Kumun Hegemony

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Vizadakan Hegemony of All Clans of the Kumun
Kumun Hegemony Logo
Playstyle Subterranean Warfare
Faction Colour Wood Brown
Type Quantum Faction
Dev. Status Conceptual

"How does it feel, ah how does it feel?
To be on your own, with no direction home
Like a complete unknown, like a rolling stone"

- "Like A Rolling Stone" by Bob Dylan

The Kumun Hegemony can be said to be the first Quantum faction to be entirely unique to it and not either ported from the fanwiki or based on a fanwiki faction. It is a faction of literal intelligent mole people who have evolved separately from humanity in a sort of underdark of enormous cavern complexes. Convinced that humanity is doomed to destroy not only the surface world but their own world, the Kumun are starting to sally forth to protect their homes by forever eliminating the possibility that humanity can threaten them.

At A Glance

Faction Color Wood Brown
Playstyle Subterranean Warfare
Theatre of Operations Mountainous terrain, cave systems
Strengths Large numbers, most units can dig in and many can outright burrow, allowing the bypassing of many obstacles, vehicles are solidly built
Weaknesses Infantry is generally poorly armored, vehicles while possessing good damage resistance have low health, range is limited, navy and air force are weak.
Motives Homeland defense, security, genocide
Basic Look The dwarven/skaven miner's union goes to war with solid, sturdy but small and angular contraptions

Diplomatic Relations

Kumun Hegemony Diplomatic Relations
AlliedLogoThumb.png Allied Nations IconHostile.png Hostile EmiratesLogoThumb.png African League IconHostile.png Hostile AtlanteanLogoThumb.png Atlantean Ascendancy IconHostile.png Hostile
ConfederateLogoThumb.png Confederate Revolutionaries IconWar.png War CombineLogoThumb.png Technocratic Combine IconHostile.png Hostile ConcordiatLogoThumb.png Unification Concordiat IconUnknown.png Unknown
SovietLogoThumb.png Soviet Union IconHostile.png Hostile IndustryLogoThumb.png Industrial Guild IconHostile.png Hostile FylkirateLogoThumb.png Norse Fylkirate IconUnknown.png Unknown
EmpireLogoThumb.png Empire of the Rising Sun IconHostile.png Hostile ContingentLogoThumb.png Southern Contingent IconHostile.png Hostile IPDILogoThumb.png Indo-Pacific Defense Initiative IconHostile.png Hostile
TalonLogoThumb.png Order of the Talon IconWar.png War UnionistLogoThumb.png American Unionists IconWar.png War PangaeanLogoThumb.png Pangaean Generation IconWar.png War
GreenChinaLogoThumb.png Atomic Kingdom of China IconWar.png War CommonwealthLogoThumb.png Greater Indian Commonwealth IconWar.png War ReactionaryLogoThumb.png Reactionary Guard IconHostile.png Hostile
SyndicateLogoThumb.png Mediterranean Syndicate IconHostile.png Hostile FederationLogoThumb.png Cybernetic Federation IconWar.png War ConclaveLogoThumb.png Enlightened Conclave IconWar.png War
ProtectorateLogoThumb.png Electrical Protectorate IconUnknown.png Unknown EcumeneLogoThumb.png Ukrazol Ecumene IconUnknown.png Unknown KumunLogoThumb.png Kumun Hegemony N/A
ARVNLogoThumb.png Army of the Republic of Vietnam IconWar.png War PahitLogoThumb.png Pahit Dictatoriat IconHostile.png Hostile NorthKoreaLogoThumb.png Korean People's Army IconHostile.png Hostile
ReserveLogoThumb.png Allied Reservists IconHostile.png Hostile 20px Mongolian Migration IconWar.png War SouthKoreaLogoThumb.png EoK Penal Divisions IconHostile.png Hostile
BlueChinaLogoThumb.png National Revolutionary Army IconWar.png War InkarriLogoThumb.png Inkarri Theocracy IconWar.png War DarkwaterLogoThumb.png Darkwater Industries IconWar.png War
RedChinaLogoThumb.png Communist China IconWar.png War MIRLogoThumb.png Movement for International Revolution IconHostile.png Hostile CorsairsLogoThumb.png Dread Corsairs IconMixed.png Mixed
VietcongLogoThumb.png Vietcong IconWar.png War NetworkLogoThumb.png Network of Truth Seekers IconWar.png War BalkanLogoThumb.png Balkan Rebellion IconMixed.png Mixed
GLALogoThumb.png Global Liberation Army IconWar.png War PhoenixLogoThumb.png Phoenix Front IconHostile.png Hostile KatipunanLogo.png Katipunan IconHostile.png Hostile
IntIncLogoThumb.png International Inc IconNeutral.png Neutral CoalitionLogoThumb.png Coalition of Arabian Monarchies IconWar.png War 20px Forgotten Flotilla IconUnknown.png Unknown
BlackHandLogoThumb.png Cult of the Black Hand IconUnknown.png Unknown ASGLogoThumb.png Crescent Pact IconWar.png War IronFangsLogoThumb.png Iron Fangs IconHostile.png Hostile


