Labyrinth of Chtavros (TUE)

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The Megalithic Labyrinth of the Chtavros Mysteries
Scroll of the Labyrinth
Faction Colour Fandango
Type TUE Concordiatverse Minor Faction
Dev. Status Conceptual

The Labyrinth of Chtavros (Chtavros for short) is a minor faction of the Concordiatverse within "The Universal Emergency" multiverse.

At A Glance


The Old Ones Who Watch

The Shadow over Knossos

The Coming Race

Warbands of the Chtavros Mystery Schools


Knossos Palace
Blockula Meadow
Tarxien Grove


Minoan Disciple Originally formed on the island of Crete but now drawing membership from wherever the Labyrinth is to be found, the Minoan Disciples are the first line of defense for those who seek to place the world in the hands of its rightful owners. WIP
Circe Maiden
Fate Witch
Hejkal The Labyrinth's special stealth operatives, the Hejkals are amphibious infantry who can don ghillie suits disguise themselves as plant life to get the drop on foes. WIP
Cretan Bull




Commando & Unique Unit

Pasiphae (Commando)
Khalkotauroi (Epic Unit)

Behind the Scenes