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"Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you."

- Friedrich Nietzsche
Place of Origin Fear of the things he does not really understand
Trained/Produced at Whenever there are monsters that lurk
Key Features » 'Hellsinger' Bazooka
» 'Unflinching Eyes' Binoculars
» Holy water grenades (actually battery acid)
» Pitchfork
» Torch (x1)

Tactical Analysis

  • Monster mash: Carrying a large American-surplus bazooka with their own personally designed warheads, the Monster Hunter is the perfect unit to use against battlesuits and tanks, probably because he's the only one who can stand half a chance against battlesuits and tanks.
  • Watch the crowds: Like their fellows in the cryptid hunters, the monster hunters can stop and scan the area for the enemy, but thanks to their weaponry they can effectively stealth themselves while still observing. They can't see as far though, since their binoculars aren't as powerful as the cryptid hunter's telescope.
  • Not afraid to die: Unequipped to deal with infantry or aircraft, the monster hunter has to focus on trying to stay alive to kill that which he fears most before it kills him.
  • No escape: After they've had enough near death experiences, most monster hunters learn that running is a decent way to live until tomorrow.


"Watch your eyes, fellow hunters: behind that human visage hides a bloodthirsty hag."

- A Monster Hunter aiming a crucifix at a suspected witch.

Some say that humans are the real monsters in history. Those people haven't seen the news lately, because there are monsters everywhere. Some jump from sprawl architecture laughing madly as they slice men to ribbons. Some crawl through the jungles turning men into monsters like themselves. Some used to be human, but can barely be called such anymore as they lumber through wastelands and deserts standing taller than most tanks. Even in supposedly safe places there are monsters; Japan plays host to the most dangerous of them all.

People of course fear what they don't know or understand, but when that fear is justified they tend to arm themselves. They bring their family and closest friends in to what they believe, and they prepare to fight. They take their shotguns, set out into the night, and fight whatever they might find that isn't human. They hunt monsters.

The Third Eye knew these people would be valuable to the Network. He confirmed their fears with pictures from China, Pakistan, the world's sprawls. The world was full of monsters, but the Third Eye knew that some buckshot wouldn't help against them. Putting these disparate cells into contact with the Confederates and one another, the monster hunters armed themselves with the antiquated American M1 Bazooka. They didn't trust the rounds included, however, and instead decided to arm themselves with explosive shells of their own creation. When the monsters go near, they deal with them the same way how villagers dealt with who they believed to be witches: pitchforks.

Of all the Network, the monster hunters are probably the most common to be traipsing around the world for their targets. They travel to India in order to get into Pakistan or China. They trawl the sprawls hunting for the man-machines that they seek. They ingratiate themselves with Philippine rebels to fight the Empire's psychic warriors. They learn by observation, scanning crowds for those who are either the most likely to be a monster, or those who would probably traffic with them. For the men and women who consider themselves monster hunters, their job is to be the roving eyes and ears of the Network. They send back information to their fellows about what they find and even sometimes manage to kill. Many don't come back. Some go mad. But another person is always ready to step into the shoes of the fallen and take up the title of a monster hunter.

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