I am a Mole and I'm Digging a Hole

The Kumun Hegemony has its origins far back in the past, where populations of a creature that shared traits with both star nosed moles and rats started digging deeper and deeper into the Earth and explored ever darker caverns. In this time before time, millions of years before the dawn of man these pre-sapient moles came upon a fascinating discovery. Miles below the surface was a network of enormous tunnels, caverns, and an underground world with areas so vast that many of them had flight capable fauna and pools of water rivaling many lakes and rivers on the surface. From the surface, these burrowing mammals colonized this new ecosystem, lit by bioluminescent fungi and creatures rather than the sun and inhabited by life that those from the surface would find strange. Evolution would take these beings down a new path. To prosper better in their environment, some of the mole populations grew smarter and larger, they developed thumbs to start manipulating their environment, and in trying to cleverly manipulate their environment and solve the puzzle of social interaction and the next day's meal, they grew smarter and cleverer, dividing into three main subspecies. The stout and tough Stone Kumun were thick of limb and short of height, being the best adapted to burrowing through tough materials; the long tailed, skinny and quick breeding Warren Kumun inhabited the various tunnels and warrens, evolving to swarm over their competition; the huge and muscular Underworld Kumun took their homes in the largest of the "underworld" expanses, having sheer power to call their own. The so called Ruler Kumun, the fourth and most reclusive variety of Kumun, arose from Kumun who needed their height to brown for food from tall funguses and to amplify the effects of their tool use; exemplified by their larger brains in proportion to their body size that caused them to become the rulers of the Kumun.

They started fashioning simple tools and weapons, developing more complex social hierarchies as they started to form tribes and clans. In time, fire was utilized by harnessing the power of things burned by the deadly flame breath of an underworld predator, and they made their own fire, treating it far more religiously and reverently than those on the surface due to fire's ability to steal oxygen, dangerous in the cramped tunnels, but also because of its power to shape the metal that they needed to master the Underworld. From their origin point, the Kumun began spreading out to all corners of the Underworld. From this deep, dark realm the descendants of these moles, with great sensitive eyes to better capitalize on the luminescence of their home, they built themselves civilization. They farmed crops of fungus and chemosynthetic plants, they tamed the wild of the Underworld as they spread across all over the world. They built themselves homes to shelter themselves against the hostile wild places of the world.

The Kumun, as they came to call themselves in the now dominant Stone Kumun language, discovered writing and metal working in good time as their civilizations entered a new era. They made war, they made art, they made song and dance, and crafted great monuments to whatever needing memorializing. One constant was that each of these cultures learned how to work the stone and metal like few on the surface ever could. While never learning how to work with things like wood for lack of trees to harvest, they did discover the utility of lighter metals such as titanium and aluminum long before the surface did to serve much the same purpose and created factory like coal powered blast furnaces while mankind was still stumbling with cottage industry, creating vast amounts of worked metal in a sort of early industrial revolution. The dangers of using coal fired machines underground were of course noted, and they quickly turned to other sources of energy, eventually discovering the mysterious metal that they dubbed elerium (when translated into our tongue, it is natively called "Urgudalak"), which they used to power their machines as well as a special compound that produced an eerie green flame when it burned, and they found it could burn even on water and several kinds of metal; or even explode if powdered (as opposed to its normal jelly form) and ignited sufficiently violently that they called "Hyruzin".

Thus the factory-forges became sacred places, and the already revered fire became a universal constant in their religions, with blacksmiths and stone masons taking on holy tones. Like the humans, they had their religions, their songs, their poems, their stories, and their flags. Elerium would be seen as a gift from their Underworld gods, and those who understood its ways were revered as wisemen above wisemen. For the longest time, Elerium was simply seen as magic, and due to a lack of a scientific method, little progress was made in advancing their primitive devices for ages. Writing, done with the dyes of common animals and fungi, written on the dried opaque film of a kind of chemosynthetic lichen, helped them record their holy works and communicate across their burgeoning countries. Like humans, they would fight, bleed, and die for these things, their homes, their religion, their languages, their families, and they cherished them no less than we would.

Sometimes these Kumun would find ways to the surface, where they found that the light was far more hateful and bright than what they were used to down and down in the deep. They found that the surface was actually, to their surprise, populated by creatures no less strange and terrifying to them than their own creatures would be to us. Some later scholars in Kumun society who had some knowledge of human society later came to believe that some early contact with the "shaved surface folk" was what lead to tales of creatures like Gnomes and Dwarves first taking root. For their part, accounts of whatever lived on the surface became tales of shaved monsters, likely suggesting that in this time immemorial, early Kumun and man often did come to blows that would be forgotten by both societies.

But writing was a much more universal and widespread invention among the Kumun than it was on the surface, and so these encounters were recorded and so better remembered. Caution would be taken with the naked men of the upperearth, but it would be enlightened caution. The other commonly encountered problem they would face would be the pointed eared gracile devils of the sea, the people of Atlantis and her other cities. The first meeting between the two people is lost to time, but according to the Kumun, the Atlanteans started initial hostilities by, in their unlimited arrogance, desecrating a treasure of great clan importance to a particular and powerful High King of the Kumun, leading to a long on and off series of conflicts between much of the Kumun species and much of the Atlantean subspecies. The Atlanteans of course, give a different reason but why would you trust those lying pointy eared scum?

The wars with the Atlanteans would give the disparate governments that ruled over the Kumun the idea of a united Kumun people, as despite the Kumun's larger numbers, the greater unity of the Atlanteans and the secrets of technology offered by the Tacitus allowed them to repeatedly hold the advantage in their secret clashes in underwater domes and in the Underworld. Though a war never recorded by surface historians as the surface world turned, with Antiquity finally perishing and giving way to the Medieval era But then the Kumun discovered something that was able to help them drive out the Atlanteans from their homes when the war had thoroughly turned against them. Firearms, as they found a way to make both gunpowder and a dropleted form of their burning jelly. The Atlanteans, terrified of fire and finding it hard to keep up with the development of Kumun cannonry, eventually came to peace talks as the Gunpowder equipped Kumun drove them back and back, eventually reaching a stalemate that ended in an unfriendly peace.

