that she can prey on ships too.
  • The battle is to the death: Mordred is not only a nigh matchlessly lethal melee combatant but she can also force enemies into getting into range for her idea of a "fair fight" by telekinetically yanking them towards her, using a massive telekinetic pull that can yank even tanks and ships like toys into range of her blade. Against aircraft, this tends to have fatal effects as she rips them out of the sky. This ability has a particularly long range and is useful for forcing artillery or sniper units to play at her field.
  • The battle is not in the sky: Other than jumping or extending her telekine cut at helicopters and low flying aircraft and Her telekinetic pull Mordred is quite vulnerable to aircraft; and artillery is generally the most effective weapon against her should she be forced to slow down. Large numbers of long ranged units can also force her down should she prove unable to get to grips with them and her durability can be lacking compared to other armored commandos.
  • The battle is to the riders: When Mordred has sated her bloodlust sufficiently, she will call upon a biomechanical steed to help enhance her mobility. A hellish beast formed of flesh and cybernetics, the mount greatly enhances her speed and grants her some extra ranged ability and renders her entirely immune to suppression; alleviating some of her greatest weaknesses.

Unit Hertory

Rumored to be the biological daughter of Geoffrey himself, Mordred is certainly Epsilon's most vicious and deadly field operative who regularly takes to the field. A blood drinking super soldier who fields a blade specially forged for her and clad in distinctive all concealing armour that easily identifies her as the Vampyr knight of the Dominion; Mordred is a slaughterer with few equals. Her true age is unknown to all, and if Geoffrey knew; he did not tell anyone before his disappearance. Though she could very well take the same role of leadership that her "father" did, Mordred doesn't seem to be interested in taking up more than a field command that would remove her from the battlefield and while her psychic abilities are enormous; she focused almost all of them on enhancing her lethality as a combatant, improving her speed, endurance, strength, and preventing others from fleeing her grasp. If she has her "father's" talents at telepathy beyond her essential immunity to enemy telepathy and ability to pick up hiding enemies, she has never deigned to show it.

Where Mordred came from is a mystery, she simply appeared in Epsilon's records at some point, already a fully trained warrior and already clad in her dark armor and wielding Bloodthirster. If she had a past before that, no one in the world has ever been able to speak up on it. And so in the place of facts are a virtual arsenal of rumors. Some say she was grown in Epsilon's diabolical bioengineering departments, forged to be the perfect Vampyr warrior. Some say she was born of Geoffrey coupling with a woman (some say Anca), while others still say she was a girl recruited from England and trained by Epsilon's finest warriors before being made into a Vampyr to become the ultimate human weapon of the Dominion. Whatever the truth, the end product is undeniably one of the world's most lethal combatants, a vicious blood drinking warrior whose lust for battle and blood feed off one another in the most terrible of ways.

Though she seems to be young and fair beneath her helmet, with a lithe and athletic body; while her armor is on it would be hard to think of her as much besides a monster; and her fair appearance can very quickly disappear when she starts to feed; her canines extending and her eyes becoming a vibrant deep red as blood rushes into the irsises while she drinks from the lifeblood of her enemies. Her demeanor is generally reserved and measured if a bit brusque and rude until she is met with a fight, where she seems to sink into a depraved sort of glee, drinking in the carnage and living in every moment while she slaughters everything around her. So potent is the hold of the red mist over her eyes that she finds it rather difficult to stop killing once she really lets loose, and she's had to have been forcefully commanded to pull back more than a few times when it turns out that her enemy was only drawing her into a thick mass of their numbers to distract her while their other troops went for the real objective.

So renown is she for incredible acts of violence that just the barest whisper of her presence in a battle can convince thousands of soldiers to turn around and flee or to try and find alternative routes to their objectives. Survivors of her aggression have a strong tendency to report PTSD and rare are those who survive combat with her that didn't flee while she busied herself with butchering their comrades; her techniques and weapons being meant to spray as much blood in all directions as she can; making it virtually impossible for anyone to prove unable to identify where she's been on a battlefield.

Post-War Operational History

Recent Activity

  • Singlehandedly eliminated an entire battalion of UAC betatron operatives and ubermensch in a matter of minutes save for a single survivor left insane by the experience who babbled nonsense about a demon swordsman who could deflect bullets and swat mortar rounds out of the sky.
  • Cut the Japanese Shogun class battleship Nagano in half during the first attempts to invade Antarctica with Bloodthirster, Getting onto the main deck and extending the reach of Her telekine blade to make a circular cut from port to starboard.
  • Outmatched a hundred of the Empire's Shinobi with wave force blades in sword combat simultaneously, slaughtering them in a minute
  • Yanked the famed Ajax class fighter "Lancelot" towards her mid leap; predicted where it would fire its laser weapons to deflect them into the wingmates of the Ajax, and then leapt onto the plane to stab the pilot through the head and crash the plane during a border incident.
  • Held back the entirety of the American Marine Fifth Corps, the thirteenth Soviet Experimental Division, the ninth international guards corps, and the Mexican second marine corps during the battle of Acapulco for three days before massed Proton AGAS fire forced her to withdraw.
  • Held her own in a free for all waged between Perseus, Lady Maria, Aiko, Kalros, Tyrandra, Ragnar, Eva, the Ur-Ravager, Nox, Nezukum, Crowley, Grant, Tyrandra, Slavik, Martina, Varius, Jessica Morte in the midst of a derelict Guardians of Monarchy airship that housed a Scrin artifact even as the ship began to fall to pieces and even when even when she was ganged up on by multiple enemies at once.
  • Used her telekinetic pull to slam one war-walker into a dozen other of its kin, the domino effect leading to some fifty other war walkers all falling to the side as well in her first battle against Atomic China.
  • Managed to enter a blood rage so fierce and vicious during Epsilon's attack on Venice that even satyrs began to beg her to stop and please show mercy and restraint; healing from a throat cut by monowire as if by magic before draining the Satyr dry herself.


  • Mordred is based heavily on Berserker from Fate/Zero visually though personality wise Mordred from Fate/Aporcrypha is the greater influence (she's rather more clever than her fate counterpart is though).
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