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"Calm down, Pablo, I've personally known soldiers who faced worse injuries than you."

- A Medic operating on a Machetero that broke his foot.

Tactical Analysis

  • MEEEEDIIIIC!!! Medical specialists who decided to help out in the world revolution in the way they know how, the Medics are armed with handguns for self-defenseand a vast knowledge of medical techniques to enable the soldiers of the People's Unit to fight another day.
  • I need a scalpel, quick!: If the situation calls for it, they can quickly put down their firearms to perform a surgical operation on a targeted ally by removing bullets stuck on his body, healing him as long as the Medic is ordered to.
  • Physician, heal thyself!:
  • Health from 400m:


Today, the MIR faces the harsh reality that causalities in the war against Allied/Combine/Syndicate tyranny are inevitable. Whether it is the sight of Macheteros and other guerrillas being gunned down by Peacekeepers or Legion operatives kicking down doors of safehouses and killing everyone inside, the guerrillas of the People's Unit are no longer strangers to the idea of the death. Espinosa also knows very well that while the men and women of the MIR must be willing to lay down their lives for the cause, there might not be people left that are willing to take the cause when everybody who took it are now buried in unmarked graves everywhere in South America.

Which is why Espinosa called for paramedics, nurses, doctors, and other medical experts to lend their aid to the People's Unit's soldiers, knowing that some of them still desire to bring about the world revolution in the region. Being a man of medicine himself like the late Che Guevara, Espinosa knew that their skills will be of great use for a guerrilla group mostly consisting of soldiers of flesh and bone. True enough, the spirit of the revolution that rested within these men and women of science who threw in their lot with the MIR never died. However, these Medics knew very well that they will be operating at real-time, moving patients rather than sedated patients lying in beds. In response to these, Medics now undertake... 'creative' actions just to patch up their comrades.

Bringing analgesic syringes, they themselves operate on MIR soldiers in ways that can be considered as eccentric by the World Health Organization. Numbing their patients first with anesthetics (if there are none available, they make sure they're drunk first), they waste no time in check-ups as they just straight-up sterilize their bullet wounds, cut them up and remove the festering sniper rifle rounds or assault rifle bullets lodged in them, before sewing them shut with threaded needles at breakneck pace. They also waste no time injecting them with painkiller doses and sedatives just to keep them shrugging off wounds as they fire their guns at the bourgeoisie's armed forces. When facing wounds large enough for blood to spill, they quickly apply tourniquets, sterilized towels just to stop the blood flow. Even injuries as minor as scrapes and splinters are immediately showered with alcohol to ensure no hostile microorganisms can spread, according to these medics. When they are the injured ones, however, they are not afraid to operate on themselves, even in the thick of battle.

Despite their rather unorthodox methods, the folks at the People's Unit will not complain about the sheer pain they have to go through just to be operated by these so-called 'medical madmen', after all, you can just forget about the pain when you pull through it. During operations, Medics just inform their patients of the true story of a valiant Medic and his devotion to the Hippocratic oath when he was in the Atacama Desert. Only referred to as "San Lucas" (named after the patron saint of physicians, real name unknown), when one of the Balloon Brigadiers had his hopper balloon explode, made him parachute in the middle of the Amazon Jungle and broke his two legs. Surrounded by the most dangerous animals of the jungle such as anacondas and Brazilian wandering spiders and only armed with a machete and a pistol, Lucas took the handgun and shot at any predator poised to kill his patient while he was repairing his fractured legs. After three hours, not only was Lucas successful in operating on his patient, but the Brigadier also survived without being attacked by the predatory wildlife of the jungle.

This story has spread like wildfire throughout the entire continent, from the Mobile Guard being more wary with their attacks when Medics are around to Legion Security operatives aiming for them first. This story has also inspired many guerrillas to protect the eccentric-but-effective Medics from enemy fire, even going as far as taking a bullet for them only to be operated by a Medic. Despite their differing ideologies and views: they agree in one thing, when you lay injured in the battlefield and one of these Medics see you, their non-standard operations can still be considered better than not receiving a single one at all.

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