To Dig and Dig Makes Us Free!

The idea of a united Kumun people had been formed, but the hard part would be creating that unity. As soon as the war was over, old rivalries flared again and the Kumun turned to war with one another for centuries. The records spoke of constant conflict in the centuries of conflict between the end of the Atlantean wars and the rise of the Hegemony. But the nation most important to the unification of the Kumun species is almost certainly Garadogon. There the High Queen of that place dreamed of a unified people under the earth. And while most other rulers also dreamed of such a thing, it was her dream that won out. High Queen Kudurukuk proclaimed that her people must fight for the unity that had always seemed to elude not only people of her own Viziduk Ethnicity (of the Stone Kumun), but all Kumun.

Kudurukuk first fought numerous wars for the sake of uniting her own ethnicity, having to use clever diplomacy and the skilled usage of Causus Bellis to take more and more of her own people's back under her thumb. The High queen's armies battled for decades, in countless confusing and convoluted realms within the darkest, deepest realms of the Underworld. She and her Chancellor worked tirelessly to unite her nation, proclaiming the idea that all Viziduks should be as one people. Thus, the idea of a Viziduk nation was born, and further aided by the revolts of people who wanted to join the rising nation of Garadogon, Kudurukuk saw all of her people united under one crown and one high queendom. All the tribes, all the kingdoms, duchies, principalities, republics, clans and more of her people now pledged allegiance to her throne, which she renamed the Empire of Vizadaka.

In the more surfacewards conflicts of the Viziduk unification wars, her soldiers claimed to encounter armored humans bearing the symbol of a golden eagle and a black shield. They told her of their battle with these armored figures bearing crosses and clad in fine metals even stronger than what the Kumun could create, a thought terrifying to the Kumun who prided themselves on the quality of their mastery of the stuff of the Earth. The motivations and the identities of these attackers was never made clear to Kumun historians, but it was known that they were violent and powerful, and unlike many other surface raiders, meticulously mapped out the passages of the under-earth they found. But Kudurukuk died before anything could be done, and her successors were far more interested in finishing the dream of uniting all Kumun people than dealing with any surface raiders, so the incident was buried in the pages of history.

The Kumun unification wars would span centuries. Continuing improvements, though not guided by a scientific method for many years, were made as the Kumun sought to unite themselves under one flag or the other. Due to the long lives and fast breeding of the Kumun, wars often stretched on for a long time and were generally bloody, protracted affairs. Whereas the scientific method in the world above was a product of peacetime enlightenment philosophers, the scientific method was instead formulated centuries into the unification wars to gain military edges over opponents. As more and more smaller countries disappeared into empires or ethnically homogenous nations, the various wars spread across Kumun history got increasingly more violent.

Numerous Vidaka rulers took to the throne in these times, usually meeting their end either by assassination or dying on the battlefield as tradition asked that they lead from the front. But the dream of a united Kumun peoples proved to be inescapable. Even as technology marched on and the industrial revolution truly got underway with the harnessing of electricity and the application of mathematics and science to their earlier religious industrial practices, the Kumun went from pike and shot formations to testing out automatic weaponry and massed explosives in wars of colonization, unification, and conquest. Finally in the very late 1800s, a great power war was fought, one that stretched until 1933, a conflict that would finally answer the question of who would dominate Kumun politics. And that answer was a very firm "Vizadaka" as the treaty of Urgukak proclaimed the foundation of the Hegemony.

Rather than outright conquer the other peoples, a Hegemony was established. A blanket organization for all Kumun people where each of the fighting nations would be represented at a council with their own sub-parliaments. Though Vizadaka would dominate this hegemony, as the name implied, all the nations of the entire Kumun species would be represented and their borders would be respected even as they were now turned into protectorates of Vizadaka. Now, there was at last unity and peace after so much warfare. A day of celebration was declared even as those who had met their doom on the battlefield were mourned. A new age was finally established. An age of the Hegemony. And it was hoped that would be the end of war for the Kumun.

We Do Not Fear What Lies Above

But that hoped for peace proved to be short-lived. For the first time, the Kumun started to grow truly concerned with the progress of civilization above them. Mankind was growing ever more adept at destroying itself and threatening the safety of everything else that shared the planet with it. The second world war was a cause of some concern, though many Kumun disregarded it. After all, Humanity was still using standard explosives with some sprinklings of chemical weapons. The war wasn't even as lethal as their last so called "world" war in terms of humans killed by the conflict, though the MAD tanks certainly were a cause for concern due to their seismic nature. Even the outbreak of the third world war did not really worry the Kumun, the weapons that humanity used; while imaginative, were not particularly more destructive than standard explosives. Sometime during the third world war however, the Hegemony came from attack by the surface and a great many kumun were killed by gas attacks and explosives causing cave ins. When the attackers assaulted the palace, Garadata found to her horror that her brood was slaughtered to the last. Too old to reproduce any further, this meant that her bloodline was extinguished and would end with her. Pained and anguished, she discovered that this was the work of humans instead of simple human pawns of rival kumun factions, and vowed to wipe out the human race so that they would all know what it was like to lose their children.

