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Tactical Analysis

Home edition: Derived from smuggled Marauder Tanks (and Marauder Tank schematics), the Modrauder is a homebrewed vehicle very distinct from the Marauder Tanks themselves. This fact, combined with the tank's unorthodox appearance (it looks like a giant metal box), has greatly contributed into making The Network a laughingstock for the saner people.

Yippie-kai-yay, motherf*****: However, when the Network decides to get serious, the Modrauder can unveil a powerul Big Bertha howitzer that can launch 16.5 inch shells that can decimate enemies from afar.

Nobody here but us boulders and buildings: Since the Modrauder is a large target after all, Modrauder drivers do their best to camouflage their vehicles by placing up stands and tarps around it.

Gotta go fast: Some Modrauder operators try to tweak out the engines of their vehicles, enabling them to move faster.


"When the conspiracy theorist group "The Network" gets cornered like a rat in front of a ferocious cat, they unveil their trump card: a metal box."

- A New York Times editorial dedicated to mocking the Network. Said editorial did not pass without comment within the Conduit.

Ever since the Second World War, a ragtag group of individuals whose political beliefs and beliefs on reality radically differed from the rest of the world's population. They were the ones who fought the invasive Soviet Union (and sometimes, the Allied Nations) in their own ways: by publishing "reports" on Stalin's occult rituals to ensure the victory of the Red Army, on how various Allied military figures were quietly assassinated and replaced by doppelgängers from the KGB, and how another Allied officer mysteriously teleported from West Point to Warsaw. But when their popularity grew and caused more members to flock to them, in 1954, a certain figure only known as the Third Eye has suggested that they must also resort to military action if it will preach the truth to sheeple more.

As successful their militarization was, the powers that be from all over the world has finally got wind of the elusive organization. Reactions were different; some ignored them, many more decided to make use of their investigative capabilities, and others just branded them as "subversives" that need to be eliminated. Due to this, the mortality rate of the entire Network skyrocketed. ACIN and SPIDER informants within the Network made sure that unfortunate Clubbers died by 'mysterious circumstances'. Unionist GIs stormed inside entire hideouts and murdered everyone inside before bombing the places to dust. To make matters worse, some entire armies were tasked to exterminate anyone who is even remotely connected to the organization.

Due to more and more attacks that the Network regularly receives, some officials of the Conduit contacted other Clubhouses from Middle East, especially those within the Arabian Coalition for military backup. In response, they sent new and wrecked Marauder Tanks along with their blueprints to aid the Network. However, these tanks did nothing but to drive the entire Network to mass hysteria. After a Trust Engineer discovered some electronic and clockwork bugs inside of them, other Clubbers immediately suggested for them to be destroyed so nobody will track them down easier with those devices. When Trust Engineers were asked about the matter at hand, they proposed a different solution.

The Engineers' proposal was fair enough. Strip about everything away from the Marauders, pick up other parts from destroyed tanks, and use them to make a completely new tank from scratch. Make sure that every Modrauder is to be made at Clubhouses to reduce chances of sabotage from enemy spies. Install a WWI-era howitzer inside the tank that can deployed to act as a decent artillery piece. Thanks to their plans, the death rate of Network forces went down slightly... and they can only hope that it continues to plummet.

However, the new product became a source of comic relief on enemies due to its bizarre appearance.

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