International Aid Association

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International Aid Association
Logo of the venerable IAA
Playstyle Non-Combat Support
Faction Colour Generous White and Altruistic Red
Type Quantum Tech Minor Faction
Dev. Status Conceptual

"Long as I remember the rain been comin' down
Clouds of mystery pourin' confusion on the ground.
Good men through the ages tryin' to find the sun.
And I wonder still I wonder who'll stop the rain.

- "Who'll Stop the Rain", Credence Clearwater Revival

At a Glance

Faction Color Generous White and Altruistic Red
Playstyle Non-Combat Operations
Theatre of Operations Where people need help
Strengths Exceptional support capabilities, non-combatant statuses, can reduce friendly or enemy casualties.
Weaknesses Utter lack of offensive capabilities, mediocre armor, helpful abilities also affect enemies.
Motives Philanthropy, Humanitarianism, Generosity, Concern


How to Save a Life

The world is wrapped in conflict today. No matter where a person lives some trace of war's madness seeps into daily life. Civilians worldwide are beset by battles of mercenaries, terrorists, and the detritus of armed conflict. These innocent people needed a lifeline, but there was always a cost. The Soviets and Allies made no attempt to hide their attempts to pull civilians over to their colors. International Inc. supplied some aid, but often it was because their equipment was used in the fighting. The Legion wouldn't help without at least a few hundred lira, and the Empire only sent token aid efforts, focusing on their own people no matter what had happened.

Of course, there are those in the world who can't stand by and let suffering happen. From the Red Cross, various national and international aid agencies quickly started banding together shortly before WWIII, knowing that alone they would easily be overwhelmed by the sheer number of desperate people that would need aid. Unfortunately, this meant that these aid organizations needed to streamline their operations. Many nations had varying levels of health care compared to others, there was certainly a discrepancy between Kuwait's healthcare system and France's.

Suffice to say, the war essentially gutted the world's aid groups. But the world wasn't ready to stop fighting yet, and the world needed someone to continue to standby with compassion and a load of bandages. Learning from the chaos that was WWIII, the aid organizations coalesced with the general belief that more could, and needed to be done. Money was pooled, vehicle fleets were created, and a formal organization was formed with the headquarters in Brussels, Belgium.

As of 1969, the International Aid Association is spread throughout numerous branches in countries all over the world, from Allied member nations to the Soviet Union to neutral bloc members. Relying on a combination of volunteer work, international fundraising efforts, and donations from hosting governmental organizations, they have managed to successfully integrate themselves as a group without interests: were governmental agencies like the ACIN or KGB ever found to have misused Aid Branch services for the purposes of infiltration or cover, there would be a significant public backlash as well as an international trial against the government in question. Even groups like Legion Security respect the members of the Association, as utilitarianism no matter how foolish is appreciated when it means the difference between life and death for you and your buddies.

And just as the world sees more and more need for intervention and relief, so too has the International Aid Association seen an increase in activity. Wherever the relief forces of the world's power players go, the Association can be found not far behind, doing their best to assist...without doing harm.

Unique Faction Mechanics

The IAA, due to their pacifist status, are completely unable to harm any unit at all, either directly or indirectly. No units have weapons, no units can even a scrap of damage, and vehicles cannot run down infantry.

The IAA are useful, however, in that they can field very useful noncombat support units with a wide variety of uses to assist your forces. As well as this, due to being a humanitarian charity, no IAA unit is automatically fired upon.

Relief Volunteers

"This is greater than us, Mr. Trudeau. What we have failed to do with tanks we must instead do with works. Where we failed with carpet bombing we must succeed with medical aid. Yes, it does take more time and effort to heal a population than shoot a terrorist. Yet when we heal the wounds caused by a terrorist, when we combat the reasons for a terrorist to be born, then we have achieved victory."

- John MacAulay, testifying in the Canadian parliament for greater funding for the IAA.


Paramedic Working in immediate emergencies, paramedics generally treat those who are wounded in calamities and battles. Usually they can set up medpacks in order for any infantry to be patched up.
EMT Paramedics with more advanced equipment, they pack defibrillators that shock dead infantry back to life.
Diplomat The diplomat is tasked to keep fighting out of areas you do not wish for it to occur in. The Diplomat can also call a ceasefire in an area; units in the area can not fire, but also cannot be automatically targeted.
Distributor A harvester fielded by the IAA to assist in distributing care packages, the Distributor is a useful alternative to your own harvesters. The Distributor can unpack into a shelter to protect up to three infantry from enemy fire.
Ambulance The IAA Ambulance functions in a similar way to the Confederate Ambulance, healing all infantry in a radius around it. The IAA Ambulance, however, can transport up to two infantry around the battlefield.
Repair Truck Repair Trucks can slowly heal all vehicles in an area around themselves, friend or foe. The Repair Truck is also capable of dropping a repair kit, which a vehicle can drive over to heal itself to full health.
Renovator Renovators are modified repair trucks specialized in repairing buildings to their proper shape. It can also increase the armor of the building it chooses, but it has to focus on it for a while.
Pacifier The Pacifier has the unique ability to stop base defences in a radius around it from firing. It can use its secondary to lock itself down, and completely shut down a single building at long range.
Rescue Helicopter Operating in highly-dangerous areas, rescue helicopters can rope infantry out of garrisoned buildings to transport them to safe places.
Caredropper Used as a bomber in the past, the caredropper sends out care packages or repair kits from high above. To minimize injuries, however, those are sent by parachutes, slowing their descent.


IAA Center These buildings house the IAA equipment in an area, and can be convinced to reduce casualties in nearby fights.
Evacuation Center Large buildings designed for evacuees to take shelter during natural disasters, the Evacuation Centers can provide shelter for up to 10 infantry soldiers, and can even heal them up while inside!
Relief Site Centers that house medical supplies, care packages and upgrades can also be purchased from Relief Sites.
International Aid Association Relief Volunteers
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