Though powerful, Garadata could not singlehandedly summon the Kumun to war; despite the brutal murder of her brood and a series of destructive attacks started but many Kumun did not yet feel that retaliation was needed. Yes it was tragic, but not all humans could surely be like those who struck in the month of woes. But like the Atlanteans, what really set them off was the usage of nuclear weaponry in the closing phase of the Chinese Civil war. For the first time, humanity had unlocked the capacity to destroy itself and spread ruin to all the Earth. This could no longer be tolerated. The time to wage war to defend the world from the folly of man had come, the people of stone would have to punish the men of the overworld for playing with toys they could not possibly control. To the mass approval of her fellow Kumun, Grand High Queen and Supreme Hegemon Garadata declared that no longer could the Kumun just idly stand by and watch as the world burned, finally rallying Kumunkind to her desire to punish humanity for their role in the deaths of her brood and the month of woes. Though low level conflicts with strangers and rebels had forced the Kumun to remain at the ready in the decades since the declaration of peace in the Underworld, this would be the first time that the Kumun had experienced total war in more than thirty years. Garadata called for an army of vast size to have her vengeance.

Hundreds of millions of clansfolk answered the call to war and the forges churned out a vast panoply of everything needed for war; forming an army numbering in the billions. Propaganda reels were created, assuring the Hegemony of the inevitability of victory and the very real nature of the threat from the peoples above. Molerats of learning were contacted and put their minds towards the ways of war as a truly frightful mobilization was undertaken for the sake of the entire world. As the Chinese civil war began dying down and Atomic China rose, the Kumun Hegemony began to send out its first feelers onto the surface to determine the extent of the threat posed by humanity and to act as a vanguard for the full scale war machine that was waiting behind them. Due to their mastery of the world of the Underworld, the Kumun could easily pick and choose their battles and retreat before anyone could be alerted of the forces working to literally undermine human civilization.

But in these vanguard conflicts and skirmishes, the Hegemony's initial suspicions about other mysterious forces at work intensified. The men in their blessed steel were found to be more than just rumor, the purple and silver tide of machines was a threat much vaster than they had initially anticipated from their initial skirmishes with burrowing elements of the protectorate, the stars themselves seemed to be bringing forth great numbers of heavenborne aggressors, and men were pouring forth from another reality in two varieties, one shouting about mankind's destiny, the other shouting about their great gods. And this was before one counted those who, while not fully secret, involved themselves heavily with the secret world, and of course those who were wholly invested in the world s it appeared to be.

Furthermore, the Confederate Revolutionaries were heavily involving themselves into furthering their research in seismic technology and were continually working to expand their reach underground to keep out of the reach of Allied and Unionist airpower. The Network eagerly sought to uncover the secrets of what lay beneath, the Unionists, Soviets, and Cybernetic Federation both sought to build and expand heavily underground to keep their most precious assets safe. The Combine and Allies, seeking to both preserve more delicate resources and explore the uncharted depths of the underground world, were also furthering their tunneling efforts. These and other programs made to build and grow in a dimension relatively untouched by mankind until now further deepened the worry of the Hegemony, which seems moribound on a collision course with the world above.

And so the Hegemony has constructed a plan to forever eliminate the threat of the surface world. Devastate the world above, level all traces of industrial civilization and roll back the clock of human development to the medieval era. Cut down the human population down to a manageable one hundred and fifty million, excepting some populations of humans who can be trusted to help watch over the reduced population of the shaved surface creatures for the Kumun. Then colonize the surface world to keep a close eye on their corralled populations of humans. This would require a war of apocalyptic proportions, one that the Hegemony feels is necessary to protect Kumun civilization. That it requires the kneecapping of human civilization is irrelevant to the leaders of the hegemony. An army more than four billion strong will be readied to crush the human-things under a carpet of fur and teeth.


Build Mechanics

All kumun structures are produced from their conyard equivalent, which sends out underground teams to the designated build site to create the structure and link it to the tunnel network. All Kumun structures can function as entrances into these tunnels, and construction on a site does not begin until the team; marked by a looney toons style line of raised ground moving towards the site, reaches it. The farther from the main structure the site is, the longer it takes for construction to start.

Power Mechanics

Tier Mechanics

Tiers are unlocked by researching technologies at the Forge-temple that provide for assorted minor upgrades like the Allied protocol screen, forming a relatively simple tech three one can ascend to unlock more units and structures.


Gatling Guns: While not unique to the Kumun, the Hegemony is perhaps the faction most strongly fond of gatling weaponry. The longer Kumun gatling weapons fire, the faster they fire; up to a certain point, and they never stop firing until the target is no longer acquirable.

Electrochemical Guns: A special sort of chemical propellant that uses electricity in its firing mechanisms, electrochemical guns provide superior velocity to standard chemical propellence and makes for a rather distinctive muzzle flash that makes them more easily identifiable from those using standard guns. When range or armor piercing ability is important, ETC guns are used.

Green Fire: A strange sort of chemical with many unusual properties, Green Fire is named as such because it well...burns green. And it burns extremely intensely and will burn on just about anything. Only the Talon's flamethrowers can boast of burning hotter, but they can't boast of being able to produce electricity like bolts when ignited by electricity. When ignited by electricity, it forms a directable arc of energy that will strike a target with a stream of devastating ions before leaping to the next target and the next until it runs out of energy. Similarly, green fire makes for a great fuel air explosive.

Elerium: Generally used in energy production, Elerium's strange properties make it highly conductive to the production and transmission of energy and is utilized in just about every Kumun system that utilizes electricity; particularly their EMP weapons.

