Katyusha Spotter Walker

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Country of Origin  Union of Soviet Socialist Republcics USSRthumb.gif
Produced at  Baikanour Cosmodrome
Key Features  » Orbital Particle Accelerator Cannon target designator
 » Eight walking legs
 » Orbital EMP cannon target designator
 » Gateways 1966 Computer operation System
 » "My gun is bigger than yours" sticker
SATV-27X "Katyusha Cannon" Target Designator
Katyushas designating Epsilon targets
Faction SovietLogoThumb.png Communist International
Unit Type Light Vehicle
Designation Heavy Artillery
Production Building Tank Factory
Secondary Ability Fire EMP burst (EMPs all targets within a targeted area)
Cost 2000
Production Time 20 seconds
Heroic Upgrade Ionized Projectiles (The particle blasts are preceded by beams that ionize the air, that the particle blasts detonate for more AoE and more damage)
Dev. Status

Tactical Analysis

  • And reach for the soldier on the far-away border: The Katyusha Spotter walker has proven to be a valuable form of artillery as it makes sure that no enemy can avoid getting singled out for annihiliation from above, taking them out with particle fury from the heavens that deal incredible damage and are deadly accurate. Though it takes a bit of locking on to get a satellite to fire, once they do; the target is as good as gone.
  • Along with greetings from Katyusha: The Katyusha Satellites that the walkers call on also can fire EMP blasts to shut down entire advances at a time, preventing anyone or anything from moving any further and shutting down base defenses to let your own forces through or structures to prevent them from firing. These EMP blasts do have a significant area of effect though; so aim carefully.
  • Let him remember an ordinary girl,: Katyushas are not well armoured and fold very quickly if caught at close range by enemy forces with any modicum of anti-vehicle fire, and for safety reasons; have a significant minimum range, and are of course unable to do anything about aircraft that have them dead to rights. Furthermore, their rate of fire is quite poor, and they can be swarmed as long as the enemy doesn't come from predictable angles
  • Let him preserve the Motherland,: The best Katyusha SPotter walkers are given access to new Katyusha Satellites that first ionize the air of their designated targets before firing the particle blast; which allows for substantially increased firepower and armour penetration powers, meant that even the hardiest of targets are going to be blasted out of their hidey holes, while the increased area of effect can carve through even hordes of enemies.


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