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"From wettest jungle to driest desert, from highest mountain to lowest valley, the people sing oh can't you hear that? They sing for freedom and they sing for liberation, and wherever they sing that song of freedom, the minute man shall come and end their serfdom."

-- Excerpt from "Oh can't you hear the minuteman", a popular song

Tactical Analysis

  • Freedom's call: Minutemen are extremely skilled and well trained troops who are expected to be able to instigate and aid leftist revolution anywhere in the world and to frustrate and push back the efforts of reaction. They are highly effective multirole troops who are deadly to infantry and air targets, and thanks to their revolutionary spirit, flak armour, and grueling training; are faster, braver and simply tougher than many other infantry. And they are well skilled in camouflage; allowing themselves to hide so long as they remain still.
  • Armament of the people: Using M3 Carbines or the ADK-45 and deadly pineapple or stickbomb grenades; the Minutemen can tear through infantry with ease and a great deal of accuracy; the scopes they use allowing them to take long distance shots, though they prefer to take longer to aim and space out their shots more than a General Defender would. When faced with aircraft, they can whip out Crimsonfinger MANPADS to let them bring them down from the skies; making them dangerous to most forms of aircraft; especially when they set up ambushes.
  • Bleed Red: However, Minutemen are still infantry, they are still incredibly vulnerable to anti infantry weapons, and at such a high cost to train and equip one, the loss of a Minuteman is quite hard felt for a guerrilla force like the Revolutionary Vanguard.
  • Look what the proleteriat brought in: Minutemen who have shown a great deal of skill put down their carbines for special automatic rifles that pack even more punch against enemy troops as well as modern rapid firing Atlatl missile launchers that are not only more devastating to aircraft, but can also be fired at vehicles; making them dangerous to all targets.


Wherever there is a blue colossus towering an entire village, a David in red attire always arrives, seeking to bring it down. Everywhere, from pro-International Inuit raiders in the Alaskan-Canadian border to Vietminh-backed rebels in easternmost Indochina, there is always a squad of minutemen bringing their best fight on reactionaries threatening their precious ideals. WIP