L'Empire d'Arcadie

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L'Empire d'Arcadie
The "French Imperial Eagle," the battle standard of La Grande Armée of Arcadia
Playstyle Defensive Armoured Warfare
Faction Colour Ultramarine
Type Albionverse Major Faction
Dev. Status Conceptual

Veillons au salut de l'Empire,
Veillons au maintien de nos lois;
Si le despotisme conspire,
Conspirons la perte des rois!
Liberte! Liberte que tout mortel te rende hommage!

-Veillons au salut de l'Empire, the national anthem of Greater France, and Arcadie as a whole.

L’Empire d’Arcadie, also known simply as Arcadie or the Arcadian Empire, is the imperial French Empire, its puppet kingdoms throughout Europe, and its colonies around the world, and it is the long time rival of the Holy Albionian Empire. Centered around the nation of Greater France, and administered by the technologically advanced metropole of Paris, Arcadie is a power to behold on the stage of the world. Having, much like Albion had, although to a lesser degree, aided the Confederacy in the War of Northern Aggression, Arcadie similarly expanded across the globe, taking much of North Africa, Indochina and Indonesia, Brazil, and dominating Europe from Lisbon to Konigsberg, all in the name and glory of the House of Napoleon. While always looking for ways to undermine and outplay the hegemonic Albionian Empire, Arcadie has more pressing matters, with the Russian Empire prowling beyond the Napoleon Line in the east, and the millions strong armies of Da Qing poised to storm Tonkin and the rest of Southeast Asia, should they sense the slightest sign of weakness in Paris. Playing their cards close, Arcadie has turned their eyes to the multitude of petty kingdoms squabbling in the Balkans, ready to welcome them into the warm embrace of the Emperor, should the time prove right.

L’Empire d’Arcadie is symbolised by the Imperial French Eagle, which has been the battle standard of the Grande Armee since the earliest days of the Empire, and was officially adopted as standard for Arcadie as a whole following the end of the Napoleonic Wars.

At a Glance

Faction Color Ultramarine
Playstyle Defensive Armoured Warfare
Theatre of Operations Urban and flat terrain
Strengths Elite infantry, strong armour, vast defensive capabilities, lots of air support options, strong airforce, strong variety of tanks and submarines
Weaknesses Focus on heavy tanks means a lack of proper 'light' tanks, overall weak navy, lack of close range infantry, defensive focus means they lack maneuverability and flexibility in the middle of an offence, slow initial build up
Motives Rivalry, Imperialism, Wealth, Glory
Basic Look The Belle Ѐpoque in full swing, with an emphasis on aesthetic beauty over practically in some cases. Much like Albion, the Fin de Siécle and Art Noveau are a large part of their aesthetic, although France from WW1 through the Interwar period is also a large amount of inspiration. Vehicles tend to lean heavier on Dieselpunk, with decorations that are more inline with Steampunk vehicles. Of course, Napoleonic influences abound about as well.



General Napoléon Louis Eugène Charles Joseph Bonaparte, Prince Imperial of the House of Bonaparte, and Heir Apparent to the Arcadian Throne

Colonel Aimee Sourisse
Voltigeur d'Impériale
Char Éléphant N4
Br.1093 Talon Fighter

General Elise de la Croix, Chief Researcher at the Grandeville Institute of Technology, Advanced Technological Warfare Section, Subsection 'Verne'

Henri LeBlanc
Droz Automata Char A2
Plongeur-Class Advanced Submarine
Nuage Coureur Imperial Gyrodyne

General Clément Dubois, Général de Brigade of the Légion Étrangère

Volonte de Fer
Chacal Sniper
Levassor EBR

La Grande Armée d'Arcadie, Armée de l'air, and Marine Nationale


Dogues de Bordeaux
Jeune Voltigeurs
17e Régiment d'artillerie
3e Régiment du Génie
5e Chasseurs du Gévaudan
DuRoi Garde Impériale Mechanical
Mortier de 200mm Poilu
Organisation Grande Armée Secrète
Nouvelle Garde de l'Arcadie


Bretagne Electric Supply Truck
Chasseur M17 AC
Joffre FT-16
Verdun Léger 7/33
L'Aiglon Char N-2
Saint-Chéron Tank
Guêpe Tank Hunter
Véhicule de Combat d'Infanterie
Grande Char de Guerre
Triomphe MCV


SPAD.XIX Baroudeur
Monch 256 Bomber
Empereur Aéronautique Porte-Avion
Marseille Dirigeable


Bateau à moteur à torpille
Fantasique-Class Destroyer
Redoubtable-Class Ironclad
Provence-Class Battleship
Saint-Décès-Class Submarine
Charlemange-Class Dreadnought
Triomphant-Class Carrier
Lafitte-Class Submarine

The Might of Arcadie Impériale

Emmanuel Cousteau
La Terreur-Class Amphibie/Aéronautique Terre-Cuirassé

Allies, Clients, and Protectorates of L'Empire d'Arcadie

The Reino de España

España Guerra MC 54

The Afrique Occidentale Française

Senegalese Voltigeurs
Light Infantry of Africa

The Regno d'Italia Pontificio

Roman Zouave
Papal Legate

The Kingdom of Danmark–Norge

Den Kongelige Livgarde
Najaden-Class Cruiser

The Königreich Preußen


The Koninkrijk Holland

War Fluyt
Pantserwagen M39

The Union Indochinoise

Tirailleurs Indochinois
Abeille Gyrocopter

The Księstwo Warszawskie

Potwór Landship

Background & Trivia