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Mechapugzilla Supreme Combat Weapon Mark I
Mechapugzilla Omega, the latest built, standing proudly on the battlefield of the Katterine Pass (A full week after the battle happened).
Faction Great Pug States
Unit Type Ultimate Weapon
Designation Supreme Mobile Attack Unit
Prerequisites Kennel Klub, Vehicular Pound, Doggy-Dog Intelligence Centre, Mechpugzilla Construction Bay
Production Building Mechapugzilla Construction Bay
Secondary Ability Liberty Pug Mode, activate! (Mechapugzilla begins spewing spewing out patriotic lines, inspiring all nearby Pug units to fight harder)
Cost 3000
Production Time 30 seconds
Heroic Upgrade The Mark II (Better weapons, more damage, faster speed and it now has a collar on!)
Dev. Status Pugverse Original Unit
Country of Origin  The Pug Heartlands
Produced at  PugCo Advance Military Research Base Zeta
Key Features  » Advance Mouth Death-Ray (For Frying Cats)!
 » Seemingly countless high explosive missiles (Warning: Explosive)!
 » Battalion of Pug Houndfire Troopers (Armed and Dangerous)!
 » Reels and reels of patriotic slogans (So patriotic)!
 » Cup Holders (For Water, you see)!

"Mechapugzilla is online. All systems are functional. Weapons: Locked and Loaded. Primary Mission: The destruction of any, and all, Feline invaders and Hooviet Agitators!"

-The Mechapugzilla, upon activation

Tactical Analysis

  • We are Mechapugzilla: The ultimate weapon of the Canine Commonwealths, Mechapugzilla is a massive, 40ft tall, mechanical harbinger of death and destruction to all enemies of the Canines. Supporting the latest composite armour, modelled after the perfect Canine form - that of the mighty and glorious Pug - and costing the equivalent to an entire army of Pug-in-Paws, the Mechapugzilla is truly one of the greatest machines to ever walk the battlefield. Or it would be if the Pugs could ever get it there in time! Turns out that giant metal Pugs aren't as fast as they look on the draw board. Who'd have thought, eh?
  • Death From Above: Ah, but who needs speed, when the Mechapugzilla packs enough weaponry to level a decent sized nation on it's own? That's right - enough weaponry to level a country on its own. Firstly, there's the giant death ray that sits in the Mechapugzilla's mouth - capable of spewing death at the temperature of an atomic explosion, as well as being an impressive sight, there is very few things that can resist the death ray (As long as you ignore the Great Sha, Titanic Squid and Empress Ant). And that's not all! Along the Mechapugzilla's back are rows, and rows, and rows of 300mm Extreme High Explosive Missiles that it seems to have an endless supply of, allowing it to rain death on it's enemies from a distance, in case they're dense enough to think they can beat the Mechapugzilla by staying out of range of the death ray! And, again, that's not all! Finally, Mechapugzilla also carries in it's great steel and titanium stomach a complimentary regiment of the dreaded Pug Houndfire Troopers - Troopers so elite and dangerous that they're only able to be trained in small numbers, specifically for the purpose of aiding Mechapugzilla.
  • The Iron Pug: And of course, that's not the only set of deadly toys that Mechapugzilla has stashed away in its metaphorical Toybox! No, for Mechapugzilla channels the spirit of the greatest Pug politician to ever live (General Pugwashington IX, also called Bobby)! This mechanical wonder can be commanded to put its weapons of mass destruction away, temporarily, and instead start bellowing out great patriotic quotes against whoever the Canines are fighting at that moment, making the common canine soldiers around this titanium titan to not only fight harder, but also loose all sense of self-preservation for the glory of the Canine Commonwealths!
  • To the Victor, the Spoils: Those clever boys and gals at PugCo have really outdone themselves with the Mark I of Mechapugzilla, but they're starting to think that they can do even better for the Mark II! With an even greater death ray, 450mm smart rockets, improved servos, engines, armour and some personal touches, the Mark II is certainly an ambitious project to take on, and one that will make the enemies of the Canines tremble in fear - if it ever does make it to the battlefield. The Mark I rarely does anyway, so the chances of a commander getting his paws on a prototype Mark II are about as slim as the prospects of Canines and Felines living together in harmony. But hey, who knows?


"Canine Expansionism is the right for every red-blooded Canine! Feline Imperialism is the essence of hedonistic evil!"

-One of the many slogans that Mechapugzilla spews out on a regular basis,

The Mechapugzilla Supreme Combat Weapon Mark I, normally shortened to just The Mechapugzilla, is one of the largest, most heavily armoured, and armed weapons of war ever created. When it comes to size, only the denizens of the abyssal seas outmatch it. When it comes to sheer destructive force, nothing can match it. Mechapugzilla is the be all, and end all, of combat power for the Canines, and a wonder of the world for all to see.

Or it would be, if it actually did anything.

During the so-called Border Wars, where the native denizens that surrounded the Pug, Shih Tzu and Xiasi heartlands engaged the forces of the Canine Commonwealths in a series of battles in order to attempt the stop the Canines expanding into their territory, the need for a new weapon was warranted. For the most part, the natives were besting the forces of the canines at every turn - Poor supply lines, a general lack of standardization, and an over reliance on relatively untrained Pug-in-Paw regiments all saw the Canines suffer defeats that should not have really been suffered by a power of their stature. By the winter of the fifth war year, it looked like the Pugs had met their match. Beaten, not by the Feline Confederation, or the Union of Hooviet Comradeship Nations, but by a petty coalition of turtles, snakes and other assorted cretins. It was a shambles, really. The Central Pug Government of New Pugdon needed something to win this war, and attempt to bring some respect back to them. And thus, they turned to the mechanical geniuses at PugCo.

During that winter in the fifth war year, DePug, CEO of PugCo and its various subsidies, was approached by agents from the CPG, and given an order to complete: He had to design, and construct a new superweapon, one the likes that the world had never seen. DePug was given vary few guidelines for it, other than that it needed heavy weapon systems, be patriotic, and completely destroy everything in its path. He was also given until the middle of the Summer of the sixth war year to complete it.

With such a gargantuan task in his paws, DePug set his most creative minds on it, and in a surprising short amount of time, they had come up with an answer. Having seen the heavy duty mechanical robotics that the Hooviets were using, the creative minds at PugCo reasoned that a giant version of those machines, coupled with the latest weapon systems, and modelled after a premier species within the Canine Commonwealths, would answer the three criteria that had been set to them. With that in mind, PugCo started to work on their latest creation.

And then, things started to go wrong. Firstly, there were the arguments over what Canine should be used as a model for the currently unnamed creation. Some put forward the Rottweilers, Bulldogs, and one or two even suggested the Sainted Bernards for a model. What all these Canines have in common, is that they're large, fearsome, and heavily built - perfect to spread fear into the hearts of the natives, and anyone else this monstrosity should be turned against. Then DePug swooped in, with his executive meddling, and demanded that the new weapon was to be modelled off of the Pugs. At first, they assumed he was joking - While the Pugs are amongst the highest ranking Canines within the Commonwealths, they aren't exactly known for combat. In fact, more often than not, they are known for being the exact opposite of what's expected of a Canine soldier - stocky, short and infamous for often having breathing problems. The idea of a giant metallic Pug was laughable, at least until DePug fired a worker on the spot for saying that to his face. DePug was deadly serious about the weapon being modelled after a Pug, and seeing as he had the backing and funds of the Government behind him, his think tank and workers had to do as he said.

(To be Continued)