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"Let us park over there."

- Jurassic tank crew.

Tactical Information

  • No finer tank: No other main battle tank can challenge the Jurassic in a stand-up fight. It not only possesses an admirable blend of firepower, armor, speed, and soft factors, but due to the Imilki's better understanding of many of the relevant sciences, it is simply built to a higher quality.
  • FREEM: By delaying it's firing to accumulate more energy into it's capacitors for it's hard-light cannon, the Jurassic can fire a single massive beam that deals tremendous single target damage.
  • Water? No problem!: Due to it's cavorite based anti-gravity systems, the Jurassic is quite capable of going over the water without any appreciable loss in speed to engage sea-based targets or enact amphibious landings.
  • It's how much?: The price of power is a quite steep one, and the Jurassic most certainly cannot be built as affordably or as quickly as most of it's competitors.
  • Not the fastest firing: The primary weakness of the Jurassic other than it's cost is a low rate of fire as it takes time to charge up the hard-light cannon, as a result of this, it is inefficient against Infantry at the best of times. Aircraft can rain down fire upon it with impunity
  • Pewpew: Experienced users of a Jurassic Hover-tank can be given charge accelerator packs that let them fire much more quickly and even use the charge shot faster than before. Due to many reasons (some of which make no sense to humans) these are only distributed to those deemed worthy by the merit determining computers on the fleet.

Unit History

The Jurassic Hover Tank is an ancient tank design that was used literally millions of years past when the Ecumene was still young and the stagnancy of the mind had yet to hit the now vast and bloated body. It was retired a long, long time ago after serving honorably in wars that predate mankind's very existence. In time, the Jurassic would be retired and it's construction plans would be stowed away for aeons as the Ecumene reached increasing heights of power. Now the inhabitant of Museums or produced to feature in period pieces, documentaries and war movies, the Jurassic spent it's millions of years of retirement in relative comfort and glory. All was good for quite some time as newer designs came and left the vehicle behind.

Then came the period of stagnation, when the Ecumene no longer had fresh ideas to contribute to it's existence. Disquiet, unsettlement, and in some cases panic went throughout the Ecumene at this realization, and so the Imilki Supreme Council of Grand Minds created the observational detachment. Equipped to a lesser standard than the military so as to not completely obliterate the data they were searching for, the Observational detachment would bring in new ideas to the Ecumene at any cost. And so the Jurassic tank would be called out of it's retirement. The dataplans would be fed into production facilities in newly launched armadas for purposes beyond that of education or Nostalgia.

Once again, the Jurassic hover tank would see war on foreign worlds, though no longer was it considered cutting edge or utilized against peer opponents. Now the power of it's hard-light cannon would be directed against substantially more primitive opponents to see what sorts of unique technologies and tactics they would utilize against tanks so that the Ecumene could parasite off of the technical advances and tactics of other civilizations. It would again cover itself in glory as the Ecumene started causing chaos and disruptions to many developing civilizations all for the sake of keeping theirs advancing forward. Any who doubted the morality of this were ignored and soon changed their tunes.

In time, what would become the Jovian fleet would come across Earth, and upon determining the overall tech-base of the Earth through observation, the Imilki decided that the Jurassic tank would be the vehicle best suited for the job on Earth. With it's maneuverability, ability to maintain individual superiority without being overly crushing to Earth technology, and easily manufactured parts, the Jurassic would soon see deployment on the Earth in the small skirmishes that would mark the observational phase of their deployment, and the somewhat more brazen, but still hidden engagements of the escalation phase of operations.

The Jurassic tank would get it's name from Earthling intelligence operatives, who failed to understand the difference between the years on Kryimiki (the Imilki homeworld) and those on Earth and thought that it was first made in the Jurassic period. But the name is fitting, for like the dinosaurs, it is a being of great power, possessing excellent overall characteristics even if it is substantially more resource intensive to build than any of it's earth based counterparts. Indeed, it is a testament to the observational force's commitment to quality over quantity and has so far proven able to handle most any other MBT in a fair fight.

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