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Welcome to the Quantum Group Wiki

So you want a Paradox 3: Exotic Parody, huh?
We have 483 articles since September 2014!

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PEQAN Fan Factions

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Blue Alert

Blue Alert (Just for fun)
About Blue Alert Blue Alert Paradox Factions Blue Alert Echoes Factions Blue Alert Quantum Factions Blue Alert Annihilation Factions Blue Alert Null Factions Blue Alert Tech Building Factions
Blue Alert Paradox Minor Factions Blue Alert Echoes Minor Factions Blue Alert Quantum Minor Factions Blue Alert Annihilation Minor Factions Blue Alert Null Minor Factions

Blue Alert Fan Factions

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The Universal Emergency Core Verses

The Universal Emergency
About TUE Redsverse Factions Concordiatverse Factions Albionverse Factions Patriotverse Factions
About TUC Redsverse Minor Factions Concordiatverse Minor Factions Albionverse Minor Factions Patriotverse Minor Factions

Albion: After the War

Albion: After the War
About Albion: After the War Albion: After the War Major Factions Albion: After the War Minor Factions
  • Albion: After the War Explained
  • Canon of After the War
  • After the War Faction Bibles
  • After the War Campaigns
  • Suggestions for After the War
  • Fallen Angels of the East
  • Greater Finnish Empire of the North
  • White Russian Eastern Military Regime
  • Greater Korean Empire
  • Holy Republic of the Colombian People
  • Theodemocracy of Deseret
  • Domain of the Awakened of Farsi
  • Empire of Ethiopia
  • Architects of the Międzymorze
  • Empire Centrafricain

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Recent News

The Time Has Come To Rebuild What Was Lost September 19th, 2014

Wiki created and ready to work.

At the moment, there is a restoration of content from the archives. Moving from the old Wiki hosting occurred normally, but possible loss of some content.

Just as Echoes is reborn, so is Quantum.

Moving stuff over December 11th, 2014

After much deliberation on the lore, we have decided that the following major factions (Cybernetic Federation, Imilki Ecumene) and the following minors (Arabian Coalition, Arabian Socialist Government, The Network, MIR, Phoenix Front) fit in Echoes better than Quantum and are so being transferred to the Echoes wiki. We would appreciate your help in moving pages and templates over.

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Forgotten Flotilla

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