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Tactical Analysis

  • King of the Desert: Though not a true super-heavy, the Lion (short for "Lion of Babylon") is one of the most powerful mass produced vehicles indigenous to the middle east, surpassed only by the Khalid in terms of vehicles of purely arab origins. Its 100mm autoloaded cannon crushes most other vehicles and structures it meets and handily overpowers most any MBT while its three machine guns (pintle, coaxial, and hull) are appreciable assets against infantry. Though it's armor is not quite as impressive as it's firepower, it retains a great deal of speed.
  • Tactical Withdrawal: If threatened and in need of making a quick retreat, the lion can leak fuel from it's tanks and ignite them to leave a fiery trail behind it. Infantry are the most badly harmed by this fiery trail of destruction, but even vehicles should exercise caution. However, as this is the tanks' fuel, the vehicle experiences a loss of speed until fresh fuel can be delivered.
  • Lightning Bruised: The Lion however, is not perfect. Its armor is the statistic that suffers most; being only moderately better than that of MBTs, and it is of course defenseless against aircraft. Large numbers of anti-tank infantry are sure to bring about a swift downfall as well.
  • Stand by Me: The most elite Lions are given the "mane upgrade kit" where they are given an amazingly powerful new 115mm gun for their tank; vastly outstripping the power of any MBT's main gun and allowing them to swat aside other vehicles and structures with ease, and furthermore are granted storage stations for medical supplies that infantry can use to heal their wounds.


When the Arabian Socialist government reviewed its arsenal, it decided that in true communist tradition that it needed a powerful heavy tank of its own. Eschewing the decision to make a double barreled vehicle, the Syrians, and North Iraqis instead decided to create a single barreled vehicle that wasn't quite large enough to crush other vehicles, but still big enough to match or exceed every other vehicle in the desert, particularly the arsenal of Scimitar modification Crusaders being amassed by the capitalistic Arabs to the south.

The vehicle was to be swift, powerful, and well armored thanks to its harsh angles. It was to be the pride of the Arabian socialist government, and so it would come to be called the "Lion of Babylon" after a narrowly decided vote on whether to name it for the ancient civilizations of Iraq or Syria. The Lion would the flag bearer of the left in the middle east, following the example of the ever helpful Persia as the Communist bloc found its newest members. In an unveiling during the midst of world war three that surely frightened many to the south, the Lion spearheaded a new Communist front in the war.

Though not able to break the hated capitalists to the South, the Lion helped seize all of Iraq from the remaining royalist government and unified the nation that was once divided by Kuwaiti backed occupiers. In addition, the Lebanon offensive proved successful in liberating the catholic nation from the clutches of the increasingly hated Capitalist oppressors whose dictator ran a remarkably brutal state (though they found that much of the nations' military had been quietly sabotaged or destroyed piecemeal by the time they got there).


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