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Tactical Analysis

  • BAYAN O SARILI? (Your country or yourself?)
  • MGA TRAYDOR! (Traitors!)
  • PUNYETA! (!@#$!)


"It was morning when the Empire attacked from the ocean. Their technology was unbelievable, their numbers more so. Lasers, robots. From my fellowmen I heard of large-hatted men rise from the ground and ripped a jeep in half. They appeared to come from another world. The way they worked was horrible as well.

We fought, all of us. If anyone is reading this, please believe me when I say that an entire nation took arms against a foe far greater than them. We had the support of the Americans, although the surprise came a bit too overwhelming. They had aircraft and bases across the Philippines when Japan attacked. They may or may not be still fighting.

The news said we were getting freedom. It seems they were wrong."

- An excerpt from an unknown man's journal that details the Japanese invasion. Translated to English for foreign readers.
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