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Makabayang Katipunan ng mga Pilipino
(Patriotic Alliance of Filipinos)
Playstyle Counter-infiltration
Faction Colour Ochre
Type Annihilation Minor Faction
Dev. Status Conceptual

"Make, form, and endure
Establish East Asia
Continent of wealth
Prosperity all together"

- "Awit sa Paglikha ng Bagong Pilipinas (Hymn of the Birth of the New Philippines)", anthem of the KALIBAPI Government

The Makapili are the military forces of the KALIBAPI, the collaborationist government in the Japanese-held Philippines. With the help of the Empire, hey seek to build the island nation into a first world country whose industries may one day compete with those of other countries. In the mean time, the paramilitary forces the Makapili wield must fight a counter-insurgency war against the Katipunan, a coalition of nationalists who want the current colonizers out of the archipelago by any means.

At A Glance

Faction Color Ochre
Playstyle Counter-infiltration & counter-insurgency tactics
Theatre of Operations
Motives Collaboration, Anti-Communism, National Development
Basic Look Japanese collaborators during WW2, if a Filipino weeaboo wrote of a Japan-dominated Philippines


Les Collaborateurs

Out of all the most unforgivable crimes that can be committed by anyone, treason retains its position in them as one of the worst. To be branded with the title 'traitor' comes with insurmountable abhorrence and animosity for one's name, the most notorious examples being Brutus and Cassius for the death of Caesar, and possibly the most infamous of all, Judas Iscariot, whose kiss led to the arrest and execution of Jesus Christ.

Yet, like much of history, the truth is that the title itself is very ambiguous. Meaning, who could be considered a traitor to one's own country may as well be a hero in another. For example, James Armistead Lafayette, when viewed through another lens, is one of the most dishonorable double agents in the British side of the Revolutionary War, relaying information he overheard in camps to the other side, while supplying misinformation. On the other hand, he is celebrated as a hero that risked his life to spy on enemy troops, this act instrumental to the Continental Army's victory over the Battle of Yorktown.

But Benedict Arnold is commonly not viewed the same way as Armistead is. His plan to surrender West Point to the British during the War exposed, he was compared to Judas that "while he [Judas] sold only one man, Arnold three millions." His motivations for his defection (his debt to Congress, other officers taking credit for some of his accomplishments) mattered nil; Benedict Arnold became almost synonymous with the word 'turncoat'. In fact, the only major work he is positively portrayed was in Kenneth Roberts's Arundel!

The KALIBAPI, and by extension, the Makapili, face a similar dilemma. Appointed by the ruling Japanese and unable to say otherwise, the party officials are forced to enact laws that mostly benefit the occupiers at the behest of the conquered Filipinos they rule over. Their other responsibility does not win them any favors with anti-Imperial elements, as the Makapili essentially play cops to those robbers even if they're their own fellow countrymen. Convincing the resistances that the Empire is not as black as they think they are is definitely a Herculean task; not accepted by most Filipinos who have to bear the yoke of colonization for four centuries.

The Cherry-Blossom Road

Filipinos were subjected into Hispanization in the 16th century, and Americanization after the Treaty of Paris was signed in 1898. But to differentiate from the former two, the Japanese proclaimed their pact of unity for all Asian nations upon stepping on the archipelago. Under their "Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere" or as it is called locally: the Dai-tō-a Kyōeiken, this expansionist program aimed to wipe the affected region of Western influences and portray Japan as the uplifter of East Asians to their level.

Martial Law and Order



Deathmatch Reinforcements

Kempeitai Special Response Unit

Laying down on the law on Imperial territory when civil unrest reaches the point that requires their intervention, the Kempeitai most commonly operates on the Philippine archipelago to quell its numerous resistance movements. Assisting the Makapili police forces in anti-insurgent missions, they are not above ruthless tactics to force out suspected rebels from their ranks.

Shisa A rare breed of dog from Okinawa noted for its foul breath, the shisa can open its mouth to heavily debuff enemy units and keep it closed to increase the speed of your own unit's attacks. This is, however, compensation for its rather weak attack.
Takasago Japanese personnel of Taiwanese heritage, the takasago are adept at warfare in the dense jungles of the Philippines. Takasagos carry SWAT-isse Type 19 Service Rifles and wear new, experimental bullet proof reflective face masks meant to provide protection while keeping the unit's speed.
Kanabō Trooper Hailing from the mountains of Hokkaido is the fearsome Kanabō Trooper. Ethnic Ainus given body armor and kanabō clubs, they charge in to battle flailing their weapons and breaking the limbs of all those unfortunate enough to be in their way.
Itachi Japanese cops sent over to train the Makapili, the Itachi have acquired an infamous reputation throughout the Phillipines. Feared for their lightning fast reflexes & agility, the Itachi wield two razor sharp sai blades which they use to subdue foes in a whirwind of stabs.
Omnyouji Surveillance Vehicle A psionic inside a small vehicle that amplifiers her powers, the Omnyouji can detect violent and criminal intent from long range (in-game, enemies who fire their weapons). The Omnyouji can also release a psi feedback, preventing them from using any of their abilities.

Behind the Scenes

Units: Makapali Trooper · Constable · Tikabalang · Sympathizer · Constabulary Car · Yokai Tank · Susanoo Artillery · Tsukiyomi Recon Plane · Amerterasu Bomber · Kappa Patrol Boat · Mizuchi Speedboat

Buildings: Constabulary Office · Defense Post · Border Post · Radio Tower · Patrol Shipyard

Kempeitai Special Response Unit: Shisa : Takasago : Kanabo Trooper : Itachi : Omnyouji Surveillance Vehicle