Long Legs (TUE)

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Country of Origin  Noxsylvania
Trained at  Antarctic Fortress
Key Features  »
 » Dental Chew Toy

Epsilon Long Legs
Minor Faction
Other Faction(s) EpsilonLogo.png Dominion of Noxsylvania
Unit Type Infantry
Production Building House of Tarrasque
Secondary Ability
Production Time 0:05
Heroic Upgrade
Dev. Status Conceptual

Tactical Analysis

  • Come to my parlor: As if people aren't scared of spiders enough, these bio-engineered monsters make arachnophobes out of otherwise fearless warriors. This is not just talk, though, as these Epsilon-controlled organisms hunt the combat zone of their next victim, then sink their fangs at them until they drop dead or dazed. In order to camouflage themselves, their long legs can simply dig a small hole as a hiding place from their foes.
  • Bite your hand, feed from it: Multiple bites from a "long legs" is enough to scar a soldier. But fangs coated with Virus toxin wouldn't even leave scars on the dead body; there won't even be one afterwards. Those unlucky enough to get bitten
  • A slipper's useful:
  • Synchronized dancing:


"If there is one thing the Epsilon is most knowledgeable about, aside from what makes people tick, it is what makes people scared. Masters of psychological warfare, they make their enemies comprehend the absolute terror of facing them in war. Veterans of previous conflicts with them tend to quake when they retell stories of verdant vapors causing human flesh to dissipate harmfully, of bizarre soldiers torching entire legions with nothing but their minds, of compatriots turning their guns upon fellow compatriots for seemingly no reason..."

Upon reaching that point, Intern Renato Gonçalves quietly put down today's issue of Jornal da Esquisitices and went back to his work; yet another bout of experimentation with golden lancehead venom, it seemed that moment. He knew of the effort purveyors had to go through, bringing those snakes all the way from Ilha de Queimada Grande to the lonely research center in Espigão d'Oeste where he presently was, and pissing off his superiors would have him be the next future test subject.

So, after some tedious, hands-on tests on unsuspecting civilians in the city, the team went back to the center to get some rest at the bunks.

...or so as what Gonçalves remembered.

Because at the very moment where he was about to close his eyes, fellow intern Coimbra busted down his door, then vigorously shook him as if he was on a deep sleep.

"Renato, wake the fuck up! There are spiders everywhere!"

"What the hell are you doing here?"

"Come quick to my bunk! Venâncio and the others are just outside trying to stave them off!"

"You do know that you came at a terrible time?" Gonçalves clearly was irritated that he was finally about to get a good night's rest when Estevão disturbed him. Choosing to hold back his slumber than to enjoy a permanent one courtesy of whatever's in the center, he departed quickly, but with the technician having to carry a visibly-fatigued Renato doing so.

Scampering down the hallway, the two were greeted by their colleagues fighting off what seemed to be nine hideously-oversized arachnids who seem to be bigger than pumas, and just as ferocious.

"What are you two doing there, standing? This is an order, get yourselves something hard enough to kill these "armadeiras"! If not, just get out of here and leave them to us!"

To call those "spiders" was a grand understatement, much less "armadeiras", if Pereira's reaction to Guard Farias' order was any indication. His team, after all, experimented with them many times in the past; they weren't risking impending deaths facing them back then.

Dr. Peixoto was unfortunately caught off-guard at such an emergency, and once one of the spiders lunged to him, he was quickly pinned down on the ground; his body scavenged from by voracious "armadeiras". Intern Coimbra succeeds at killing two of them with his pistol, but failed to notice one just behind him that chomped down at his back, making his body gradually disappear piece by piece, leaving behind nothing but mysterious green vapors. The same thing happened to Dr. Barbosa, emitting the same smoke that gave coughs to everyone in the hallway. While Pereira and Gonçalves were lucky to escape through the mess hall, technicians Magalhães and Pinheiro failed to put their gas masks on and slowly became one with the vapors, with an affected Dr. Barros requesting a gunshot from a gas-masked Venâncio to put him out of his suffering.

Inside the mess hall, the two sat down the nearest table, inhaled, and exhaled for the first time since that event. WIP