Electro-Magnetic Pulses: Firing bolting arcs of electromagnetic energy, these weapons shut down enemy vehicles and structures which is of tremendous value to the Kumun and their rather slow overall military.

Burrowing: As one could guess, the Hegemony has no equals in the arts of burrowing and tunneling, and from there, they can wreak many sorts of mischief with the technology they developed to assist in their burrowing abilities. Their super weapon is perhaps the most flashy example of what they can do to an enemy they are burrowing beneath.

The Vermintide

"They're everywhere! A tide of vermin scratching and clawing beneath our feet! In our own arrogance we've awakened the rage of the Earth itself and they will not rest until we are all destroyed! They teem in a tide of vermin beyond counting, striking us at their leisure! We cannot survive this, none of us can survive this! Death, by God, Death is here!"

-Last words of famed adventurer Jorge Núñez, discovered by a team of explorers


Turgarajun The central construction facility of any hegemonic base, these imposing structures are solidly built and largely underground but otherwise are much like any other conyard. Notably, the Kumun MCV equivalent can also be built here in the later stages of a battle.
Muzumjun The Kumun barracks equivalent, the Muzumjun houses the hordes of fighters that the Moleratmen beneath the earth can call.
Uristajun The Kumun refinery is a quite special place, as their subterranean cultures attach a great deal of importance and reverence to mining. In addition to standard refinery duties, it also serves as a secondary power plant, with the Kumun being so effective at mining that they can use excess materials from ore such as fossil fuels to feed a turbine to add some extra power.
Jusktajun A seemingly ordinary power plant, the Jusktajun can have engineers garrisoned who offer extra power by digging up extra fuel and further purifying the fuel they receive.
Ortajun Vehicles are produced from this forge, rolling out to serve on the battlefield.
Porlanjun Forge temples where more sophisticated weapons can be requisitioned, Porlanjuns purchase the upgrades needed to progress up tiers, they also call on the vicious Vidakan guard.
Runarjun Enormous drilling facilities, Runarjuns periodically bring up small patches of ore that can be harvested late in a battle as ore veins run low; helping to keep up the tempo of battle even in its late stages, and they also produce support vehicles.
Yurkajun These airfields have four pads and four launch rails with which they send Hegemonic aircraft into the skies to do battle with the enemies of the Kumun.
Estarajun Naval facilities, these produce the warships of the kumun, not particularly impressive, but one makes do with what they have.
Qarastran The secondary superweapon of the Hegemony is a huge tunneling device that allows a tunnel entrance to be opened anywhere. While tunneling units do not travel instantly, units in these tunnels travel faster thanks to the rails set up in them, allowing any unit that uses the tunnels made by a Qarastran to arrive in an unpleasant area with haste and safety. Note that the tunnel on the other end can be destroyed however.
Xarastran The primary superweapon of the Hegemony is a variation on the secondary one. Sending boring machines beneath the designated target, the Xarastran creates huge fissures that swallow up an enemy force, sending ground units plummeting to their doom and sea targets down for a sudden; massive dip as these tunnels are then exploded with huge amounts of high explosives left behind by the tunneling machines to open up large chasms. When used over land, aircraft are hardly safe either as debris flies up in all directions and dust fouls up engines.


Manzin The Manzin is a rather simple structure really; a tunnel entrance with a simple twin 17mm machine gun turret on top that can also elevate to harass aircraft, though its primary duty is not as a machine gun position.
Istrazain These anti-infantry turrets wield a pair of 33mm electrochemical gatling cannons that absolutely tear infantry to shreds and fire faster and faster the longer they fire to the point of even being a danger to light vehicles, and can elevate their guns to target aircraft as well.
Yestuzin This anti-air position packs a 117mm fast loading dual purpose cannon that give incoming aircraft what for as they dump explosive flak rounds into the air with the intent of keeping Kumun skies clear, though they can also depress far enough to turn their attentions to vehicles.
Postarnzin Multi-purpose missile launchers, Postarnzins split their focus between lobbing long ranged rockets filled with green fire jelly and long ranged anti-aircraft missiles which prove to be especially devastating to slower aircraft; helping to keep the Kumun skies clear of incoming planes.
Hinstrazin A tower with a potent EMP cannon that can easily stunlock an incoming vehicle from a distance, the Hinstrazin helps to lock up vehicular advances for other defenses to deal with at their leisure. Like its vehicular counterpart, the Hinstrazin can also fire area of effect pulses that don't stop enemies nearly as long, but slow down more of the enemy advance.
Narastrazin The most dangerous defensive structure of the Hegemony, the Marastrazin has a pair of lethal green lightning projectors that can vaporize ground targets in a hell of bolts, or acquire aircraft to offer a very definitively final answer to the problem of aircraft, making it a tremendously versatile, if expensive and power consuming, defense. It does need time to switch between modes however.
Rustinak A simple ditch much like the soviet trench, the Rustinak also has a roof that offers some added protection for the infantry inside these simple barriers.
Tustinak A more complex wall made with sturdy Kumun engineering, the Tustinak is a thick, sturdy wall that while not able to squirrel infantry away in, is thick, durable, and when upgraded, can have 7.8mm machine guns at regular intervals that find much use in annoying aircraft getting near. Another upgrade allows turrets to be built into the towers of the wall at sparser but still regular intervals (or corners).
Uzdanak The gates that go with Tustinaks, Uzdanaks when upgraded have beefier 11.2mms on their edges when upgraded to further improve the Kumun fortress.

