Missile Defender

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Missile Defender
Faction CominternLogoThumb.png Communist International
Unit Type Infantry
Designation Anti-Tank/Air Infantry
Prerequisites Barracks
Production Building Barracks
Secondary Ability Electro-radar lock (Increase ROF, greater lock on time)
Cost 200
Production Time 6 seconds
Heroic Upgrade Proton burst missile (greater damage, adds AoE)
Dev. Status BA3 Original Unit
Country of Origin  Union of American Socialist Republics UASRthumb.gif
Trained at  Fort Bradley Boot Camp
Key Features  » M64 Javelin ATGM/SAM launcher w/ electro-radar painter
 » Helmet with Profanity written on i
 » Manual with aircraft and tank profiles
 » Defender Body Armor (Classified composition)
 » Arms (buff)

"Let's pop some tanks!"

-- Missile Defender at the Siege of Baghdad against WLA forces

Tactical Analysis

  • Like the first of May!: Missile Defenders work together with general defenders to cover against aircraft and tanks with their powerful and modern missile launchers.
  • Precise and powerful!: When a specific target needs to be destroyed with all possible prejudice, an electro-radar lock can be established to substantially increase the rate of fire after some lock on time.
  • I need support!: The Missile Defender is a powerful and versatile asset to be sure, but is ill suited for dealing with infantry and anti-infantry vehicles are not a great match up for them. Heavy and fast aircraft are more resistant to them, and superheavy vehicles can shrug them off.
  • Wanna see a fireball?: Special proton burst missiles are being handed to proven missile defender squads that are able to do increased damage and devastate large numbers of vehicles or aircraft at a time with a deadly area of effect.

Operational History

The invention of the man portable shaped charge rocket changed armoured warfare dramatically. Now a single infantry man; with luck and good placement, could threaten a tank that would have once required a bulky anti-tank gun to deal with significantly greater range than could be managed by spring loaded or hand thrown or attached methods of delivery. Weapons like the RPGL-6 and the Drachenfaust rocket launchers were heavily used throughout the second world war as both sides sought to bulk up their anti-armour defense. But the development of the guided anti-tank missile in particular changed everything. Evasive maneuveres were now a far less potent way to dodge incoming projectiles and top-down attacks could be launched against the softer parts of enemy armour. The early Kornet missile launchers were instrumental in blunting the Alliance tank advances of the mid and late war, and became a fixture of the Communist International's forces ever since.

The experience of the war convinced both sides to examine the transformation of armoured warfare, with the Communist International looking to build a balanced mechanised combined arms force while the Alliance sought to increase the mass of their formations to ever greater degrees. Increasing efforts to empower the Alliance Panzerkorps lead to increasing efforts to crack those panzers, and the arms race between defence and offence soon lead to the obsolescence of most wartime era anti-tank weapons in the face of ever more potent defensive systems. Aircraft also grew more able to evade, deflect, or shoot down incoming projectiles. Old MANPADS had increasingly hard times dealing with aircraft, the failure rates of old Redeye MANPADS were simply too high to tolerate and something new had to be implemented.

This lead to the retirement of the venerable Kornet missile and a procurement campaign to acquire the best new weapon for the Revolutionary International Military's anti-tank and anti-air units. Something that could replace both the Kornet and the Redeye at once and serve as a companion for the General Defenders as the Internationalist Military was being reformed and prepared for the next conflict with the blue hordes of Britain and its Alliance. With a mandate for the best possible weapon going out to the design bureaus, a series of newer missile launchers were created throughout the cold war that eventually lead to the birth of the the M64 Javelin Launcher in 1978 to significant fanfare as the new weapon was unveiled to a waiting audience, with the first of the new Missile Defenders being sent to the ongoing Chinese Civil War to cut down Chiangist tanks and aircraft in their scores.

During the third world war the missile defender proved highly effective against Alliance vehicles, new and old; and devastating against the vehicles of the Axis and the Dominion. With the effects of the Javelin Missiles loud and clear to the STAVKA, the numbers of soldiers trained as Missile Defenders rose dramatically to blunt enemy offensives all over the world and prepare for counter operations and pushes. The paths of the Missile Defenders could often be tracked with vehicular wreckage strewn around all the continents of the world. From the first battle of Danzig to the last battle of Berlin, the Missile Defender was there to protect freedom from those who would seek to rebuild the chains of humanity.

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