L'Entente Impériale

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"Veillons au salut de l'empire,
Veillons au maintien de nos lois;
Si le despotisme conspire,
Conspirons la perte des rois!
Liberté! Liberté que tout mortel te rende hommage!
Tyrans, tremblez! vous allez expier vos forfaits!
Plutôt la mort que l'esclavage!
C'est la devise des Français."

-"Veillons au salut de l’Empire", the official Anthem of L'Entente Impériale

L’Entente Imperiale, or in its full, official name, L’Entente Imperiale de L’Europe et ses Colonies, is the sworn enemy of the Children of Avalon, both born from a vastly different Napoleonic War. With the Imperial French Empire of Napoleon IX as the supreme ruler of the various satellite states and assorted nations that see L’Entente as a much safer bet in the world, the Entente locks horns not only with Avalon, but also the various other superstates of their world, for the Cold War that they’re locked in is growing increasingly volatile with each passing week. Now, L’Entente has followed Avalon’s tentative steps into a strange new world, seeking the same conquest and glory that their English nemesi also seek. Their forces are the nigh unstoppable Grande Armée and their dangerous Vieille Garde des Scientifique, they march to war, and to what they believe to be, their destined victory, over the world, and finally, over Avalon itself.

At a Glance

Colours: Bottle Green and Naples Yellow

Playstyle: Rapid Advances followed by Strategic counterattacks

Theatre of Operations: Open Plains and Urban Locales




Basic Look: Very Belle Epoque, very elegant, vehicles have lots of decoration. 1960's version of the Grande Armée. Stylistically fits in with the Children of Avalon.


The Little Corporal Rides

What Would it Mean if We're Gone?

Pretending That All is Well

Running With Nowhere to Run To

It'll All Come To An End

La Grande Armée de L'Entente Impériale



Armée de Terre

  • Loups du Gévaudan:
  • Poilu:
  • Commandant du Corps:
  • Génie:
  • Chasseur à Cheval:
  • Prussian Totenkopf Hussars:
  • Impériale Cuirassiers de Paris:
  • Windbüchse Regimental:
  • Espion:
  • Palatial Young Guard:
  • Aimee:
  • Deux Roi Ore Halftrack:
  • Petit Caporal Armoured Car:
  • Invictus Rotary Transporter:

Arme Blindée Cavalerie

Vieille Garde des Scientifique

  • Vieille Garde:
  • Gorille Soldat:
  • L'Eventreur Assassin:
  • Usiner Impériale de Lyons:
  • Moustique Aerial Usiner:
  • Usiner Électrique Attaquant:
  • Nouvelle Garde de l'Entente:
  • Obusier de Paris:
  • Napoleon-Class Military Usiner:
  • Joséphine-Class Impériale Battlecruiser:

Armée de L'Air

La Royale Marine Nationale

Behind the Scenes