Manta Ekranoplan

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Country of Origin  USSRthumb.gif Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (Russian SFSR)
Produced at  Vladivostok Naval Base
Key Features  » Twin 100mm Anti-Air turrets (x2)
 » Vertical Launch SAM battery (x1), Kashtan CIWS (x2)
 » Sonic Pulse Cannon (x1) and Torpedo tube turret (x1)
 » Stasis Ray
 » Strategically placed Red Paint (To go faster)
Manta Ekranoplan
Mantas engaging Imperial Aircraft
Faction CominternLogoThumb.png Communist International
Unit Type Screen Ship
Designation Frigate
Production Building Naval Yard
Secondary Ability Stasis Ray (Immobilizes target)
Cost Unknown
Production Time Unknown
Heroic Upgrade Grav-Mag Device (Lifts ground units and drags down aircraft, also pulls submarines to vulnerable depths)
Dev. Status

Tactical Analysis

  • Whether below: The Manta Ekranoplan offers substantial anti-submarine escort capability to the Comintern's fleets, being able to detect subs and other stealthed unis from a significant disance and then reduce them to scrap with their torpedoes and sonic pulse cannons while moving far faster than most other ships.
  • Or above: The Ekranoplan is also a potent air defence frigate, offering screening capabilities for the International Armada in the face of enemy air assault. This combination makes them particularly dangerous against the Solar Empire's Sea-wings as they are incapable of safe operations whether above or below water.
  • But not ahead: The Ekranoplan like most frigates is ill suited to doing battle with surface ships whose armaments significantly outmatch it. However the Manta does have a Stasis ray to lock down an enemy unit and leave it vulnerable to other ships in the fleet.
  • But I can fix that: Special systems are being outfitted to the most decorated and capable Mantas to augment their already fearsome anti-aircraft firepower and alleviate their vulnerability to surface assets through special tractor beams made through reverse engineering magnetic devices and combining them with gravitics to lift enemy assets into the air or pull them down.

Operational History

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