Support Vehicles

Estrahazgruk The MCV equivalent of the Kumun functions much like any of its other kin, setting up the central Kumun structure from which all others will be built.
Mordgrak The Kumun Mining vehicle, due to the Kumun value placed on mining, is armed with a thirty four millimeter autocannon, and the boring machine can if threatened; immediately burrow to beneath the Earth to escape the attentions of intruders, though it certainly does move slower while it operates underground, presenting the choice of whether one wants safe or speedy ore transport.
Orazagrak Making use of powerful flares, the Orazagrak can cause some flame damage, but its main purpose is to blind, and when it fires into the air; it can reveal hidden sections of the map
Uranagruk An earth moving device, the Uranagruk can reduce the elevation of some areas and create ramparts in others, shifting the ground around to create quick ditches and ramparts.
Nuzunagruk Meant to protect other vehicles, the Nuzunagruk fire can fry incoming projectiles out of the way or interfere with incoming energy blasts. These useful vehicles can also fire winch cables useful for dragging vehicles back to base for recovery and repair.
Poranagruk Nicknamed the underminer, the Poranagruk can both rapidly create trenchlines for Kumun troops to occupy and also send large numbers of enemies plummeting into the sinkholes they leave behind. If confronted above ground, they let loose green fire bolts at the offending target from their drillheads, potential causing grievous harm


Gurduk The basic Kumun warrior, the Gurduk is a Warren Kumun armed with a bullpup carbine for ranged combat and a dangerous shovel if attacked in melee, along with razor sharp incisors capable of biting out a man's throat and claws instead of nails. The Gurduk is capable of quickly digging out a trench that he can immediately occupy as a garrisonable spot.
Judik Tamed predators from the underearth, these evolutionary relics of the Paleozoic era resemble shaggy, foreclawed Gorgonopsids, and these three meter predators are quite willing to tear out throats with their huge saberteeth or vicious claws. If threatened, Judiks can foul up the accuracy of enemy attackers by tearing free and kicking up a large cloud of dirt that helps to conceal units behind them. Furthermore, their keen noses are quite skilled at picking out infiltrators who are liable to wish that these Permian throwbacks stayed in the pages of a paleontology book.
Karduk Part of a two unit team to deal with enemy armor, the Karduk is a Stone Kumun that lugs around a special piledriver device that sends directed shockwaves at a vehicle that quickly immobilizes it and deals slow damage over time while the vehicle is unable to move; though the Karduk also excels against structures. Instead of stopping a single vehicle however, a Karduk can instead create a wide seismic wave that slows down all units around it, including your own; so be careful!
Mazaduk Underworld Kumun who are the Killers to the Karduk's Hunters, the Mazaduk wields a massive chainsaw and thick armor capable of carving open vehicles, hacking through even the front armor of tanks as the enormous Kumun drives their weapon through the vehicle or the battlesuit. Upon being asked, Mazaduks are capable of quickly burrowing themselves entirely, where they can move through the ground at a slow pace.
Orzaduk The Engineers of the Kumun are also fierce fighters, these stone kumun using semi-automatic shotguns as they close in to steal structures and if pressed in melee, are quite lethal with their e-tools as well. Orzaduks can also leave behind minefields for enemies to stumble upon.
Uruduk A warren Kumun and stone Kumun pair (the warren Kumun is usually the gunner while the stone Kumun spots and makes sure the gun is calibrated) using a staggeringly long jezzail sniper, the Uruduks are the snipers of the Hegemony's tides of vermin. Some snipers deal a great deal of damage, others are quick firing, penetrate multiple targets, can shoot on the move, fire over obstacles, or are masters of stealth; Uruduks just have a great deal of range. An atypical amount of range for a Kumun unit in fact. Uruduks have supplies of special "yukrak" bullets that can be fired at a battlesuit or light vehicle to harm them as effectively as they do normal infantry, though these are expensive rounds and are carefully rationed out.
Razaduk The suppressors of the Kumun are Underwurld Kumun who wield gatling guns with the kind of ease only creatures as huge and strong as they could possibly hope to. Razaduks let out enormous quantities of rounds that are dangerous to infantry and to a lesser extent, softer light vehicles and battlesuits. Due to their general lack of accuracy, they generally suppress better than they damage, but they can be asked to load up their guns with explosive rounds and then sweep them; mincing soft targets caught in the cone.
Kanaduk Stone Kumun carrying a strange contraption, the Kanaduks are given the job of keeping aircraft away, firing special surface to air missiles out of their deployable contraption. These are no ordinary missiles though, as they hit the enemy aircraft and then bore in with a drill face before releasing self-locomoting buzzsaws inside that go in every which direction cutting up what they can before their short lived batteries run dry. While not as good as more instant means of damage for dealing with quick moving aircraft, the Kanaduk is very threatening to aircraft that loiter a great deal. When they deploy, the machine takes the time to burrow itself partially, requiring some degree of forward planning to make proper use of it.
Eshinaduk Warren Kumun assassins, Eshinaduks make moderate usage of psionics to help their stealth (generally through subtle psychic misdirection) and feats of daring. The Eshinaduks seek out targets to deal with via throwable bombs that create eerie green flames and can burn even on water (which are also quite useful against garrisoned foes) as well as lethally poisoned short swords and punching daggers that can kill a man in seconds. Even capable of traversing water, Eshinaduks can infiltrate buildings to steal secrets for the Kumun. Eshinaduks can use their abilities for a misdirect; temporarily making enemies ignore them (represented as them temporarily engaging stealth even when moving).
Mandaduks Stone Kumun repairmen and Doctors, Mandaduks are quite vocal about letting others know that they'd prefer to go around in a transport, but they are still capable of delivering healing and repairs, though not quite as fast as dedicated specialists in either field. They do however, have the unique ability to administer repairs and healing while inside of a transport or building, and can set up a quick two person dug out in which they can heal another person in greater safety.
Hordaduks Underworld Kumun who use huge drum fed grenade launchers and act as leaders among Kumun forces, Hordaduks provide both light fire support (hitting more like a mortar than a normal grenade launcher) with grenades loaded with rounds that spill forth the green flame as well as inspiration, capable of letting out a great rallying cheer to try and motivate the fellow members of the vermintide.
Ezeen Hakka An eccentric Warren Kumun inventor, Ezeen primarily gets along via her wide array of gadgets. Vehicles she tests special borer grenades against, letting sawblades run rampant in their interior. Infantry are targets she pits against right arm mounted special wrist-mounted eerie-flame projector, toasting them alive. Structures she deals with by making use of her miniaturized rumble charges that try to shake the whole thing apart over time. Ships she gets in after carving open a hole with her equipment. In melee she engages with a large claw on the flame projector arm and a chainsaw tipped staff. She is also capable of simply burrowing into the earth and moving through there at her regular pace; though it is worth noting that Ezeen is very much not a fast commando and is most suited for sweeping away chaff rather than taking on priority targets. Her designs for her armor are still very much experimental and help further contribute to her general slowness.


