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Tactical Analysis

  • That's a bust: The investigator is what was once a whole lotta tanks. now it's a rather average piece for it's fancy cannon.
  • The Fancy Cannon: The investigator's cannon is quite accurate and has a decent range, allowing the tank to act as a tank or building sniper. Instead of delivering singe yield punches, the investigator just fires quicker and has great effectiveness against heavy armor, such as can be found on vehicles or buildings. The secret, other than sheer length; is an ad hoc armor piercing discarding sabot. A pair of medium machine guns taken from the survivalists provide some modest infantry defense.
  • Cannister shot: It's a special shot against infantry. not much else. The shot belts out a massive amount of pellets that absolutely shred infantry.


To Gavey Peng, may you once bring me profit,

we need to set up some proper rules concerning the transportation of prefabricated tanks trough local villages. A full complement of Pennies had been stolen, or rather, "loaned" by some local nutjobs. This is the first time it's happened, and I can assure you that I will not tolerate it happening again. They took the tanks while they were stationed near the Settlement wall, and drove off with them after bludgeoning the guards. It's a absolute disgrace on our supply system, and part of it stems from the utter lack of proper procedure!

Before we start spreading tanks around nily-wily-free again, let me establish basic escort routines. I would appreciate it if you got off your lazy ass and helped me on this job. Send me inventories of all the assets we have on the outskirts of our territory. I shall handle the rest, as you've clearly shown yourself impotent on this subject.

Very much wanting to strangle you;

Sir Thimothy Matthews Senior.

To Gavey Peng, may you once bring me profit,

found the stolen pennies. I cannot believe what the thieves did with them. These utter morons broke four perfectly good tanks apart to build an utter mockery. It's large and sports a cannon salvaged from god-knows where. I cannot physically describe the thing in any way other then junk, and you know I recycle. My inventors assure me the thing was made to function as a long ranged artillery piece, and are currently investigating where the cannon originates from. According to them, it's the only piece of the vehicle worth a damn. I'm going to get Mr. Humphries on it.

Waiting to get compensated;

Sir Thimothy Matthews Senior.

To Gavey Peng, may you once bring me profit,

mr. Humphries came back around noon today, and informed me about a rather peculiar group connected to the robbery. Apparently there's a group of hardcore conspiracy nuts hiding near Chikarang. They're apparently "investigating" the "Ridwan" Coup, for all it's worth. I'm sending Humphries back in immediately to roll up the entire gang under the charge of armed robbery. They can break their brains over which Pahit bigwig managed to dream up the coup in a nice and cosy cell.

Thoroughly annoyed;

Sir Thimothy Matthews Senior.


The Investigator is the result of a search for something capable of providing a suitable armoured punch for the Conduit. Actual military training does not after all, give them what they need to handle the Grizzly tanks of the American Unionists and Reservists, or push through the lines of the hated shadow cabals and illuminatis of the world. But rather than do the sane thing and just buy vehicles from International Inc or something, the Network decided to go the very odd route of dismembering many vehicles to create something entirely new.

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