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Place of Origin Northern Ireland
Trained/Produced at The electoral process
Key Features » Megaphone
» Charisma
» Anti-Syndicate Rhetoric
» Formal Dress w/ Bulletproof Vest
» Éire Aointaithe pamphlets

Tactical Analysis

  • My right honorable colleagues: Political players for the Front, the MP (Member of Parliament) acts as the voice to organize those around them. People move faster and take care of what needs to be done whenever an MP is nearby.
  • Down with this sort of thing: When their constituents are in greatest need, the MP can quickly use the political clout to stop the use of chemical weapons, which translates in-game into an immunity to debuff effects.
  • Only an elected official: Carrying a megaphone, the MP is not made to actually fight. They do, however, get some half-decent body armor thanks to their position.


"They have nothing in their whole imperial arsenal that can break the spirit of one Irishman who doesn't want to be broken."

- MP Robert "Bobby" Sands

Back when the republicans and loyalists were fighting one another, one of the greatest points of contention was that the republican supporters be allowed full voting rights, and the chance to find better employment and housing. Thanks to the Allies, that dream partly came true. All of Northern Ireland was given the ability to vote and elect who they wanted, but now this gift has turned on the Allies. In recent months, several elections have brought to Stormont a handful of MPs part of Éire Aontaithe. MPs who have all but joined the Phoenix Front.

These MPs have come together in various public gatherings to rally the people who voted for them, calling for an immediate INTERPOL investigation into the situation in Belfast. They call for Allied actions against the Syndicate, and make claims that ACIN has overstepped their boundaries in their actions in Northern Ireland. More than one MP has called out Margaret Thatcher as a player in the ACIN actions, though for now these charges remain unfounded. What is officially acknowledged is that these MPs can be found often among the protests and funerals, publicly interacting with their constituents and nothing more. Of course, it's obvious that these men are really just the political mouthpiece for the Front, but without concrete links and evidence the Allies can do nothing.

This means that when fighting inevitably erupts, these MPs are on the frontlines with megaphones and bullhorns, giving orders and urging on the fighters for the Front to avoid and run wherever possible, to avoid, "The overbearing hand of Geneva". Of course, the Allies can't well arrest an MP elected by the same people they ostensibly want to try and bring peace to. This has led to the Allies using more caution with their GOOP and tear gas whenever the MPs are present on a scene.

Indeed, several MPs have started to campaign to become part of the Allied parliament in Geneva proper, to act as the voice of Northern Ireland itself. This has had mixed reception in Geneva, with a small faction led by Morris Tillager hoping to allow it. A larger faction, led by Margaret Thatcher and "supported" by Giacomo de Gasperi, have become vocal opponents. Only the next election will tell if the Front's MPs can make the next step into Geneva.

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