Puzagruk The main form of armored personnel carrier for the Kumun, Puzagruks burrow deep through the earth and move at high speeds through there, bringing Kumun infantry to where they are needed with absolute safety. Though unarmed, the drill of a Puzagruk can be extremely nasty for those on the receiving end if it brings itself into contact with them.
Managruk A Kumun equivalent to the light tank, the Managruk is a vehicle with a pair of 19mm electrochemical gatling capable of burrowing through the Earth to get into striking distance of an enemy; where upon it unloads with a barrage of rounds that are quite capable of pounding through the more thinly armored parts of an enemy tank and making mince meat out of light vehicles and most battlesuits or harassing aircraft.
Urangagruk The Kumun Main Battle tank is a rather unusual vehicle, made out of angled flat plates, its hull is shaped like a gem stone, topped with a remote controlled turret that houses a gun that is quite huge for the turret its in by human standards, a powerful electro-chemical 117mm cannon that can quickly devastate the targets it acquires with a large wallop of firepower, though it fires quite slowly. Urangagruks can fire a powerful flasher charge that moderately damages and concusses targets (particularly soft targets) caught by what amounts to an enormous flash bang shell.
Tyranzagruk A light artillery unit that shoots burrowing mole bombs, the Tyranzagruk blasts open the bottoms of vehicles and puts holes in infantry formations or can fire time delayed bombs that become landmines.
Porkagruk The Kumun way of extracting targets that refuse to come out of their cover, the Prokagruk fires a large airburst round from its wide 163mm mortar, which explodes inside a building or over a trenchline and releases the green flame all over the target, incinerating everything caught by the blast and depriving areas targeted of oxygen. In an emergency, Prkagruks can be made to fire a single extra-charge shell which shatters the earth where it lands and forming an impassable wall for a while, but damage the vehicle in the process due to the stress.
Yirzagruk The Kumun form of the tank destroyer, the Yirzagruk fires a special variant of the green flame that manifests itself as eerie green lightning that arcs between multiple targets (generally three) like a form of chain lightning, bubbling, boiling and melting their way through vehicular armor to deal targeted vehicles an unearthly form of hurt. Yirzagruks are capable of digging themselves into the ground to fortify themselves and add to their defensive abilities.
Ryzangruk Need aircraft out of the way? Look no further than the Ryzangruk! With twin 65mm autocannons, two 17mm electrochemical heavy machine guns, and a pair of dual missile launchers much like upsized versions utilized by their infantry brethern, Ryzangruks are particularly dangerous for the health of aircraft overhead. The Ryzangruk is capable of burying everything but the turret, making it a very difficult target for air attack and making it impossible to see from the air until it attacks.
Opranagruk While the Kumun don't particularly need artillery a great deal, they still have built a basic sort of long ranged gun in the form of the Opranagruk. Firing green flame shells with an elerium trigger; following the penetration of the target's armor with the burrowing tip and its subsequent detonation, the material forms a cloud that is then sparked by the elerium, making a dazzling blast that is generally best at structure killing. To deal with infantry the gun needs to fire non-burrowing shells, requiring some time to change its ammunition loadout.
Izanagruk A support vehicle, the Izanagruk's main job is to let loose with an arc of EMP to disable and halt enemy vehicles to stop them from escaping the rest of the Kumun army or shut down defenses to open up a way for the rest of the kumun to take them down. Firing quickly enough to lock down a pair of vehicles at a time, they can instead fire area of effect bolts that shut down vehicles for less time, but disable more of them at a time.
Xyrkanagruk The superheavy of the Kumun is not quite a direct equivalent of the apocalypse tank, but is instead meant to facilitate the travel of Kumun land forces. While appreciably well armed with a 55mm gatling cannon and twin sponson mounted 117mm smoothbore guns, the main purpose of the Xyrkanagruk is not to fight, but to bore huge tunnels that other units could use. When commanded, the Xyrkanagruk will tilt downwards and excavate a large permanent tunnel that can be used by friendly units for quick and safe travel. Though it's worth noting that the Xyrkanagruk takes time to finish its tunnel roughly equivalent to getting there in the first place, and after digging and reinforcing the tunnel; needs time to restock on the supplies to make another stable tunnel, during which it is vulnerable to attack.

