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"I find your lack of life... surprisingly satisfying."

- Morte, as she choked a Battle Psychic to death

Tactical Analysis

  • More machine than woman: A broken wreck of a woman forced into a twisted parody of life in an intimidating dark coloured battlesuit and extensive cybernetics made distinct by her flowing black cape, she strikes with an Ion sword capable of carving through virtually all targets, and can carve her way into garrisons to clear them out with ease.
  • Your power is insignificant: When things truly go bad, Morte can use psychic abilities built into her after her painful reconstruction surgery; based on the abilities of the Lensmen project. She may reach with her mind at a target and choke the life out of them, keeping them still whether they are infantry, a vehicle (by choking the crew) or a structure (by again, choking the crew), leaving them vulnerable for other units.
  • It's over Morte, I have the high ground: Limited to the reach of her Ion Sword, Morte is very vulnerable to enemies who refuse to get into her lethal reach and being swarmed; as these enemies are difficult to handle; particularly at range. Aircraft in particular are extremely vexing for her.
  • You don't know the power of Omega: When sufficiently experienced, Morte learns to recover her Ion Sword after throwing it with the power of her mind, allowing her to carve through enemies before charging at them and giving her a limited means of dealing with aircraft.


The commando has become a dual-edged sword in warfare. The positive sides are a symbol of a force. Tanya is the face of the Allied Nations' policies of aiding the left behind of the world, charging head-on into the fray to stop the enemies of the free world. Natasha serves as the symbol of the power and striking length of the Union. They are paragons to aspire to, and vital pieces to the strategic puzzle when conventional, and even unconventional forces just aren't enough. Despite the vital nature of armies and navies, down to squads and squadrons, these women have risen to encapsulate modern war in all its deadly glory.

But whereas commandoes have gained their reputation for their strength, cunning, skill with firearms or any other virtue, there are simply those who do not die. Those who cannot, will not and will never to give in to their wounds. While most warriors in the past are expected to fall down to pinpoint shots to head or to the heart, countless recovery methods have been discovered or invented to keep them alive, whether by miracle water or micro-organisms.

So, when the Task Force's top cyberneticists have perfected their design for the Skin-Integrated Transphysical Harnesser implants, they can be said to have shredded multiple birds with a fragmentation grenade. While not possessing anesthetic drugs that made the manufacture of Syndicate battlesuits less agonizing, the end result would be a cybernetic terror only two feet short of Minerva, capable of dishing out the same pain the operator went through during the operation, but this time against their foes.

The problem, like with any other project, was finding the most suitable subject for such a high-end war machine. Only a select few in Omega are deemed worthy to be rebuilt, and even then, there was still the possibility of them going rogue, mad or both. Still, they had a system to be installed in a "perfect" operative and they would charge full-bore for it. A series of subjects were chosen, and slowly the choices were whittled down until only one female soldier was left.

Enter Jessica Morte, the top dog when it comes to the Task Force's operations. Outstanding in brawn, brain, and unquestioning loyalty to the Omega's cause, it was perfect timing when she was mortally-wounded in a duel against a high-ranking Council Enforcer at the Puyehue-Cordón Caulle, causing her to require multiple new organs and treatment for severe burns. With quadruple amputation also added to the list of her injuries, it would be a monumental mistake to not insert S.I.T.H. implants onto the now-critical agent.

Weeks later, Jessica Morte reappeared. Stripped of her past memories, she soon became a whisper among rumors. Targets just wind up dead, from Iron Fangs warlords to ACIN operations teams. Most frightening is that there are rumors of someone in a dark suit stalking the world, leaving nothing but cadavers either sliced in half or having their throats ripped apart. While Jessica Morte still walks the Earth, stopping at nothing until she experiences the perfect duel of her life(?)time that would either end her life or the other participant's.

Rumored Operations

  • Dueled Lady Maria to a standstill in a climactic sword battle in a derelict Guard skyship above Oaxaca, interrupted only by the ferocity of their clash causing the skyship to begin to break apart.
  • Flawlessly slain a dozen of KGB agents sent to ambush her while contemplating in a remote area at Plovdiv, Bulgaria.
  • Through psionic means, crushed the throat of prized Pangaean dinofighter "Based Goldman" during an engagement with hostiles in Costa Rica.
  • On one mission, had her ion sword slice the entirety of S.S. "The Boat I'm In" - said to be on the most dangerous vessels in Corsair hands - in half, killing the entire crew.
  • Outside her assignments, cleaned up Bukittinggi, Indonesia of Guild insurgents, from chief to janitor. The rest of the Guild still dreads to draw near the city to this day.

Behind the Scenes

Morte is based on Darth Vader much the same way the standard Omega Soldier draws on the Imperial Stormtrooper