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Tactical Analysis

  • Judge, Jury and Executioner: Machine Gunners are premier anti-infantry personnel of the Iranian Red Army, known for their cold, efficient use of the machine gun when it comes to taking down soldiers.
  • Let Justice Ring: Machine Gunners can also unload a whole clip of machine gun bullets to slow enemies it hits.
  • Court Dismissed: Machine Gunners are just as vulnerable to snipers, bayonets, and other anti-infantry weapons as every other infantry.
  • I Have Become the Law: Through middle-men working for the Spetsnaz, experienced Machine Gunners can get their hands on experimental cyclotron machine guns.

Operational History

"The man who passes the sentence shall fire the gun."'

- The Machine Gunner Creed

If anyone hears of the term "capital punishment", some peopl would instantly think of Iran as the prime hotspot for these kinds of things despite of their reputation as the "friendliest Soviet state in the world". After a terrorist attack in the Iranian embassy by the hands of ANUBIS, the Iranian government immediately ordered capital punishment to be mandatory for all sorts of crimes, to the point where a Network video proclaimed that the Iranians are the only people in modern times to follow the Code of Hammurabi word for word. Anybody declared guilty of murder, of sexual assault, drug trafficking, and according to rumors, homosexuality (Iran just released a public statement that it is not a crime in response to those rumors) shall be secretly and immediately shot to death by roving firing squads known as the Machine Gunners.

In actuality, the Machine Gunners are actually professional military personnel who are also well-versed in law, to the point that the Iranian government made them into legal vigilantes when not in service. Machine Gunners also spread doubt and terror among GLA cells and Allied militias for their unmatched skill and expertise with the RDP machine guns they wield, as shown in a battle where a GLA cell chose to surrender rather than to face these professional killers in the field (needless to say, they didn't get away with it, as they were executed for their own respective crimes). Even when being targeted by enemy guns, they are said to walk slowly towards their foes with their machine guns firing without experiencing recoil, leaving a sea of summarily-executed culprits after the field Even for all the brutal reputation they have forged by themselves, enemy soldiers can still be a challenge for the Machine Gunners to fight up close and personal, as they lack the retractable spears their Volunteer brethren has. For that, they are also known to let loose and unload clip after clip suppressing anybody who even comes close to ensure that they shall not get in the way of cold justice.

In the eyes of the conspiracy theorists, however, Machine Gunners are the prime example of how Iran is "spitting directly at the face of human rights" for their outright brutal dispensations of justice when the court is not enough. Some, particularly the Network, use this to decry the Arabian Socialist Government in an attempt to weaken their followers' support for them by publishing gory pictures of prisoners of war being shot to death repeatedly by machine gun-wielding soldiers. The government, however, has retorted that at least these roving executioners are even better than Allied cryo-prisons due to the fact when a Mchine Gunner just simply shoots the perpetuator to death quickly, as opposed to cryogenically freeze him and send to him one of their prisons, a fate in which released cryo-prisoners said that "they'd better be off executed by those Iranian guys". They even point out that Iran has one of the lowest crime rates in the entire world, and they have even done more damage to drug dealers particularly in the Xanadu Sprawl more than what the Allied War on Drugs could have ever done.

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