Vidakan Guard

Vurmaduks Vicious Warren Kumun special forces teams, the Vurmaduks lead a furious assault with electrochemical shotguns and chain blades, their strong armour deflecting shots that would kill their lesser counterpart, meanwhile personal burrowing devices let them set up "boom tubes" where they can quickly access collapsible rocket sleds on rails to get from place to place quickly after setting up the tunnels.
Rukladuks Stone Kumun devotees of the poisoner aspect of their dread god, Rukladuks are completely wrapped in hazmat suits and spread incredibly noxious chemicals that can even infiltrate vehicle armour, leading to a rapid; blood vomiting death to enemies hit by their sprayers; and they can also throw globule grenades filled with the noxious diploting and degarrisoning gas.
Onzaguk Underworld Kumun with heavy arm cannons firing devastating green fire ladened rounds and left arms bearing vicious gauntlets with chainclaws, Onzaduks can also fire EMP rockets from their back to disable enemy units as they work to create beachheads in the opening phases of a tunnel assault.
Pronargaduk Part of the rare ruler Kumun subspecies, Pronargduks are powerful psychics and are frightfully tall at four meters, targets who get close are met with the chain-glaives that are the symbols of their office, but those who try to fight them at range find themselves lifted off their feet into the range of anti-air weapons and then slammed into the ground for heavy damage, or they can create a gout of fire that burns everything in a cone in front of them.
Ilzanagruk Specialized assault vehicles, Ilzanagruks have whole body tread systems that allow for traversing of any terran; where their green-fire lightning cannons can be used to devastating effect, or special concussion rounds can be fired out of a central cannon to blow apart walls and throw infantry around while stunning vehicles; letting the other Kumun push forward.
Morzagruk A special contraption meant to house a Pronargaduk or multiple lesser kumun varieties, the Morzagruk amplifies their psychic power to lift enemy units and use them as projectiles against other units or shield other units with the lifted forms of the enemy.


Tyranahuk The Kumun fighter is really more of an interceptor with a lot of added range. Fired off of launch rails, these aircraft have a number of rockets on their body to let them turn better than their rather bullet like construction would otherwise allow, while they seek to down aircraft with four 16mm electrochemical gatling gun fire, giving it direly short range but also obliterating aircraft it gets into contact with. The secondary orders it to fire up its afterburners and return home.
Ikonahuk The Kumun ground attack craft opens fire with two green lightning projectors meant to melt tanks into slag while green fire rockets set infantry ablaze below them. These turboprob aircraft are not the fastest in a world of supersonic jets, but they pack enough punch to get the job done and like the Tyranahuk, can be made to return to base with a single order, but not before releasing an immense amount of lightning around it.
Ulhanahuk The Kumun strategic bomber is a turboprob engined craft carrying a bomb-load of mole bombs that burrow deep into the Earth before detonating Elerium bolstered bombs that shake and rumble everything around them, stunning those who they land. While targets directly hit by the bombs are done for, these bombs are best suited against structures who cannot avoid them for obvious reasons.
Turehuk A scouting gyrocopter, the Turehuk simply carries a single 17mm machine gun and the systems to root out stealthed enemies that might avoid their animals before gunning them down, though they prefer to be accompanied by the Gorkahuks. On command, Turehuks can land to carry single infantry men for sneaky insertions.
Gorkahuk Rather simple helicopters, Gorkahuks harass enemy positions with nose-mounted 21mm gatling gun fire and borer missile fire that is respectable against most targets. The secondary is where the oddity comes in however, as it fires an arcing EMP bolt that shuts down multiple enemy targets and leaves them immobile and vulnerable to Kumun attack.


While the Kumun Navy is quite weak, it still packs some teeth.

Yurzanak A patrol boat meant for keeping lighter combatants away from the Hegemony's fleets and giving aircraft a little something to consider, Yurzanaks are armed with two 24mm gatling cannons that can depress enough to open fire on ground/sea targets. The secondary shifts it between anti-ground/sea and anti-air mode.
Zaranak The Primary Destroyer of the Hegemony is armed rather humbly with four 113mm guns that turn rather obnoxiously slowly while simultaneously repeatedly getting *something* knocked out virtually every time it's hit. The secondary allows it to release a spread of controllable mole bombs, but best watch who gets hit by those!
Nanarnak The Subhunter of the Hegemony is much like that of the indians, in that its a submarine itself. With torpedoes best suited to breaching pressure hulls, the Nanarnak is less suited for dealing with heavily armored vessels; which it can only handle by activating its underside drill which can pierce through thicker armor, but is more a move of desperation than anything else.
Hurgnak The most impressive element of the Kumun fleet is actually its anti-air system, which has four double quad packs of borer SAMs and 27mm gatling guns and a pair of double 89mm guns. Not really fitting neatly into any human classification, the Hurgnak is a cruiser sized ship that relentlessly devastates aircraft. When asked, the Hurgnak opens fire with a massive number of machine guns that causes nearby aircraft to panic and be unable to receive attack commands.
Urgalnak The bombardment ship of the Hegemony fleet, the Urgalnak fires what amounts to supersized versions of the guns mounted on the Kumun land based artillery from four double turrets. Capable of firing their shells to land in one area to crack the ground they land on, the Urgalnak is not particularly powerful next to the mighty dreadnought, but its the best they've got.

Behind the Scenes

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