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Place of Origin Where angst and loneliness is
Trained/Produced at Junkyards near Clubhouses
Key Features » 'Ruined Earth' Cannon
» 'Requiem' MGs (x2)
» Sensor mines
» Immense amounts of metal and concrete
» X-Com player (set to depressing classical music)

Tactical Analysis

  • Self-explanatory: A bulldozer built to kill, the Killdozer is armed with a massive WWI artillery cannon that few other vehicles could carry and two machine guns at the sides for anti-infantry work. The slabs of concrete and metal sheets only make it even tougher, if slower.
  • This is mine: Specially modified, the killdozer can plant a sensor mind on the field to track enemy movements, as well as serve as a nasty surprise for any enemy unit that passes overhead.
  • Killing myself slowly: Despite being nigh-impossible to break with small arms, the Killdozers aren't designed to survive for long against HEAT shells or aircraft strikes. And forget about going against ships or running away from trouble.
  • Ramming speed: With trial and error, some killdozer drivers can finally train themselves to drive into an enemy building without getting stuck in the foundation and forced to "surrender".


"I'm gonna wreck it!"

- Radio transmission from a killdozer operator before destroying the city hall of Boseman, MT.

Some men believe they are wronged not on a national level, or even a state level. Some men are just angry at their local body politic. They scream to high heaven on how their police are harassing them, how the schools don't educate their kids right, how the local utilities keep pricing them to destitution. An international conspiracy was nothing compared to the fact that their lives were being taken away one dollar at a time. This of course ignores the fact that they're usually angry, lonely people who prefer to yell at a problem instead of try to talk through an issue like an adult.

But the Third Eye makes no exceptions as to who is welcome in the Network, and many angry, lonely people flocked to the clubhouse doorsteps. Of course, there were some teething issues. They derided many of the survivalists for not actually trying to fix anything, or the cryptid, UFO, and ghost hunters for not focusing on "real" problems. There were many incidents of these loners nearly getting into fistfights with private eyes over "not being real cops".

The Third Eye came up with a novel solution for these problems. With some creative word wrangling, they informed these lonely people that their problems were not only caused by these international forces, but exacerbated by them. He advised them to find a way to strike back at these armored opponents, and that would leave behind the "fantasy-minded kids" in the clubhouses.

Almost everyone but the Third Eye was shocked when they came from their work driving a fleet of modified construction vehicles, each made into a veritable armored monster. Concrete was poured over the metal and held in place by further metal sheets and slabs. Two machine guns stuck out from the sides ready to fire on any infantry that would try and get close. Most impressive of all was the mighty artillery piece stuck to the roof, capable of rocking enemy tanks and infantry to pieces and severely damaging enemy structures. Satisfied, the Third Eye allowed them to go forth, and wreak their furious "vengeance" on their enemies.

ACIN observers watching had to prove to their "superiors" that the scenes they described were real. The dozers shrugged off gunfire, even Javelin missles had difficulty penetrating the "armor" thick enough to turn the killdozer into a mobile bunker. One Reservist base had to call in a flight of Hawkers to destroy one that was nearly overrunning the nearby town. Though these killdozers are few and far between, enough exist that eliminating them is a priority to Allied commanders that face the Network.

Despite their seeming invicibility, the killdozers have two weaknesses. First, they're ponderously slow to the point of incredulity. Once the shock wears off, the enemy soon realizes that they're facing some modified construction equipment. Second, their drivers are often so convinced of their own self-importance that failure never enters into the equation. This often results in a kicking, screaming man being dragged out of a killdozer shouting how he was doing what was right, dammit, and that the people hauling him out are just trying to oppress him.

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